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Rekha Gujarati font. This font was developed as part of Utkarsh Gujarati Operating System.


  • Ankur Patel
  • Ankit Patel
  • Atit Patel
  • Bhavin Shah
  • Kartik Mistry
  • Khushbu Shah
  • Sweta Kothari

Technical Details

  • Glyphs count : 407

How to install fonts on Linux?

Linux (using package)

In Debian and derivative distributions like Ubuntu, simply use:

sudo apt-get install fonts-rekha

Linux (manual installation)

Place font file to /usr/share/fonts folder and run,

fc-cache -v

in terminal.

Creating Web Fonts

[Sfntly] (https://code.google.com/p/sfntly/) is required for creating web fonts. Once installed, following commands can be used.

Creating .woff

java -jar /path/to/sfnttool.jar -w Rekha.ttf Rekha.woff

Creating .eot

java -jar /path/to/sfnttool.jar -e -x Rekha.ttf Rekha.eot



Copyright: 2004-2007, MagNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India.

The Rekha font is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

See LICENSE file for full license text.