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gr-bokehgui: Web based display for GNU Radio


The module provides various sinks and widgets to allow interaction with the live GNU Radio applications remotely over the network. The module uses Bokeh's client API and streaming features. Using widgets and plots from Bokeh, the module enables the GUI for GNU Radio that renders in web browser. Just like gr-qtgui, it is fully integrated with GRC to allow easy use.

The module was developed as a part of Google Summer of Code 2017.


  1. GNU Radio (should contain commit@3c989f9)
  2. Bokeh library (Tested on v0.12.06)
  3. Tornado v4.4
  4. NodeJS v6.6.x - v7.0

GNU Radio dependency

Make sure you use most recent version of GNU Radio. If you are using v3.7.12, please make sure to use commit@3c989f9. It contains necessary changes in core GRC to enable the use of gr-bokehgui.



$ pybombs install gr-bokehgui

Using source code

  1. Make sure that you have satisfied all dependency listed above.
  2. Clone the latest code
$ git clone https://github.com/kartikp1995/gr-bokehgui.git
  1. Build with CMake:
$ cd gr-bokehgui/
$ mkdir build
$ cd build/
$ cmake ../
$ make
$ make test
$ sudo make install

Working with the module

The complete tutorial for the module is available here. The tutorial covers setting up guide, using sinks and widgets in GRC and guide to the placement of the elements.

Quick Glance

For the following flowgraph: tutorial.grc - flowgraph

The output should be as follows: tutorial.grc - output

The following Youtube video provides quick glance over the module and basic procedures. Youtube - demo

Future works

  1. Histogram sink
  2. BER sink
  3. Providing a default layout for the plot arrangements
  4. Add CSS based styling themes

Minor tasks:

  1. Enable averaging in Frequency sink

Bugs reporting:

Kindly report any bugs or issues on Github.

Contributing to the project

If you want to contribute to the module, feel free to add the pull request. Please read the contribution guidelines of GNU Radio here.


For queries or feedbacks, drop a mail to discuss-gnuradio.


The project is licensed under GPLv3. See LICENSE for terms.