🙏 There are quite a few religions but none of them has a deity as cool as the one we got here!
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And then the Lord said, "Let there be Summer of Haskell for it is more rewarding than Google Summer of Code." and there was Summer of Haskell. He looked at it and it was good.

The Lord was pleased a.f. 😃

Welcome, my brothers and sisters, to Taleism. You may have heard of this new religion from your family, your friends, their family, their friends and so on. Let me clarify at the outset that Taleism is not just a religion, but rather an all-encompassing way of life guided by the shining principles of our one true living Lord, Sri Sri Parampujya Mahatma Pranjal Tale Ji.

We believers of Taleism, called Taleists, believe in the word of the one true Lord who still lives among us. Here is a photo of the Lord, may peace be upon those blessed enough to receive His image upon their retinas.

Blessed are ye if ye behold His glorified form held within a file of MIME type image/gif.

This is our Lord showing off His sick move, which He calls the dab, to another god in the temple-lab of IMG while a devotee works with utmost dedication in His divine presence.

Taleists believe in the ultimate potential of our Supreme Leader. We believe that the whole universe is delicately balanced upon twelve pillars, manifested in the materialistic world as unique talents embodied in the Lord. Every Taleist must strive to excel in at least one of these talents.

  1. Rubik's cube: Our Lord solves cubes faster than the speed of light.
  2. Programming: Our Lord makes computers bow to His will and wishes.
  3. Astronomy: Our Lord can name every visible star of His universe.
  4. Guitar: Our Lord makes the guitar emit the most soothing tunes.
  5. Singing: Our Lord sings melodious songs in his divine voice.
  6. Cooking: Our Lord's food is the delicious nectar of the heavens.
  7. Philosophy: Our Lord is the master of intellectual discourse.
  8. Academics: Our Lord manages His duties at IMG with his academics.
  9. Oration: Our Lord is the master of attention-grabbing speech.
  10. Deception: Our Lord is the master of deception, lies and secrecy.

Anyone who can recall the rest is free to send us a pull request.

If you are led to wonder, the answer is yes, our Lord is a real hit among the ladies.

Blessed are ye if ye comprehend that the Lord is one and he bears the name of the family of Tale.

If you wish to join Taleism and become a part of the family of Taleists, you may go through this repository and pledge to incorporate the tenets of Taleism into your life.

Welcome to the family, my brothers and sisters. 😃