Collabograte -- An Integration Platform for Collaboration Components
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Collabograte: An Integration Platform for Collaboration Components


Collabograte helps you integrate collaboration components in your IT 
environment. Currently, it supports the following software packages:

Cyrus IMAP

Collabograte provides a reference virtual machine implementation that 
includes all of the above software packages configured with a number of
integration points. Example: OpenLDAP stores groups of users which are used
as the source of membership for Sympa mailing lists, whose messages are
bidirectionally gatewayed to INN newsgroups).

Additional packages (including multiple packages for the same category of 
software) are welcome -- the goal is to be able to mix and match any number of 
combinations that people find to be useful.

Currently, Collabograte supports CentOS/RHEL as the target OS platform,
uses KVM as the virtual machine technology, and Puppet as the primary toolset 
for application configuration. Here too, additional options are encouraged and
can be added based on demand.


The wiki contains the project documentation:

The project mailing list is hosted on Google Groups:


In addition to being a nexus for integration implementations that anyone can 
build on, Collabograte is also a vehicle for communicating integration-related 
feedback to the upstream projects and OS distributions. For example: the RPM 
for a software package can be improved to be more integration-friendly; or 
entirely new features can be added to a software package to make it a better 
integration bridge between other components. Collabograte provides a focal 
point for that kind of advocacy and contribution.


Collabograte is Open Source software licensed under the FreeBSD license. See 
LICENSE for more information.