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layout: showcase
title: High Resolution Vector Mapping
<p>This map was created using the <a href="/about/">Kartograph SVG renderer</a>. It shows the East Coast of the United States projected in the <a href="/showcase/projections/#satellite">tilted perspective projection</a> (aka Satellite projection). The rendering took 35 seconds and the resulting SVG has a total size of about 7 megabytes. Labels were added manually in Illustrator.</p>
<img src="eastcoast-90dpi_export.png" alt="East Coast" vspace="20" style="border-radius:10px" />
<a href="eastcoast-illustrator.png" style="float:right"><img src="eastcoast-illustrator-small.png" alt="" /></a>
Please have a look at the <a href="eastcoast.json">map configuration file</a> for more details. The following Public Domain geodata sources are used in the map:
<li><a href="">Admin 0 Countries</a> (Natural Earth)</li>
<li><a href="">Depht Contours</a> (VMAP)</li>
<li><a href="">Trees</a> (VMAP)</li>
<li><a href="">Rivers</a> (VMAP)</li>
<li><a href="">Rivers + lake centerlines</a> (Natural Earth)</li>
<li><a href="">Lakes</a> (VMAP)</li>
<li><a href="">Lakes + Reservoirs</a> (Natural Earth)</li>
<li><a href="">Major Roads</a> (VMAP)</li>
<li><a href="">Urban Areas</a> (Natural Earth)</li>
<li><a href="">City Areas</a> (VMAP)</li>
<li><a href="">Internal US State Boundaries</a> (USGS)</li>
<p style="margin-top:1.5em">
Here's a more detailed sample:
<img src="detail.png" alt="" />