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Renders beautiful SVG maps in Python.
Python CSS


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Kartograph is a Python library that generates SVG maps from ESRI shapefiles. Please have a look at the API docs for more details.


Kartograph was created by Gregor Aisch and is supported by dpa-newslab, Piwik Web Analytics and the Open Knowledge Foundation.

License is licensed under AGPL

Current status is still beta, which means that there are some bugs left to fix.

However, feel free to test it while it is been developed. To do so I recommend to use virtualenv and virtualenv-wrapper.

> mkdir kartograph-py
> git clone kartograph-py

# create and activate a new virtual environment
> mkvirtualenv kartograph

# install and use Kartograph
(kartograph)> cd kartograph-py
(kartograph)> python install

See install documentation

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