A reusable d3 map library
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Option Type Default Desciption
width Number 960
height Number 500
aspectRatio Number 500 / 960
margin Number 20 for now single value
offSetX Number 0 shifts the entire map horisointally in pixels
offSetY Number 0 shifts the entire map veritcaly in pixels
showLabels Boolean or String 0 Bboolean or integer] false/0 = off, true/1 = on, 2 - 20 = zoomLevelTreshold
higlightOnHover Boolean false higlight country (or group of countries) on hover
showToolTipOn String 'hover' [click, hover, none]
toolTipTemplate Function [See below] A function that returns the markup four your tooltip.
assetsUrl String '/' base path to asset files
classPrefix String 'd3x5_'
debug Boolean false Toggles debug messages (warning and such) to the console.


Option Type Default Desciption
geoData object {} topoJson (only for now)
projection String 'geoMercator' projection
scale float 0.85 not quiter sure about this one
responsive Boolean false
graticule Boolean false graticules; a uniform grid of meridians and parallels for showing projection distortion
projectionFit Boolean true tries to fit the map inside container. Todo; rename ??

Data Visualization

Option Type Default Desciption
data object {} data to visualize
color Function null
texture Function null
colorKey String null
textureKey String null
countryIsoCodeMap String 'properties.countryCode' If the topojson does not store the ISO code in "geometries.id", use this to map the correct attribute (uses dot notation, eg "properties.countryCode")


Option Type Default Desciption
zoomMin Number 1 min zoom level
zoomMax Number 20 max zoom level
zoomGestures Boolean true "Free zoom" (mouse scroll wheel, touch gestures)
zoomControls Boolean false toggle zoomButtons
zoomResetOnOceanClick Boolean false reset zoom on background area click


Option Type Default Desciption
baseColor String '#F8EBCB'
backgroundgColor String 'none' 'none' for transparent or #HEX
accentColor String '#FF6B6B'
borderColor String '#9DBFB1'

Tool Tip Template

function(d, data) { 
	return '<h3 class="d3x5_tooltip__header">' + d.properties.name + '</h3>'; 

Data Schema


Must include one column referencing the country. This could be: 'id', 'countrycode', 'countryCode', 'country', 'Country', 'countryName', 'countryname'. Or it can be set as an option 1



Note: Numeric Country codes are padded. So in the example above id 4 is read as 004.

JSON array

You can present the data as an array of objects. Each object must include one property referencing the country. This could be: 'id', 'countrycode', 'countryCode', 'country', 'Country', 'countryName', 'countryname'. Or it can be set as an option 1


		id: "ABW",
		iso2Code: "AW",
		name: "Aruba",
		region: {
			id: "LCN",
			value: "Latin America & Caribbean "
		adminregion: {
			id: "",
			value: ""
		incomeLevel: {
			id: "HIC",
			value: "High income"
		lendingType: {
			id: "LNX",
			value: "Not classified"
		capitalCity: "Oranjestad",
		longitude: "-70.0167",
		latitude: "12.5167"
		id: "AFG",
		iso2Code: "AF",
		name: "Afghanistan",

JSON object

Countries group by iso-3166 country codes (alpha2, alpha3 of numeric). Optional porperties can be included and referenced in the options. Spesicifcally complex mapping of colors and/or textures.


  "countries": {
    "ALB": {
      "groups": [
      "fillColorMapKey": [
    "BIH": {
      "groups": [
      "fillColorMapKey": [

[1]: See option

On my Todo list

  • Re-write in ES6
  • Replace budo/browserify with better dev tooling
  • Minify basic functionality and move extras to optional extensions / plugins. E.g textures and projections
  • Move d3 out of bundle
  • Remove lodash dependency
  • Replace iso-3166-1 dependency


Please fork freely, submit pull requests bravely and raise issues friendly.


All is dependent on d3 and topojson. Additional projections uses d3-geo-projection. Textures uses [textures.js] (https://riccardoscalco.github.io/textures/), country codes uses iso-3166-1. Inspired by DataMaps.

Copyright and license

Code copyright 2017 Svale Fossåskaret / Kartoteket . Code released under the MIT license.