Kartotherian service to generate geometric shapes from PostgreSQL data
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Kartotherian service to generate geometric shapes from PostgreSQL data

See https://github.com/kartotherian/kartotherian

To configure, add geoshapes section to the kartotherian configuration with the following parameters:

  host: localhost
  database: gis
  table: planet_osm_polygon
  user: ...
  password: ...

  maxidcount: (int, optional, default=500) - Maximum number of IDs to allow per request
  allowUserQueries: (bool, optional, default=false) - If true, allow sql parameter + args to specify which SQL to use
  wikidataQueryService: (string, optional, default=https://query.wikidata.org/bigdata/namespace/wdq/sparql) - Lets user get a list of WikidataIDs from an external Wikidata Query Service. if false, disables.

Without this config block, the service will skip its loading

Make sure to create a Postgres index, e.g.:

CREATE INDEX planet_osm_polygon_wikidata
  ON planet_osm_polygon ((tags -> 'wikidata'))
  WHERE tags ? 'wikidata';

Service will return topojson to the queries such as /geoshape?ids=Q1384,Q1166 (get New York and Michigan state shapes). Save result as a file and upload to http://www.mapshaper.org/ to visualize.

Additionally, the service allows query=... parameter to get the Wikidata IDs from the http://query.wikidata.org service. It calls the service to execute a query, extracts IDs, and matches them with the shapes in the OSM database. All other values are returned as topojson object properties.

Optional truthy parameter getgeojson=1 will force the result to be returned as geojson rather than topojson.