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Kartotherian is a map tile service originally built for the Wikimedia projects. Its primary components include:

  • Kartotherian (readme): a map tile server tying together various open source modules from the TileLive ecosystem, thereby providing for serving tiles from a variety of sources.
  • Tilerator (readme): a job scheduler used to schedule asynchronous map tile generation jobs, offering both a command-line and a GUI interface.

This is a monorepo containing (in the packages/ subdirectory) the various modules developed as part of the Kartotherian project and used in Kartotherian and Tilerator. The repo is managed using Lerna. To install the dependencies for all modules, npm install -g lerna and run the following from the project root:

lerna bootstrap --hoist --nohoist mapnik --nohoist libxmljs

The Kartotherian and Tilerator services can then be started accoring to the instructions provided in their individual READMEs.

IMPORTANT: Installing and running the Kartotherian services requires node.js 6 or 8. Node.js 10+ is not yet supported.

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