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QGIS Mapserver Demo Orchestration

Orchestration scripts for running QGIS maps server.

To use you need to have docker and docker-compose installed on any supported host.

Get the code

First check out the sourecs to your local machine:

git clone https://github.com/qgis/docker-qgis-orchestration.git
cd docker-qgis-orchestration

Build and run the services

On OSX or Windows, we recommend using docker machine:

docker-machine create --driver virtualbox maps.kartoza.com
docker-machine start maps.kartoza.com
eval "$(docker-machine env maps.kartoza.com)"
docker-compose up -d qgis-server

On Linux you probably don't use docker-machine so just do:

docker-compose up -d

Verify everything is running

After deploy is run you should have 3 running containers e.g.:

docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                     COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                  NAMES
2cffc0ce7729        kartoza/qgis-server       "/bin/sh -c 'apachect"   24 minutes ago      Up 24 minutes>80/tcp   maps.kartoza.com
e730206a9f89        kartoza/postgis:9.4-2.1   "/bin/sh -c /start-po"   24 minutes ago      Up 24 minutes       5432/tcp               db.maps.kartoza.com
c35949d6f660        kartoza/btsync            "/start.sh"              24 minutes ago      Up 24 minutes       8888/tcp, 55555/tcp    btsync.maps.kartoza.com

Test the service

You can test the service is running on OSX or windows by pointing to port 8198 of your docker machine:

docker-machine ls

Take a note of the IP address of the maps.kartoza.com machined and then open your browser at http://:8198

On Linux simply test by pointing your browser at http:///localhost:8198

Reverse proxy for nginx

Lastly you will probably want to set up a reverse proxy pointing to your QGIS Mapserver container (our orchestration scripts publish on 8198 by default). If you are using nginx on the host, you can simply do:

Tim Sutton and Richard Duivenvoorde, August 2014