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GeoSAFE App for GeoNode

GeoSAFE is a django app that integrates InaSAFE Headless functionality into GeoNode. This app adds new page that enables the user to:

  • Add InaSAFE based layers (Layer that contain InaSAFE keywords)
  • Create InaSAFE Analysis
  • Produce InaSAFE Analysis Reports

Go to Analysis page to use this functionality


Latest simple setup

The simplest way to get GeoSAFE going is to use a Rancher Catalogue - see documentation at

old setup

Add this package as Django app in your GeoNode installation. You have to override specific configurations to integrate InaSAFE Headless to this app. Sample settings can be seen in This settings file should be included in geonode settings file or called last, to make sure it overrides celery settings in the default GeoNode settings.

User documentation

Maintained by Kartoza.


The GeoNode project is a requirement for this app to work, since it contains dependencies on GeoNode packages.