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C# API for communicating with through the CSW Service
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C# API for communicating with through the CSW Service

Getting Started

To install GeoNorgeAPI, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package GeoNorgeAPI

Example code

using GeoNorgeAPI;

public class MyClass {
    public void MyMethod() {
        GeoNorge api = new GeoNorge();
        SearchResultsType result = api.Search("flomsone");
        Console.WriteLine(result.numberOfRecordsMatched + " metadata found");


From version: 2.1.1 (07.04.2014)

The API is using SSL to communicate with Use your credentials like this to perform Insert/update/delete operations:

GeoNorgeAPI.GeoNorge api = new GeoNorgeAPI.GeoNorge("myusername", "mypassword");

MD_Metadata_Type metadata = new MD_Metadata_Type();
// ... add information to the metadata object
var transaction = _geonorge.MetadataInsert(metadata);
Console.WriteLine(transaction.TotalInserted + " metadata inserted.");

Credentials can be acquired from your Geodatakoordinator at Kartverket.


The MD_Metadata_Type is quite large and complex since it is based on the ISO 19139 standard. This project contains a wrapper SimpleMetadata that does all the heavy lifting and manipulating of the MD_Metadata_Type object for you!

Example of use of SimpleMetadata

using GeoNorgeAPI;

GeoNorge api = new GeoNorge("myusername", "mypassword");

SimpleMetadata simpleMetadata = SimpleMetadata.CreateDataset();
simpleMetadata.Title = "This is my dataset!";
simpleMetadata.Abstract = "This is the abstract telling you everything you need to know about this dataset.";
simpleMetadata.ContactPublisher = new SimpleContact
    Name = "John Smith", Email = "", Organization = "My organization", Role = "publisher" 

SimpleMetadata now contains a MD_Metadata_Type that looks like this when serialized to XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<gmd:MD_Metadata xmlns:gml="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:csw="" xmlns:gco="" xmlns:srv="" xmlns:gts="" xmlns:gmd="">
    <gmd:MD_ScopeCode codeList="" codeListValue="dataset" />
            <gco:CharacterString>This is my dataset!</gco:CharacterString>
        <gco:CharacterString>This is the abstract telling you everything you need to know about this dataset.</gco:CharacterString>
            <gco:CharacterString>John Smith</gco:CharacterString>
            <gco:CharacterString>My organization</gco:CharacterString>
            <gmd:CI_RoleCode codeList="" codeListValue="publisher" />

The MD_Metadata_Type can be inserted into GeoNorge by using the API like this:

var transaction = _geonorge.MetadataInsert(simpleMetadata.GetMetadata());

The SimpleMetadata wrapper has methods for all fields that is required to be compliant with INSPIRE.

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