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Dropzone is an easy to use drag'n'drop library. It supports image previews and shows nice progress bars.
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Dropzone.js Version 0.3.1

Dropzone.js is a light weight JavaScript library for ender that turns an HTML element into a dropzone. This means that a user can drag and drop a file onto it, and the file gets uploaded to the server via AJAX.

Main features

  • Image thumbnail previews. Simply register the callback thumbnail(file, data) and display the image wherever you like
  • Multiple files and synchronous uploads
  • Progress updates
  • Support for large files


Implicit creation:

<form action="/target" class="dropzone"></form>

That's it. Really!

Dropzone will automatically attach to it, and handle file drops.

Want more control? You can instantiate dropzone manually like this:

$("div#my-zone").dropzone({ ...configuration... });

Note that dropzones don't have to be forms. But if you choose another element you have to pass the url parameter in the options.

For configuration options please look at the source line 52.

Register for events

I use bean to manage events. If you want to register to some event you can do so on the dropzone object itself:

var myDropzone = $("div#my-zone").dropzone({ ...configuration... });
bean.add(myDropzone, "error", function(file, message) { alert(message); });

For a list of all events, please look at the source line 25.

Browser support

  • Chrome 7+
  • Firefox 4+
  • IE 10+
  • Opera 12+
  • Safari 5+

Why another library?

I realize that there are already other libraries out there but the reason I decided to write my own are the following:

  • I didn't want it to be too big, and to cumbersome to dive into.
  • I want to design my own elements. I only want to register callbacks so I can update my elements accordingly.
  • Big files should get uploaded without a problem.
  • I wanted a callback for image previews, that don't kill the browser if too many too big images are viewed.
  • I want to use the latest API of browsers. I don't care if it falls back to the normal upload form if the browser is too old.
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