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Jetwick - Open and Personalized Twitter Search
The software stands under Apache 2 License and comes with NO WARRANTY
Why Jetwick?
>>> Real time vs. Relevance <<<
I developed jetwick to get a better twitter search - more relevant tweets.
Twitter is near perfect in delivering real time search results.
In contrast to this is Jetwick trying to be nice at relevance! Jetwick lets you
filter away spam, duplicates and more. One additional simple way to avoid
noise is: to sort a result against retweets!
>>> But why *personalized* twitter search? <<<
Login and you'll get two benefits.
I wanted to be able to stay days away from twitter - spending not my whole time
reading news. But when I come back to the 'news-world' I wanted to get important
news about my special topics. With relaxed saved searches you can save any
search (e.g. even sort against retweets) and jetwick will automatically grab all
tweets with your searched keywords on twitter when you are away.
Another benefit of using jetwick is the possibility to search your friends. With
all the jetwicked features: filter against language, translate, sort against
retweets etc. In a later version of jetwick it is possible to search any
(previously logged in) users' friend-tweets!
>>> Bookmarking <<<
I am using twitter as a bookmarking service and need to search my account often.
With twitter this is a pain - with jetwick it's just a click.
For more details take a look at this site:
Try it live:
Report issues here:
My blog posts about jetwick or twitter:
Installation setup:
Please let me know if you have problems installing jetwick.
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