Fast routing library and server using OpenStreetMap. #route #planner
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GraphHopper Route Planner

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GraphHopper is a fast and memory efficient Java road routing engine released under Apache License 2.0. Per default it uses OpenStreetMap data but can import other data sources.

GraphHopper for the Web

See GraphHopper in action on GraphHopper Maps

GraphHopper Maps

GraphHopper Maps uses the Directions API for Business under the hood, which provides a Routing API via GraphHopper, a Route Optimization API via jsprit, a fast Matrix API and an address search via Photon. Additionally the map tiles from various providers are used where the default is Omniscale, and all is available for free, via encrypted connections and from German servers for a nice and private route planning experience!

GraphHopper for Mobile

There are subprojects to make GraphHopper working offline on Android and iOS

Get Started

Read through our Documentation (0.5, unstable), ask questions on Stackoverflow and sign up to the discussion.


Read through how to contribute like finding and fixing bugs and improving our documentation or translations!


  • Written in Java
  • Open Source
  • Memory efficient and fast
  • Highly customizable
  • Works on the desktop, as a web service and offline on Android or iOS
  • Large test suite
  • ... more