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GraphHopper Build Status

Memory efficient data structures & algorithms on (geo) graphs


This software stands under Apache License 2


Solving shortest path (related) problems is the main goal. GraphHopper is a routing engine which makes implementing arbitrary shortest path problems in Java easier and much more memory efficient than a naive implementation. GraphHopper is tuned for road networks at the moment but can be useful for public transport problems in the future as well.


  • 100% Java
  • 100% Open Source via Apache License (=> business friendly)
  • Memory efficient (=> suited for big data)
  • Easy to use and small library with only a few dependencies
  • Latest algorithms and highly tuned to be very fast
  • Heavily tested

Routing Usage

The following command will make a part of Germany routable:

cd core; ./ unterfranken

  1. it downloads 40MB, unzips it to 450MB and creates road-files for graphhopper (40MB)
  2. it builds graphhopper
  3. and runs some shortest path queries on it

When executing the command again, then the existing graphhopper road-files and jars will be used. So, the UI should pop up fast (~2 seconds). After the UI popped up you can drag to move the map or scroll to zoom like in ordinary maps apps. Click once to select a departure and another click to select the destination. Then a route should pop up like in this SHINY ;) image from twitter

Visualization of

If you want to import full Germany do:

cd core; ./ germany

  1. For Germany it takes approx 25 minutes for the import and roughly 1 minute for the ugly&slow UI to pop up.
  2. At the moment the UI is a bit rough and simple so, don't click or drag too much as it takes some time for this large road network

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