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Govhack 2018


Entry Video:

Project Page:

Shaping Australian Stories: Compare, share and connect. Empowering Australians to form an understanding of how they compare to others in their demographic, connect to relevant services and share their story. In an age of social media, it seems as if everyone is kicking goals and it can sometimes feel as if you are falling behind but social media is subjective, how do we truly understand where we fit in our demographic? Introducing Izzy… Simply by asking our-chat bot “Izzy” questions about your health, wealth and lifestyle, you can gauge an understanding of how you compare and how you can better your circumstances. Izzy can refer you to the relevant Government departments that may be able to provide you support if you need it. Izzy can help also you set health goals. When your done chatting to Izzy, you can share your story that will be published anonymously on the website that will breathe life into the numbers.

Try it yourself!

Register at and send a direct message to @izzy and ask “Am I a normal weight?”


[PENDING FACEBOOK APPROVAL] On facebook messenger and ask “Do I drink too much?”

Example conversation starters: What is the average BMI for 25 year old female? How many people get cancer at 58 years olds? My name is Tony Am I unfit for a 36 year old male? Do I drink too much for a 29 year old male? I would like to tell my story I would like to hear someone’s story Do I live in a disadvantaged area

Script: In the information age you can feel as close to kim kardiation as you are the corner store, its hard to know where you really stand How do you know where you really stand against your demographic? Are you a fitness freak and a fitness failure? Do you know more about celebrity health scares than your own health? Do you know if your drinking too much? Are you making as much money as others your age? Are you…? Are they…? Is he… is she… Izzy! Izzy is your friendly local statical communication and collection platform Izzy is connecting you and your story to your community. We know data driven campaigns have revolutionized financial trading, marketing insights and business process’ the The ASX 200 companies all rely on census data every day to develop customer insights investment decisions you don’t. The numbers are out of reach, the platforms aren’t accessible the people most at risk The most venerable Australian are not going to be able to filter the data to understand how they ca improve their life. This is Alex, Here she can ask issy if she is overweight by asking a few simple questions. Izzy is able to show alex that she is of normal BMI.
Does she drink too much? As you can see, although, she doesn’t drink in excess 7% of women her age drink at a risky lever. She can also find out what the stats say of people her age getting and dyeing from cancer. Alex has the opportunity to share her story, once its has been collected, her story is published and put on the website of others to read. This is the web site, you can read the Australian stories here, scroll down to see a demo of the chatbot and here are a few suggestions of what to ask Izzy.

For the pitch video we used images from: the stock videos are from: Music used was from Dom Blake and iMovie

MVP Case study:

Demographic: 30 year old, married female with 2 children. Works part time as a banking clerk at her local bank Her husband works FT Lives in rural Australia

Health: Smoker Drinks 1 glass of wine during the week and a bottle over the weekend. She does not go out of her way to exercise. Her husband suffers from depression that is being treated. Wants to know how can she find out what government benefits she is able to access? How can she find out what support services may be able to help her?

Financial: Earns $45k annually before tax Pays for child care and school Her share of rent is 30% of her income Her family own a mid range car

Education: High school certificate No further qualifications

Story Although her and her husband are both employed, they are struggling financially. Her husband is a sole trader, sometimes invoices for the work that he does are not paid on time. This leaves them struggling to work out how to pay rent. Eventually, they would like to own a home but don’t know how they will save for a deposit. One child is in child care and the other is at the local catholic primary school.

Category Intents A
Demographic How many females in Aust? there are XXXXXXX Females in Australia, that's XX%
How many females are age 30? There are XXXXX 30 yr old Females in Australia
How many 30 year old’s have children? XX% have 0 children XX% have 1 child XX% have 2 children X% have three children and X% have 4 or more
How many are married? X% are married, X% are in a de-facto relationship X% are not in a relationship
Financial What is the average income for women aged 30? The average Gross annual income for females your age is $XX,XX
How many F my age work part time? XX% work part time, XX% work full time and XX% are not working
What percentage own their own home or have a mortgage? XX% of F your age own their own home or have a mortgage
How can I save money? you spend XXX on electricity but the average electricity bill in your area is XXX less. Have you considered changing providers?
how much are others in my circumstance’s spending on groceries? the average weekly spend on groceries for families your size is $XX
what % of my income should I spend on rent? on average F your age are spending XX% of their Income on rent.
What is the average amount to spend on childcare per day? The average day care cos is $XXX per day
How can better my financial situation? You may be a candidate for the following government rebates and benefits…
Health How many 30 year old F smoke? XX% of F your age smoke, do you want help to quit smoking?
Should she be more active? XX% of F your age are not active enough, how much exercise do you do?
Should I drink less? Example: The average standard drinks per week for F your age is XX however the CSIRO study has confirmed that drinking more than XX amount per week can shorten your life by xx years and cause a increase in BP and unhealthy fats.
How can I improve my health? refer to health data for that age group
What is th average BMI for 30 YR F? the average bmi for F your age is XX this means that XX% of people your age are over what is considered a heathy BMI. Do you want help getting active and healthy?
Goal setting Connect me with services that can help us save for a house.
Connect me to sevices that can help me quit smoking and get healthy