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Award-winning service developed by team of five undergraduate students that lets customers authenticate purchases using their heartbeat
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PulsePay is a service created at HackPSU Spring 2016 which lets customers authenticate their online purchases using their heartbeat. Our team integrated the Nymi Armband with the Vantiv API to construct a simulated payment environment.

PulsePay was created in 24 hours.

PulsePay. Secure transactions, easy payment.

  • PulsePay allows easy transactions to be made securely on the web.
  • PulsePay is easy, simple, and quick.


  • Customers begin by choosing an online store to purchase items from, add items to their shopping cart, then head to the checkout page.
  • When customers are about to check out, they can choose to authenticate their purchase with the Nymi Band and double tap the Nymi Band to finish the transaction.

Vantiv API Usage

// Sample transaction with Vantage API
var vantivRequest = function(data, callback) {{
    url: '',
    json: data,
    headers: {
      'Authorization': 'VANTIV license="{license-id}"'
  }, function(err, httpResponse, body) {
    if (!err) {
      transactionMade = true;
      transactionData = body;
      transactionData.amount = amount;
      console.log("Transaction Made");
    } else {
      console.error("Error in retrieving information from Vantiv");


1st place at HackPSU Spring 2016: Best use of Vantiv API


Hozaifa Abdalla Kenneth Schnall Yehya Awad
Hansel Lobo Xiaoyu Zhou Allen's Dev

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