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@kas1e kas1e released this Dec 25, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Version 1.1 - 2019/12/22


  • updated GL4ES Documentation
  • updated SDL1, SDL2 and GL4ES libs, see below for changelog.
  • fixed typos and grammars in the readme

GL4ES (updated till commit done Dec 19, 2019):

  • use -gstabs for AmigaOS4 debug builds
  • Using real VBO now by default for glList() & glBindBuffer() (help a lot to games which use those functions, sometimes speed gain is very high).
    Also added LIBGL_USEVBO environment so it can be disabled/enabled. See for more details.
  • Exposed GL_ARB_map_buffer_range extension, and fixed its behavior (help Arx Libertatis, using real VBO)
  • Don't try to clean resources if GLES lib is already unloaded (fixed crashes with games/apps which didn't clear/free textures on exit)
  • Fixed a nasty bugs with texture handling (when going gl(Sub)TexImage2D on other than GL_TEXTURE0 (helps eDuke32)
  • Some FPE Fragment shader optimization on (multi)texturing
  • Force to recalculate mipmap if needed after a glCopyTexSubImage2D
  • Added support for GL_NV_fog_distance extension
  • Fixed an issue with two-sided lightning (fixed ManiaDrive)
  • Optimized Instanced drawing (should help FEZ)
  • Fixed LIBGL_RECYCLEFBO 1 option (when that environment set to 1, then if FBO is deleted, it's then not really deleted but goes on a "pool" of unused FBO.
    Then if an FBO is recreated and the pool is not empty, that "unused" FBO is taken from the pool and used).
  • Added internally some betters ways to hack shaders on the fly when that really need it.
  • Added support for GL_R8 as internal format (helps a lot video in Desperado)
  • FOG is now calculated per pixel (instead of per-vertex) shader (help Night Of The Zombies)
  • Force 24/8 for LIBGL_FB=2, also always report 24/8 even if depth is 16 when stencil is 8
  • Fixed an issue when using GL_UNPACK_BUFFER with glSubTexImage2D and some shrink mode (or automatic NPOT->POT conversion)
  • Redone a bit a shaderconv to avoid memory overwriting

SDL1_gl4es (updated till commit done Sep 21, 2019):

  • A window wasn't active by default after uniconification.

SDL2_gl4es (updated till commit done Oct 19, 2019):

  • Fix mouse wrapping (help Irrlicht Engine when used with SDL2)
  • Some debug output was left unnoticed, removed.
  • implemented SetWindowResizable()
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  • 1.0
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@kas1e kas1e released this Dec 15, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

GL4ES SDK for AmigaOS4, first release.
12 sep 2019

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