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New in 3.2.0:
* Bug fix: Use the new correct Amazon S3 encryption header.
* Bug fix: The rake task respects the updated_at column.
* Bug fix: Strip newline from content type.
* Feature: Fog file visibility can be specified per style.
* Feature: Automatically rotate images.
* Feature: Reduce class-oriented programming of the attachment definitions.
New in 3.1.4:
* Bug fix: Allow user to be able to set path without `:style` attribute and not raising an error.
This is a regression introduced in 3.1.3, and that feature will be postponed to another minor
release instead.
* Feature: Allow for URI Adapter as an optional paperclip io adapter.
New in 3.1.3:
* Bug fix: Copy empty attachment between instances is now working.
* Bug fix: Correctly rescue Fog error.
* Bug fix: Using default path and url options in Fog storage now work as expected.
* Bug fix: `Attachment#s3_protocol` now returns a protocol without colon suffix.
* Feature: Paperclip will now raise an error if multiple styles are defined but no `:style`
interpolation exists in `:path`.
* Feature: Add support for `#{attachment}_created_at` field
* Bug fix: Paperclip now gracefully handles msising file command.
* Bug fix: `StringIOAdapter` now accepts content type.
New in 3.1.2:
* Bug fix: #remove_attachment on 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 mistakenly trying to remove the column that has
the same name as data type (such as :string, :datetime, :interger.) You're advised to update to
Paperclip 3.1.2 as soon as possible.
New in 3.1.1:
* Bug fix: Paperclip will only load Paperclip::Schema only when Active Record is available.
New in 3.1.0:
* Feature: Paperclip now support new migration syntax (sexy migration) that reads better:
class AddAttachmentToUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
create_table :users do |t|
t.attachment :avatar
Also, schema-definition level syntax has been added:
add_attachment :users, :avatar
remove_attachment :users, :avatar
* Feature: Migration now support Rails 3.2+ `change` method.
* API CHANGE: Old `t.has_attached_file` and `drop_attached_file` are now deprecated. You're advised
to update your migration file before the next MAJOR version.
* Bug fix: Tempfile now rewinded before generating fingerprint
* API CHANGE: Tempfiles are now unlinked after `after_flush_writes`
If you need to interact with the generated tempfiles, please define an `after_flush_writes` method
in your model. You'll be able to access files via `@queue_for_write` instance variable.
* Bug fix: `:s3_protocol` can now be defined as either String or Symbol
* Bug fix: Tempfiles are now rewinded before get passed into `after_flush_writes`
* Feature: Added expiring_url method to Fog Storage
* API CHANGE: Paperclip now tested against AWS::SDK 1.5.2 onward
* Bug fix: Improved the output of the content_type validator so the actual failure is displayed
* Feature: Animated formats now identified using ImageMagick.
* Feature: AttachmentAdapter now support fetching attachment with specific style.
* Feature: Paperclip default options can now be configured in Rails.configuration.
* Feature: add Geometry#resize_to to calculate dimensions of new source.
* Bug fix: Fixed a bug whereby a file type with multiple mime types but no official type would cause
the best_content_type to throw an error on trying nil.content_type.
* Bug fix: Fix problem when the gem cannot be installed on the system that has Asepsis installed.
New in 3.0.4:
* Feature: Adds support for S3 scheme-less URL generation.
New in 3.0.3:
* Bug fix: ThumbnailProcessor now correctly detects and preserve animated GIF.
* Bug fix: File extension is now preserved in generated Tempfile from adapter.
* Bug fix: Uploading file with unicode file name now won't raise an error when
logging in the AWS is turned on.
* Bug fix: Task "paperclip:refresh:missing_styles" now work correctly.
* Bug fix: Handle the case when :restricted_characters is nil.
* Bug fix: Don't delete all the existing styles if we reprocess.
* Bug fix: Content type is now ensured to not having a new line character.
* API CHANGE: Non-Rails usage should include Paperclip::Glue directly.
`Paperclip::Railtie` was intended to be used with Ruby on Rails only. If you're
using Paperclip without Rails, you should include `Paperclip::Glue` into
`ActiveRecord::Base` instead of requiring `paperclip/railtie`:
ActiveRecord::Base.send :include, Paperclip::Glue
* Bug fix: AttachmentContentTypeValidator now allow you to specify :allow_blank/:allow_nil
* Bug fix: Make sure content type always a String.
* Bug fix: Fix attachment.reprocess! when using storage providers fog and s3.
* Bug fix: Fix a problem with incorrect content_type detected with 'file' command for an empty file on Mac.
New in 3.0.2:
* API CHANGE: Generated migration class name is now plural (AddAttachmentToUsers instead of AddAttachmentToUser)
* API CHANGE: Remove Rails plugin initialization code.
* API CHANGE: Explicitly require Ruby 1.9.2 in the Gemfile.
* Bug fix: Fixes AWS::S3::Errors::RequestTimeout on Model#save.
* Bug fix: Fix a problem when there's no logger specified.
* Bug fix: Fix a problem when attaching Rack::Test::UploadedFile instance.
New in 3.0.1:
* Feature: Introduce Paperlip IO adapter.
* Bug fix: Regression in AttachmentContentTypeValidator has been fixed.
New in 3.0.0:
* API CHANGE: Paperclip now requires at least Ruby on Rails version 3.0.0
* API CHANGE: The default :url and :path have changed. The new scheme avoids
filesystem conflicts and scales to handle larger numbers of uploads.
The easiest way to upgrade is to add an explicit :url and :path to your
has_attached_file calls:
has_attached_file :avatar,
:path => ":rails_root/public/system/:attachment/:id/:style/:filename",
:url => "/system/:attachment/:id/:style/:filename"
* Feature: Adding Rails 3 style validators, and adding `validates_attachment` method as a shorthand.
* Bug fix: Paperclip's rake tasks now loading records in batch.
* Bug fix: Attachment style name with leading number now not raising an error.
* Bug fix: File given to S3 and Fog storage will now be rewinded after flush_write.
* Feature: You can now pass addional parameter to S3 expiring URL, such as :content_type.
New in 2.7.0:
* Bug fix: Checking the existence of a file on S3 handles all AWS errors.
* Bug fix: Clear the fingerprint when removing an attachment.
* Bug fix: Attachment size validation message reads more nicely now.
* Feature: Style names can be either symbols or strings.
* Compatibility: Support for ActiveSupport < 2.3.12.
* Compatibility: Support for Rails 3.2.
New in 2.6.0:
* Bug fix: Files are re-wound after reading.
* Feature: Remove Rails dependency from specs that need Paperclip.
* Feature: Validation matchers support conditionals.
New in 2.5.2:
* Bug fix: Can be installed on Windows.
* Feature: The Fog bucket name, authentication, and host can be determined at runtime via Proc.
* Feature: Special characters are replaced with underscores in #url and #path.
New in 2.5.1:
* Feature: After we've computed the content type, pass it to Fog.
* Feature: S3 encryption with the new :s3_server_side_encryption option.
* Feature: Works without ActiveRecord, allowing for e.g. mongo backends.
New in 2.5.0:
* Performance: Only connect to S3 when absolutely needed.
* Bug fix: STI with cached classes respect new options.
* Bug fix: conditional validations broke, and now work again.
* Feature: URL generation is now parameterized and can be changed with plugins or custom code.
* Feature: :convert_options and :source_file_options to control the ImageMagick processing.
* Performance: String geometry specifications now parse more quickly.
* Bug fix: Handle files with question marks in the filename.
* Bug fix: Don't raise an error when generating an expiring URL on an unassigned attachment.
* Bug fix: The rake task runs over all instances of an ActiveRecord model, ignoring default scopes.
* Feature: DB migration has_attached_file and drop_attached_file methods.
* Bug fix: Switch from AWS::S3 to AWS::SDK for the S3 backend.
* Bug fix: URL generator uses '?' in the URL unless it already appears and there is no prior '='.
* Bug fix: Always convert the content type to a string before stripping blanks.
* Feature: The :keep_old_files option preserves the files in storage even when the attachment is cleared or changed.
* Performance: Optimize Fog's public_url access by avoiding it when possible.
* Bug fix: Avoid a runtime error when generating the ID partition for an unsaved attachment.
* Performance: Do not calculate the fingerprint if it is never persisted.
* Bug fix: Process the :original style before all others, in case of a dependency.
* Feature: S3 headers can be set at runtime by passing a proc object as the value.
* Bug fix: Generating missing attachment styles for a model which has had its attachment changed should not raise.
* Bug fix: Do not collide with the built-in Ruby hashing method.