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The Perl RDF project aims to be a pure-perl RDF framework implementation with an
emphasis on extensibility, API stability, and the presence of a test suite.
Currently, the project includes:

  * RDF::Query, a SPARQL (and RDQL) query engine supporting RDF::Trine,
    and RDF::Redland.
  * RDF::Trine::Parser, a set of native RDF parsers for RDF/XML, RDFa, Turtle,
    RDF/JSON, TriG, N-Triples, and N-Quads.
  * RDF::Trine::Serializer, a set of native RDF serializers for RDF/XML, Turtle,
    RDF/JSON, N-Triples, Canonical N-Triples, and N-Quads.
  * RDF::Trine::Store, a triplestore API with DBI-based implementations for
    MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite, based on the Redland schema.
  * RDF::Trine::Iterator, iterator classes for variable bindings and RDF
    statements, used by RDF::Trine::Store, RDF::Trine::Model, and RDF::Query.
  * RDF::Trine::Namespace - A convenience class for easily constructing RDF node
    objects from URI namespaces.
  * RDF::Endpoint - A SPARQL endpoint based on RDF::Query.
  * RDF::LinkedData - A mod_perl2 handler for serving linked data from an
    RDF::Trine triplestore.