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RDF-Endpoint Updated docs and VERSION for 0.10 release. Feb 16, 2018
RDF-Query Removed RDF::Query::Util::start_endpoint as it required unreleased/un… Jan 9, 2019
RDF-Trine-Model-Rules Remove the meaningless All rights reserved statement Mar 30, 2011
RDF-Trine-Node-Literal-XML - Add another test for default namespaces (patch from KjetilK). Dec 2, 2009
RDF-Trine-XS Update @mfrager's SQLite patches (#126) to be more backwards-compatible. Apr 7, 2015
alpha Change hashbang to use env Apr 19, 2016
.travis.yml Add IRC notifications from Travis Aug 23, 2017
README Updated README files to list recetly added parser and serializer form… Jan 14, 2011
TODO Updated TODO. Oct 3, 2012


The Perl RDF project aims to be a pure-perl RDF framework implementation with an
emphasis on extensibility, API stability, and the presence of a test suite.
Currently, the project includes:

  * RDF::Query, a SPARQL (and RDQL) query engine supporting RDF::Trine,
    and RDF::Redland.
  * RDF::Trine::Parser, a set of native RDF parsers for RDF/XML, RDFa, Turtle,
    RDF/JSON, TriG, N-Triples, and N-Quads.
  * RDF::Trine::Serializer, a set of native RDF serializers for RDF/XML, Turtle,
    RDF/JSON, N-Triples, Canonical N-Triples, and N-Quads.
  * RDF::Trine::Store, a triplestore API with DBI-based implementations for
    MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite, based on the Redland schema.
  * RDF::Trine::Iterator, iterator classes for variable bindings and RDF
    statements, used by RDF::Trine::Store, RDF::Trine::Model, and RDF::Query.
  * RDF::Trine::Namespace - A convenience class for easily constructing RDF node
    objects from URI namespaces.
  * RDF::Endpoint - A SPARQL endpoint based on RDF::Query.
  * RDF::LinkedData - A mod_perl2 handler for serving linked data from an
    RDF::Trine triplestore.
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