SPARQL 1.1 Service Description Validator
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SPARQL 1.1 Service Description Validator

This repository contains code which attempts to validate implementations of the SPARQL 1.1 Service Description.

The validator is implemented as a perl CGI, and depends on packages available from CPAN:


The validator comprises three tests which correspond to the conformance criteria.

  • returns-rdf - The SPARQL service must return RDF content when the service endpoint URL is accessed

  • has-endpoint-triple - The RDF returned from an endpoint URL <U> must include at least one triple matching the pattern:

      ?service sd:endpoint <U>
  • conforms-to-schema - The RDF returned must make use of the Service Description vocabulary in accordance with the usage specified in Service Description Vocabulary. As this is difficult to automatically test (while remaining extensible), this test currently verifies only one aspect of the vocabulary use: all sd:NamedGraphs must have a sd:name property.