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Phoebus ( product for SNS

  • Site-specific PVProposalProvider (SNSPVProposals).
  • Distribution created by ant dist includes site-specific settings.ini


  • Java 9 or 10
  • mvn 3 or ant
  • ( cd ..; git clone )

Build & Run with Maven

mvn -DskipTests clean install
java -jar product-sns/target/product-sns-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar 

Build & Run with Ant

ant clean
ant product
ant run
ant dist

Develop with Eclipse

  • Import Generic phoebus projects as described in ../phoebus/
  • Import phoebus-sns project (one project)
  • After running the generic "Launcher" once, edit the run configuration to add the "phoebus-sns" Project to the Dependencies/Classpath Entries.
  • Run with -settings /path/to/phoebus-sns/product-sns/settings.ini to use settings that will be included in distribution.

Complete Build and Distribution with Documentation

pip install Sphinx or yum install python-sphinx

git clone
git clone
git clone

# Create generated html doc
( cd phoebus/app/display/editor;  ant -f javadoc.xml clean all )
 # Build documentation which includes phobus/app/**/doc
( cd phoebus-doc; make clean html )

# Build products
( cd phoebus/dependencies;  mvn clean install )
( cd phoebus-sns; ant clean dist )