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Welcome to Kashi's Mobile Lead Form App


I am Kashif Ahmed a.k.a. Kashi, a Salesforce Evangelist. This mobile app is built on platform using Visual Force Page, jQuery, HTML, and CSS for the submission to Mobile Developer Challenge 2013.
This app submission is to participate in the Salesforce 2013 Mobile Developer Challenge. Thus, I thought I'd put together a small mobile lead form submission app in a single org so it's convenient for you to try as well.
I have also added the instructions on how you can make it a public site to bypass authentication for lead submission, as Visual Force page requires you to sign in. However, in reality if you have a contact form for prospect on your site, you don't want them to sign in, as they will not have any login information. Therefore, having setup a public site and have your url forward to this site, helps you capture the lead from anyone on any device.

NOTE: this is for competition purposes only, is offered as is without warranty. Do not install into a production org. (Seriously: go get a free Dev Org.)

[Click HERE for Mobile Lead Form Overview Video URL: ] (

Install into a dev org from this unmanaged package.

(Note: To install it in your Sandbox replace "" to "" in the above url.)

If you have an example you'd like to see (or contribute), go for it.
Mobile Lead Form Setup: Screenshot

Mobile Lead Form on iPhone


Designed and Developed by @KashifAhmed