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Welcome to the geoping wiki!


The vision of the Geospatial Web is fast becoming a reality. A teaming ecosystem of sensors, publishers, distribution channels, visualizations, applications are making communication about place and location as easy and powerful as any other type of content on the web. The GeoWeb is inspired by the Web itself and particularly the rich set of tools built for Weblogs. Publishing, distributing and consuming maps and spatial data is as simple as publishing a weblog and running an RSS aggregator.

However there is a crucial component missing in the GeoWeb. Ping servers, exemplified by Weblogs.com and blo.gs, provide a simple central point to receive updates of new content, and distribute those updates to interested consumers.

Technical aspect

Weblogs.com consists of four main components. There is an XML-RPC and RESTful API, for automated notification of updates. There is a manual form for submitting updates. The updates are published in HTML and XML formats. And an archive of updates is maintained.

Extension of the spec

The scope of this project is to extend the spec to account for the format and spatial extent of updated data. This will require adding additional elements to the ping submission and published updates.

While still supporting the normal
weblogUpdates.ping and
weblogUpdates.extendedPing methods in XML-RPC (and REST equivalents) we may add additional methods, weblogUpdates.geoPing and weblogUpdates.extendedGeoPing.