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merge changes from simplegeo/geonode branch #22

kashif opened this Issue May 18, 2012 · 3 comments

2 participants

kashif commented May 18, 2012 has some changes which might be useful to merge in here?

booo commented May 19, 2012

@Kashif do you have any features in mind? Would be nice if we could create a list of missing features and features we can steal from the simplegeo branch ;)

kashif commented May 19, 2012

Ok so looking at it I see there is only:

  • add TopologyPreserveSimplify
  • support older versions of GEOS without GEOSFree
@booo booo was assigned May 24, 2012
booo commented May 24, 2012

Adding GEOSFree does not make sense to me as we are using the c++ interface. Right?

I'm going to add two simplification methods/classes:

I'm going to add a static simplify and topologyPreserveSimplify to the geometry object.

Maybe we should add isRing and hasZ as well?

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