A sample Python project illustrating Gauge features using webdriver
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Gauge example project, in Python Build Status

This project serves as an example for writing Automation using Gauge

This project uses

  • Selenium
  • Snap CI has been setup to run the Gauge Specs from this project.

Concepts covered


gauge --install python
[pip / pip3] install getgauge
  • Google Chrome

Setting up the System Under Test (SUT)

java -jar activeadmin-demo.war

Executing specs

Set up

This project requires pip to install dependencies. To install dependencies run :

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the following command to install chromedriver, if it fails then download it from here and add it to the PATH variable.

[pip / pip3] install chromedriver_installer

All specs

gauge specs

This will also compile all the supporting code implementations.