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Photo IMPorter - sort photos based on exif metadata (ALPHA code)
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pimp - Photo IMPorter

This software is EARLY ALPHA. No warranty for nothing!

pimp is a small tool meant to do only one thing but do it right: Move digital photo files into a specific folder structure derived from the metadata included in the image via exif tags. Currently, most of it’s features are hardcoded. It is called with at least two parameters:

pimp /path/to/photoarchive image1 [image2 [...]]

The first parameter is a directory which has to exist, all given photos will be sorted into a tree based here. The sorting is currently hard-coded to <Camera Model>/<Year>/<Month>/<Day>, where <Camera Model> is sanitized to not contain special characters. Only files with mime-type image/jpeg will be processed. If Camera model or Image Date can not be determined the image will be placed in "Unknown Camera" resp. "Unknown Date" folders. The image file name will never be changed. If the target file already exists it will not be touched.

After moving, the files will be chmod’ed to readonly.

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