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Mac OS X
Tested to work with both llvm-gcc-4.2 and clang. Fortran compiler [libraries]( must be installed. According to [R admin manual]( "the OpenMP support in this version of gcc is problematic, and the alternative, clang, has no OpenMP support". So, parallel templates with OS X will require a different compiler installed.
+Linux specific notes
+Metis orderings
+For large 3D random field models the ordering algorithms shipping with R's Matrix package are far from optimal. To get better orderings available run the following in the terminal:
+* sudo apt-get install libsuitesparse-metis-3.1.0
+This will install a more complete version of CHOLMOD with more orderings available. Then install TMB like this:
+* make install-metis
+For a quick example of how to use it start R, load TMB and run
+* runExample("ar1xar1")
+Issues with library unloading
+On recent versions of gcc the following problem may be encountered: When the user cpp file is changed, re-compiled and re-loaded, the changes does not take place. To see if you are affected by this issue, assuming your compiled DLL is called "", try running:
+* readelf -s | grep UNIQUE
+If this gives a lot of output it is not possible to unload the library, and R will have to be restarted every time the model is re-compiled.
+A workaround is to use clang++ instead of gcc.

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