Rover is a web based text editor with support for Markdown syntax highlighting and Dropbox storage

Rover Editor

Rover is a prototype of a simple HTML5 based text editor that supports Markdown syntax highlighting and uses Dropbox for storage.

Screenshot of Rover Markdown Editor

It is the first web based editor to support real-time Markdown highlighting and work in all browsers (including iPhone, iPad and all Webkit mobile).

It was inspired by Mou, created by Chen Luo.


Kaspars Dambis


  • No dependencies or server-side requirements. Can be hosted on any hosting platform (even Dropbox public storage).

  • Supports user stylesheets (stored in your Dropbox) for customizing the look and feel of the editor.


Please visit and authorise with your Dropbox account to try it out.

Rover Uses


Sep 27, 2012

  • Initial public release. This is magical!


  • Add file browser
  • Add theme support

Known Bugs

  • TODO