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Wiki for Phoenix

Getting Started

Below you will find a basic configuration example. Copy and paste it to ~/.phoenix.js. When you press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Z on your keyboard, the focused window will be moved to the centre of your main screen.

Key.on('z', [ 'ctrl', 'shift' ], function () {

  var screen = Screen.main().flippedVisibleFrame();
  var window = Window.focused();

  if (window) {
      x: screen.x + (screen.width / 2) - (window.frame().width / 2),
      y: screen.y + (screen.height / 2) - (window.frame().height / 2)

For more, see the API documentation or some screenshots.



Feel free to add your own configuration to show other people the nice things you can do. You can also use GitHub search to find more examples.

Stable (2.2–)

  • @fabiospampinato’s configuration — powerful, easy to customize, tuned for web development, adds a space switcher
  • @kasper’s configuration — chaining window management in CoffeeScript inspired by @metakirby5’s configuration
  • @alswl’s configuration — work without Alt-Tab, introduction in Chinese: Windows Management for Hacker
  • @mafredri’s configuration — in TypeScript using typed phoenix-typings
  • @jasonm23’s configuration — literate CoffeeScript
  • @garrow’s reimplementation of a subset of SizeUp with phizeup.js — very vanilla JS
  • @purag’s configuration — with window hints (easy focus switching)
  • @kgrossjo’s configuration — Prefix keys inspired by Divvy, and window selection with filtering
  • @jakemcc’s configuration — in ClojureScript
  • @metakirby5’s configuration — in CoffeeScript with window chaining, modal (as in modes) keybindings, hinting windows and screens, and readline-like modals to evaluate JavaScript and execute shell commands
  • @kemar’s configuration — Prefix keys inspired by MercuryMover
  • @sudowork’s configuration — Fork of @kemar’s configuration, prefix keys inspired by MercuryMover
  • @Jaredk3nt’s configuration — simple configuration with padded window sizes

Archive (2.0–)

  • @shayne’s configuration — Xmonad/Amethyst inspired implementation (FlowType, Babel)
  • @jasonm23’s configuration — literate CoffeeScript
  • @watsoncj’s configuration — grid layout and focus key bindings
  • @jiexi’s configuration — Windows-like window management bindings

Archive (1.5)

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