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The Imperial March Elworks Wireless Doorbell

Version 1.0

This is the Arduino Uno sketch for my modded geeky doorbell.

I used the model "Trådløs dørklokke Budapest", from Elworks, bought in Denmark. The model is from late 2012, but is still found in many shops.

It will play a part of The Imperial March from Star Wars.

I made this back in 2014 for my old apartment, and powered the whole project with a regular Arduino Uno power supply.

The way my project works, is to check the LED pins on the doorbell, and when that is supposed to blink, it will start playing the Star Wars tune.

I don't know if this is the correct "electric" way to make this project, but I had it running for more than 3 years without issues.

The only bug I've encountered is if the doorbell is set to a certain built in tune, it won't play. So if you can't hear any dark-side-music, you should press the button on the doorbell, and try again :)

The doorbell I used to make this can be bought here:


A modded (Arduino powered) wireless doorbell, that plays a part of the Imperial March from Star Wars.



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