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Picnic is a gorgeous documentation template for Jekyll
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Picnic is a gorgeous documentation template for Jekyll

Picnic is a documentation template for Jekyll that came to life out of the need of having a simple and elegant way to write, view, and search documentation for projects of all sizes.

Picnic is heavily inspired by existing projects such as Slate,, and Docco. However, unlike these projects, Picnic is fully compatible with Jekyll-based GitHub Pages and can therefore be hosted without needing to be built beforehand.

Perhaps best of all, Picnic features full-text search using lunr.js. The search data is asynchronously streamed and indexed in chunks using Oboe.js, so even if you have hundreds of pages it won't slow down your docs.

Watch Picnic in action


Copyright © 2014-2016 Kasper Kronborg Isager. Licensed under the terms of the MIT license.