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A string slice a substring obtained by a start and an end index into an existing string. It is thus possible to get substrings without copying the bytes of the original string - at least for a large number of operations.

The package adds one extra method to class String: the sliceFrom: a to: b.

slice := 'aaabbbccc' sliceFrom: 4 to: 6.
slice = 'bbb' >>> true.
slice size >>> 3.
(slice at: 2) >>> $b.
slice hash = 'bbb' hash >>> true.

This library also contains a StringBuilder

Metacello call

Metacello new
   baseline: 'StringUtilities';
   repository: 'github://kasperosterbye/StringUtilities';

Implementation notes


StringSlice does not allow changes to the original string.

  • Some mutatation operations will give an error - at:put: is not allowed.
  • Other mutation operations already have copy semantics for String, for example asUppercase. These copying methods do not return a slice, but a String.


I have tried my best to make sure slices respond to the same protocol as String.

While the Metacello expression above do not load the tests, I have ported all the non-destructive tests from string to make sure all string methods work on slices. Any missing issue - please raise them.


A large number of methods return slices if used on a slice. For example:

  • The substrings: method return slices if the original is a slice.
  • Regular expression matching returns slices if the original is a slice.
slice := 'aaa bbb ccc' sliceFrom: 1 to: 11.

((slice substrings: ' ') collect: [:s | s class]) >>>
    {StringSlice. StringSlice. StringSlice}.
'(a+|c+)' asRegex  matchesIn: slice. "returns slices"

The slice has three instance variables, the original string, start and end. Making them is therefore rather fast. In fact my timings show it is faster to make a zero length slice than a zero length string copy. There are some timing methods in the StringSlice class side. Perhaps yours computer is different than mine.

Comments onString

While I have been testing Slice, I have come across a number of issues with the class String. They are summarized in StringIssues.

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