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A DataCleaner plugin for analyzing the fill patterns of records
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Fill pattern analyzer

This DataCleaner plugin adds an analyzer which helps you discover the patterns of how fields/columns are filled. For example:

  • How many addresses defined as "street + housenumber + postalcode + city", and how many are filled differently?
  • Depending on the product type, how are product attributes defined?
  • Depending on the employee type, how are the time registration entries defined?

Input configuraiton

The analyzer takes a list of columns as input, each with an associated inspection type. Inspection types can be:

  • Null, blank or filled (default) - Registers values as either <null>, <blank> or <filled>.
  • Null or filled - Registers values as either <null> or <filled> (blank values counts as <filled> in this case).
  • Distinct values - Registers each distinct value. Useful for situations where only a very limited amount of values are expected (e.g. product type, country or such). But consider also the Group column instead.

In addition you can optionally define a Group column which splits the inspection into N groups.


The result of the analyzer is a list of groups of inspections. Each inspection is a list of fill patterns and associated records counts/samples. See screenshots below.


Screenshot - OpenStreetMap (OSM) analysis example Screenshot - List view Screenshot - Table view