The Python script for checking changes in the Google Tag Manager container and sending the notification email.
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The script checks for changes into Google Tag Manager container and sends a notification email when it was changed.

	-g "GTM-A1B2C3, GTM-D4E5F6"
	-e ","
	-n -l


  • -g, --gtm Defines one or more Google Tag Manager container IDs.
  • -e, --email Defines one or more emails to send the notification.
  • -n, --notification Enables email notification.
  • -l, --log Enables logging.

SMTP server

The config.json file contains the SMTP server settings.

	"SMTP": {
		"SERVER": "",
		"PORT": 587,
		"USER": "user",
		"PASSWORD": "password"
		"SENDER": ""

For Windows users

All Python scripts are tested for running on GNU/Linux and MS Windows 10 with Python 3.6+. Follow these instructions to use on MS Windows OS.

  • Follow these Python 3 installation instructions and add Python to PATH
  • Download the get pip script and install with the command python
  • Install requests by using the command python -m pip install requests
  • Install argparse by using the command python -m pip install argparse