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## customize it
+### using less's built-in css minification
To overide a setting like `mini`, add something like following to your build file after including the less settings.
( in (Compile, LessKeys.less)) := true
+### changing target css destination
To change the default location of less compiled css files, add the following to your build file
(resourceManaged in (Compile, LessKeys.less)) <<= (crossTarget in Compile)(_ / "your_preference" / "css")
+### Working with [@import](
+Some less projects, like [Twitter's Bootstrap][bootstrap] project contain one main `.less` file which imports multiple `.less` files using the [@import]( feature of `less`. To acheive the same kind of compilation with less-sbt, make the set the `filter` defined by less-sbt to the target of compilation
+ (LessKeys.filter in (Compile, LessKeys.less)) := "your_main.less"
+This will build a single `your_main.css` file.
+To see an example of compiling [Bootstrap][bootstrap] itself, check out the [scripted test](
+Note that using this style of design in combination is sbt's continuous execution operator, `~`, will _not_ trigger less if the primary less file's dependencies change. This is a [known issue](
All available keys are exposed through the `LessKeys` module.
@@ -59,3 +75,5 @@ Have an issue? [Tell me about it](
I'll take them where they make sense. Please use a feature branch in your fork, i.e. git checkout -b my-cool-feature, and if possible, write a [scripted test]( for it.
Doug Tangren (softprops) 2011

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