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This is 1KB Asteroid-like game written on JS for js1k.com 2012 contest.
Read more about asteroid game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asteroids_(video_game)

In this game you need to avoid asteroids(squares) and try to destroy them.
Bigger asteroids make bigger damage. Lesser asteroids give more scores when you destroing them. When you shoot big asteroid it would be smaller.
You can see your hit point near % symbol, your scores near $ symbol.

Keyboard game controls:
up arrow - hold to accelerate and release to break
right/left arrows - rotate ship
A - shoot
F5 - restart

For developers:
I use Google Closure Compiler and Microsoft Ajax minifiers to make game have 1K size.
You can see extended version of game(not 1KB) in extended branch.
Source is asteroids.js(will be after 14th of Match, 2012), minifed version - 1k.js
To lauch game download files and start index.html

a,b,c variables are provided by js1k contest evironment.