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Name: David Alan Gilbert
I'm a Principal Software Engineer working for Red Hat in our
virtualization team. I've been working on QEMU for the past
6 years, mostly in live migration but more recently working
on the virtiofs project. I'm a QEMU maintainer for live migration,
virtiofs and the HMP monitor.
My previous work with Kata has mainly been in relation to
virtiofs and helping debug CI issues on Red Hat/CentOS and Fedora.
My primary interest is ensuring that hypervisors (QEMU included)
provide the necessary features to enable Kata to operate securely
and efficiently.
I'm keen to understand the real-world uses of Kata, how virtiofs is used
in practice and resolving any usage difficulties in those deployments.
I look forward to promoting the wider usage of Kata and pushing its
usage in the general enterprise and more specialist areas such as
telecommunication systems.
Dave (IRC: davidgiluk)