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Name: Samuel Ortiz
I am a Principal Software Engineer working for Intel, where I work on several
projects related to virtualization and containers: Kata Containers, rust-vmm
and Cloud Hypervisor.
My journey with the Kata Containers project started back when I initially lead
the Clear Containers project at Intel, a few years ago. Since then I have
contributed to many different areas of the project, from core components like
the virtcontainers package to integration work with the CRI-O and containerd
projects. I was part of the initial Clear Container and RunV engineering
efforts to merge the two projects and have been on the Kata Containers
Architecture Committee since then.
Over the past few months we've seen Kata Containers being deployed in several
very large production environments, showing how strong and scalable the
project has become. Such large deployments also bring new requirements for
security, density and performance that we, as a community, need to look at
and meet. I believe this can only be achieved with Kata supporting new security
models and virtualization technologies, losing a few abstraction layers and
features, and being more tightly integrated with the Cloud Native ecosystem.
This is what I want to help push through Kata Containers 2.0, and this is why
I'd like to renew my seat on the Kata Architecture Committee.