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Name: Xu Wang
I am a senior staff engineer of Ant Financial, a related company of Alibaba Group (BABA). I am leading
the secure container development team in Ant Financial currently and working for the Cloud-Native
open-source of Alibaba as a member of the Ali Open Source TOC. Our team has been working on not only
contributing upstream, but also deploying Kata Containers in the productions since we joined Ant Financial.
Before joining Ant Financial, Our team, the, had been keep contributing to Kata Containers
and related communities since the day 0 of Kata. It was my great honor to involve the creating of the
Kata Containers project and became a initial member of the Architecture Committee together with Samual Ortiz.
In the past months, we celebrated the two year anniversary of Kata. Look back at the past two years, we have
improved the isolation in the container world at the expense of some overhead. We believe the container world
needs a better isolation solution without hurts on the application-centric nature of Cloud-Native. In 2020,
I expect we could developing the virtualization technologies for Cloud Native in the 2.0 development cycle.