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@bergwolf bergwolf released this Oct 19, 2020 · 464 commits to 2.0-dev since this release

Release 2.0.0

Welcome to the Kata Containers 2.0.0 release!
This release has brought in quite a few exciting changes including moving to a monorepo model in this repository.
Kata 2.0 delivers improved performance and observability enhancements as the community continues to address the challenge of providing secure, light, fast and agile container management technology across stacks and platforms.

Key changes introduced in the 2.0 release are:

  • Kata-agent has been rewritten in rust to significantly reduce memory overhead overall attack surface.
  • Agent protocol has been simplified to use ttRPC from grpc.
  • Component called Kata-monitor has been introduced to improve observability and manageability
  • New component called agent-ctl has been introduced to help validate agent API
  • We have moved to a mono-repo model, all code and document repositories consolidated into one single repo.
  • Virtio-fs is now the default shared file system type which mean better POSIX compliance compared to virtio-9p
  • Latest Cloud Hypervisor support on par with QEMU
  • Move to support solely shimv2 api to simplify code and reduce attack surface further. This also meanskata-shim and kata-proxy used in 1.x are no longer required.
  • Guest kernel updated to v5.4.71
  • QEMU updated to v5.0.0

We have introduced quite a few improvements wrt to observability. We plan to bring in tracing support for the agent and runtime in our next release.

To install Kata Containers 2.0, please see
To upgrade from a Kata Containers 1.x deployment, please see


6648c8c release: Kata Containers 2.0.0
dbfe85e snap: install libseccomp-dev
0c3b6a9 package: drop qemu-virtiofs shim
f751c98 packaging: install virtiofsd for normal qemu build as well
08361c5 runtime: enable virtiofs by default
da9bfb2 runtime: Pass --thread-pool-size=1 to virtiofsd
7347d43 packaging: Apply virtiofs performance related fixes to 5.x
c7bb1e2 tools: Improve agent-ctl README
e6f7ddd tools: Make agent-ctl support more APIs
46cfed5 tools: Remove commented out code in agent-ctl
81fb2c9 tools: Log request in agent-ctl tool if debug enabled
0c43215 tools: Rename agent-ctl command to GetGuestDetails
6511ffe tools: Fix comment in agent-ctl
ee59378 kernel: update to 5.4.71
ef11213 config: make virtio-fs part of standard kernel
1fb6730 agent: remove unwrap() for e.as_errno()
05e9fe0 agent: Use ? instead of match when the error returns directly
d658129 kata-monitor: use regexp to check if runtime is kata containers
ae2d89e agent: use anyhow context to attach context to Error instead of match
095d4ad agent: remove useless match
bd816df agent: Use ok_or_else instead of match for Option -> Result
d413bf7 agent: Fix crasher if AddARPNeighbors request empty
76408c0 agent: Fix crasher if UpdateRoutes request empty
6e4da19 agent: Fix crasher if UpdateInterface request empty
8f8061d agent: replace match Result with or_else
64e4b2f agent: replace unnecessary match Result with map_err
7c0d68f agent: replace check! with map_err for readability
82ed34a agent: remove check! in child process because we cant' see logs.
9def624 agent: replace if let Err with or_else
6926914 agent: refactor namespace::setup to optimize error handling
e733c13 agent: replace if let Err with map_err
ba069f9 rustjail: add length check for uid_mappings in rootless euid mapping
cc8ec7b versions: Update Kubernetes, containerd, cri-o and cri-tools
8a364d2 annotations: Correct unit tests to validate new protections
0cc6297 annotations: Split addHypervisorOverrides to reduce complexity
b6059f3 annotations: Add unit test for checkPathIsInGlobs
c6afad2 annotations: Add unit test for regexpContains function
451608f makefile: Add missing generated vars to USER_VARS
8328136 makefile: Improve names of config entries for annotation checks
a92a630 annotations: Give better names to local variabes in search functions
997f7c4 annotations: Rename checkPathIsInGlobList with checkPathIsInGlobs
74d4065 config: Add better comments in the template files
73bb3fd config: Whitelist hypervisor annotations by name
5a587ba config: Use glob instead of regexp to match paths in annotations
29f5dec annotations: Fix typo in comment
d71f9e1 config: Add makefile variables for path lists
28c386c config: Protect file_mem_backend against annotation attacks
c2a186b config: Protect vhost_user_store_path against annotation attacks
8cd094c config: Add security warning on configuration examples
b5f2a1e config: Protect ctlpath from annotation attack
2d65b3b config: Protect jailer_path annotation
fe5e1cf config: Add examples for path_list configuration
3f7bcf5 annotations: Simplify negative logic
80144fc config: Add hypervisor path override through annotations
2f5f356 config: Fix typo in function name
2faafbd config: Protect virtio_fs_daemon annotation
9e5ed41 config: Add 'List' alternates for hypervisor configuration paths
b33d4fe agent: fix panic on malformed device resource in container update
1838233 cpuset: add cpuset pkg
bfbbe8b cpuset: don't set cpuset.mems in the guest
5c21ec2 sandbox: consider cpusets if quota is not enforced
9bb0d48 cpuset: support setting mems for sandbox
64a2ef6 virtcontainers: add method for calculating cpuset for sandbox
a441f21 cpuset: add cpuset pkg
ce54090 docs: Update upgrading guide
e884fef docs: update the build kata containers kernel document
9c16643 agent/device: Check type as well as major:minor when looking up devices
4978c90 agent/device: Index all devices in spec before updating them
a7ba362 agent/device: Forward port update_spec_device_list() unit test
230a983 agent/device: update_spec_device_list() should error if dev not found
a6d9fd4 sandbox: don't constrain cpus, mem only cpuset, devices
8f0cb2f cgroups: add ability to update CPUSet
cbdae44 agent: fix errorneous parsing for guest block size
97acaa8 docs: Add containerd install guide
2324666 agent: use ok_or/map_err instead of match
ebe5ad1 rustjail: use Iterator to manipulate vector elements
c9497c8 rustjail: delete codes commented out
d5d9928 rustjail: delete unused test code
f70892a agent: use chain of Result to avoid early return
ab64780 agent: update not accurate comments
9e064ba agent: use macro to simplify parse_cmdline function in
42c48f5 agent: add blank lines between methods
d3a36fa agent: delete unused field in agentService
fa54660 agent: use no-named closure to reduce codes
efddcb4 agent: use a local fn to reduce duplicated codes
7bb3e56 packaging: fix cloud-hypervisor binary path
7b53041 packaging: fix missing cloud_hypervisor_repo
38212ba packaging: apply qemu v5.1 stable fixes
fb7e9b4 agent: fix aarch64 build
0cfcbf7 docs: add namespace key to pod/container config files
997f1f6 docs: Add crictl example json files
f60f43a runtime: Clear the VCMock 1.x API Methods from 2.0
1789527 ci: snap: add event filtering
999f67d agent: do not follow link when mounting container proc and sysfs
cb2255f agent: set init process non-dumpable
2a6c9ee agent-ctl: include cargo lock updates
eaff5de versions: add plugins section
4f1d23b virtiofs: Disable DAX
6d80df9 snap: specify python version
a116ce0 osbuilder: Create target directory for agent
4dc3bc0 rust-agent: Treat warnings as error
8f7a484 rust-agent: Identify unused results in tests
ce54e5d rust-agent: Log returned errors rather than ignore them
9adb7b7 rust-agent: Remove unused imports
73ab9b1 rust-agent: Report errors to caller if possible
4db3f9e rust-agent: Ignore write errors while writing to the logs
19cb657 rust-agent: Remove unused code that has undefined behavior
86bc151 rust-agent: Remove 'mut' where not needed
8d8adb6 rust-agent: Remove uses of deprecated functions
76298c1 rust-agent: Remove or rename unused parameters
7d303ec rust-agent: Remove or rename unused variables
e0b79eb rust-agent: Remove unused functions
8ed61b1 rust-agent: Remove useless braces
cc4f02e rust-agent: Remove unused macros
ace6f1e clh: Support VFIO device unplug
47cfeaa clh: Remove unnecessary VmmPing
63c4757 versions: cloud-hypervisor: Bump to version 6d30fe05
059b89c docs: Change kata_tap0 to tap0_kata
4ff3ed5 docs: update networking description
de8dcb1 dev-guide: update kata-agent install details
c488cc4 docs: Update docs for enabling agent debug console
e5acb12 docs: update dev guide for agent build
1bddde7 ci: add github action to test the snap
9517b0a versions: cloud-hypervisor: bump version
f5a7175 runtime: cloud-hypervisor: tag openapi-generator-cli container
3f39bdf versions: update clh to v0.10.0
18d325e packaging: fix cloud-hypervisor build
b5e9d60 action: Require PR porting labels
e6f16b7 packaging: fix release notes scripts
5c67668 release: Kata Containers 2.0.0-rc0
729a3b1 action: ignore 'fixes check' for subsystem 'release'
d7c77b6 runtime: write oom file to notify CRI-O tha OOM occurred
15065e4 agent: add cgroup v2 support
295f510 runtime: Don't use hard-coded crio config
615ffb9 agent: Generate version file with more adequate information in it.
f13ca94 agent: Fix setting of version
c823b4c agent: Make build remove generated files on clean
357d788 ci: replace spaces by tabs as indent
22876b2 agent: allow multiple wait on the same process
6487044 shimv2: trust cached status when deleting containers
325a4f8 shimv2: do not kill a stopped exec process
b081f26 action: Add issue to project and move to "In progress" on linked PR
2ce97ec virtiofsd: fix typo in test code
6520320 agent: setup DNS for guest
90e0dc8 ci: run agent test under root user
20a084a docs: update sandbox apis doc for kata 2.0-dev
c133a45 rustjail: fix the issue of invalid cgroup_parent path
dae6c7d osbuilder: update usage of RUST_AGENT variable
d86e746 agent: add retry between doing CPU hotplug and make it online.
517dda0 kernel: update to the latest LTS kernel 5.4.60
ebd3f31 osbuilder: fix rootfs build on ppc64le
b474828 kernel: Remove arm patches for ptp
82efd2f kernel: Enabling PTP clock support in kernel
2dfb8bc rootfs-builder: fix unbootable dracut-based initramfs on Fedora
fcd29a2 osbuilder/image-builder: disable reflink
0d198f9 virtcontainers: Add unit test for utils/compare.go
8b07bc2 agent: fix unit tests - remove rustjail::errors
6c96d66 agent: update Cargo toml and lock
46d7b9b agent/rustjail: remove rustjail::errors
fbb7973 agent: Use anyhow for error handling
33759af agent: Add anyhow dependency
c192446 agent/rustjail: Use anyhow for error handling
2e3e2ce agent/rustjail/capabilities: Use anyhow for error handling
6a4c9b1 agent/rustjail/cgroups: Use anyhow for error handling
359286a agent/rustjail: Add anyhow dependency
2019f00 docs: update yaml file link for prometheus deployment
11e8a49 docs: update the docs for minikube installing kata
00bd04f docs: Update local branch from upstream
dd60e56 trivial: Fix spelling of "privilege"
f7ff6d3 image-builder: disable reflink
0be02a8 runtime: qemu: reduce boot time and memory footprint
1de9bc0 snap: reimplement snapcraft.yaml to support kata 2.0
85642c3 snap: move snapcraft.yaml to the right place
cb99937 runtime: Fix typo in hotplugVFIODevice()
92dfa46 drivers: Correct isPCIeDevice logic
cf3ac9f docs: Add documentation for VFIO-AP passthrough
8666e01 qemu/default-configs: update default-config for QEMU 5
2d12da8 qemu: update default-configs
ae98ea4 obs-packaging: fix wait for obs
f5b71d3 qemu: update build dependencies to support QEMU 5
f1fd00d Merge pull request #571 from eryugey/eguan/2.0-dev
c14d44a Merge pull request #568 from Jakob-Naucke/vfio-ap-fragment
0a9b8e0 rustjail: default permission of device node should be 666
6f2eab4 Merge pull request #555 from jodh-intel/2.0-dev-agent-fix-shutdown-crash
b4c1053 Merge pull request #563 from bergwolf/guest-hooks
8e18cec Merge pull request #504 from cmaf/unit-virtcontainers-utils-utils
5fbac0a Merge pull request #556 from evanfoster/shutdown-agent
bb30759 agent: add guest hooks UT
095ebb8 agent: fix OCI hook handling
03a4d10 agent: support guest hooks
e7bfeb4 agent: construct container bundle in tmpfs location
2ee4002 packaging: Add VFIO-AP fragment for s390x
60770f4 Merge pull request #566 from Jakob-Naucke/revendor-govmm-vfio-ap
e6757de Merge pull request #543 from likebreath/clh_backporting
4c30b25 runtime: Re-vendor GoVMM for VFIO-AP support
282bff9 sandbox: Disconnect from agent after VM shutdown
29aae01 Merge pull request #559 from snir911/doc
5b70723 Merge pull request #511 from Jakob-Naucke/forward-s390x-packaging
9f1a3d1 kernel: add s390x fragment
f135061 kernel: config CONFIG_GENERIC_MSI_IRQ_DOMAIN
b67325c kernel: add missing configs
454dd85 kernel: config CONFIG_ PARAVIRT
62b4506 kernel: config CONFIG_NO_HZ_FULL
6dca74b kernel: moved acpi hotplug config
7c85dec kernel: config CONFIG_PCI_MSI_IRQ_DOMAIN
efe51b2 kernel: fragment for pmem
08d046d kernel: config CONFIG_HAVE_NET_DSA
7b49fa1 kernel: fragments not supported on s390x
ccfb73c agent/agent-ctl: update Cargo.lock
fd13c93 virtcontainers: Add msg to existing utils unit tests
c3fc09b virtcontainers: Add to utils unit tests
942041e Merge pull request #548 from Tim-Zhang/fix-action-check-subsystem
9658255 docs: remove outdated dependencies from agent docs
d12f920 console: Fix crash if debug console disabled
572de28 sandbox: Remove unnecessary thread
d5fbba3 main: Remove commented out and redundant code
1b2fe4a agent: Refactor main function
bac79ee main: Display config in announce
e2952b5 main: Simplify version handling
cfa35a9 action: Fix subsystem check
bba2773 Merge pull request #482 from Amulyam24/fix-ppc64le-rootfs
39b53f4 clh: enable build using Podman
04b156f qemu-virtiofs: Update to qemu 5.0 + virtiofs + dax
3ec05a9 clh: Add support to unplug block devices
45e32e1 clh: Set 'Id' explicitly while hotplugging block device
895959d clh: Provide cpu topology to API
3159438 clh: opeanapi: update api for cloud hypervisor
89836cd versions: cloud-hypervisor 0.9.0
8d5a60a versions: Update qemu-virtiofs to 5.0
76a6466 clh: Remove the use of deprecated '--memory file=' parameter
5f2a9fa Merge pull request #536 from Kvasscn/packaging-build-kernel-sh-test
bfd7810 packaging: add usage instructions for -a (arch_target) option
03b7bc1 Merge pull request #499 from lifupan/2.0-dev
485fc8d Merge pull request #531 from lifupan/propagation
2d28043 Merge pull request #527 from devimc/2020-08-13/unittest/rustjail-process
646148b Merge pull request #533 from GabyCT/topic/backportversions
ecaa1f9 clh: Enable versions and kernel tag to enable CLH CI for kata 2.0
37a331a Merge pull request #506 from lining2020/2.0-dev
64b0694 ppc64le: Support for rust agent based rootfs
2511cab virtcontainers: fix outdated example code in api document
17e2a35 Merge pull request #509 from lifupan/fix_lo
de3fd3f Merge pull request #521 from Tim-Zhang/fix-github-actions
5c7f001 rustjail: add the "HOME" env for process
58dfd50 rustjail: fix the issue of missing set propagation for bind mount
e79c572 agent: setup the "lo" interface run agent as init
d0a4563 agent: add unit tests for rustjail/
c1d3e8f Merge pull request #518 from liubin/fix/517-cleanup-virtcontainers-api
2889af7 actions: Run subject-line-length check even if the previous checks failed
9f0fef5 actions: Add commit-body-missing check
d81af48 actions: Do not limit the length of single word in commit body
8c46a41 actions: Fix subsystem checking in github-action
2466ac7 actions: Fix 'Fixes checking' problem by update dependent action
e7d3ba1 virtcontainers: cleanup codes, delete not used APIs
ba70a15 Merge pull request #486 from Tim-Zhang/commit-message-check
50c76b6 Merge pull request #503 from GabyCT/topic/fixdevguide
998a634 docs: Remove installation of proxy
5231a3e Merge pull request #452 from cmaf/unit-virtcontainers-container
0a233ff Merge pull request #440 from lifupan/2.0-dev
c305911 actions: Use github action to do Fixes/Length/Subsystem check
bd78cca shimv2: fix the issue of close IO stream
93b5528 Merge pull request #477 from GabyCT/topic/updatelimitations
e43a49e Merge pull request #479 from Tim-Zhang/close_fd_in_execute_hook
0683493 agent: Fix fd leaks in execute_hook
b03cd1b docs: Update contributions section in limitations document kata 2.0
ec84a94 Merge pull request #474 from merwick/2.0-dev
c15ef21 qemu: Set govmmQemu NoReboot config Knob
5726926 qemu: Add test for qemuConfig Knobs
5010e3a vendor: update govmm
b94b46d Merge pull request #467 from jongwu/multidev
3871b3c Merge pull request #469 from jongwu/makefile
a3c300f Merge pull request #459 from liubin/feature/458-add-structured-log
61d133f runtime: change un-structured log to structured log
31d601b Merge pull request #429 from cmaf/unit-virtcontainers-cap
7169a26 Merge pull request #425 from cmaf/unit-virtcontainers-asset
f24ad25 virtcontainers: Add unit test for types/container.go
1637e9d qemu: remove multidev in qemu/fsdev parameter on arm64
b61c9ca Makefile: add CLHCMD in
aeb4cfe Merge pull request #462 from bergwolf/releasing-2.0.0-alpha3
6fc7d4b Merge pull request #457 from liubin/feature/405-add-memory-info-for-kata-env
d5d7c22 Merge pull request #460 from devimc/2020-07-27/update-qemu5
fe99e7e runtime: add CPU cores and memory basic info for kata-env sub-command
7a825fb release: Kata Containers 2.0.0-alpha3
ad62eef Merge pull request #431 from liangxianlong/2.0-dev
3246bdc Merge pull request #445 from liubin/fix/444-remove-docs-about-shim-proxy
e1a79e6 virtcontainers: Add function to capabilities test
d1d5c69 virtcontainers: Expand unit test coverage for asset
3c415d9 virtcontainers: 9p: shares multiple devices with only one export
17fe010 vendor: update govmm
b6e910c versions: update QEMU to 5.0.0
6c99747 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2.0-dev' into 2.0-dev
db93a16 runtime: remove mock shim
d7f75dc docs: remove shim/proxy topics and fix docs links
7bbb9e8 rootfs-builder: Don't modify /sbin/init on the build host
5b0e6f3 kata-deploy: add ACRN runtime to Docker configuration
1236e22 runtime: Add support for VFIO-AP pass-through
60245a8 agent: update Cargo files authors
65970d3 osbuilder: install-yq should not print on success
c624fa7 osbuilder: install musl for aarch64
b24f2cb gitignore: ignore vscode directory
cf1b72d osbuilder: install rust before sourcing cargo env
7b5ab58 packaging: fix kata-deploy yaml path
76c18aa osbuilder: fix alpine agent build
5216815 packaging: make work for 2.0
aa3fb4d packaging: make kata-deploy work for 2.0
86a6e0b packaging: fix build image scripts
ceebd06 release: add 2.0 release actions
dadab1f osbuilder: build rust agent by default
1bd5825 packaging: tag releases on kata-containers repo
f56f68b obs-packaging: adjust for building on kata-containers repo
544219d mount: fix the issue of epthemeral storage handler
fd8f3ee mount: add much more error info using chain_err
4b62fc1 clh: Disable the 'seccomp' option temporarily
f5598a1 Subject: [PATCH] qemu: add annotations for iommu_platform
26506d8 virtiofs: Update virtiofs docs
bee17d1 kata-deploy: Add containerd configuration to support kata annotations.
219f93f kata-deploy: Add default privileged_without_host_devices
adf9ecc initrd: Increase Alpine Version to 3.12
f879acd scripts: Foward port osbuilder scripts to update yq
10b1deb tools: Add Unix socket support to agentl-ctl
7be95b1 tools: Simplify error handling in agent-ctl
32b86a8 agent: Add target optimize for Makefile
8164400 server: Allow address to be specified
0a9b8e0 rustjail: default permission of device node should be 666
2ee4002 packaging: Add VFIO-AP fragment for s390x
d12f920 console: Fix crash if debug console disabled
572de28 sandbox: Remove unnecessary thread
d5fbba3 main: Remove commented out and redundant code
1b2fe4a agent: Refactor main function
bac79ee main: Display config in announce
e2952b5 main: Simplify version handling
bb30759 agent: add guest hooks UT
095ebb8 agent: fix OCI hook handling
03a4d10 agent: support guest hooks
e7bfeb4 agent: construct container bundle in tmpfs location
ccfb73c agent/agent-ctl: update Cargo.lock
fd13c93 virtcontainers: Add msg to existing utils unit tests
c3fc09b virtcontainers: Add to utils unit tests
282bff9 sandbox: Disconnect from agent after VM shutdown
4c30b25 runtime: Re-vendor GoVMM for VFIO-AP support
39b53f4 clh: enable build using Podman
04b156f qemu-virtiofs: Update to qemu 5.0 + virtiofs + dax
3ec05a9 clh: Add support to unplug block devices
45e32e1 clh: Set 'Id' explicitly while hotplugging block device
895959d clh: Provide cpu topology to API
3159438 clh: opeanapi: update api for cloud hypervisor
89836cd versions: cloud-hypervisor 0.9.0
8d5a60a versions: Update qemu-virtiofs to 5.0
76a6466 clh: Remove the use of deprecated '--memory file=' parameter
9658255 docs: remove outdated dependencies from agent docs
9f1a3d1 kernel: add s390x fragment
f135061 kernel: config CONFIG_GENERIC_MSI_IRQ_DOMAIN
b67325c kernel: add missing configs
454dd85 kernel: config CONFIG_ PARAVIRT
62b4506 kernel: config CONFIG_NO_HZ_FULL
6dca74b kernel: moved acpi hotplug config
7c85dec kernel: config CONFIG_PCI_MSI_IRQ_DOMAIN
efe51b2 kernel: fragment for pmem
08d046d kernel: config CONFIG_HAVE_NET_DSA
7b49fa1 kernel: fragments not supported on s390x
cfa35a9 action: Fix subsystem check
64b0694 ppc64le: Support for rust agent based rootfs
bfd7810 packaging: add usage instructions for -a (arch_target) option
5c7f001 rustjail: add the "HOME" env for process
58dfd50 rustjail: fix the issue of missing set propagation for bind mount
d0a4563 agent: add unit tests for rustjail/
ecaa1f9 clh: Enable versions and kernel tag to enable CLH CI for kata 2.0
2511cab virtcontainers: fix outdated example code in api document
e79c572 agent: setup the "lo" interface run agent as init
2889af7 actions: Run subject-line-length check even if the previous checks failed
9f0fef5 actions: Add commit-body-missing check
d81af48 actions: Do not limit the length of single word in commit body
8c46a41 actions: Fix subsystem checking in github-action
2466ac7 actions: Fix 'Fixes checking' problem by update dependent action
e7d3ba1 virtcontainers: cleanup codes, delete not used APIs
c305911 actions: Use github action to do Fixes/Length/Subsystem check
998a634 docs: Remove installation of proxy
f24ad25 virtcontainers: Add unit test for types/container.go
bd78cca shimv2: fix the issue of close IO stream
b03cd1b docs: Update contributions section in limitations document kata 2.0
0683493 agent: Fix fd leaks in execute_hook
c15ef21 qemu: Set govmmQemu NoReboot config Knob
5726926 qemu: Add test for qemuConfig Knobs
5010e3a vendor: update govmm
1637e9d qemu: remove multidev in qemu/fsdev parameter on arm64
b61c9ca Makefile: add CLHCMD in
61d133f runtime: change un-structured log to structured log
e1a79e6 virtcontainers: Add function to capabilities test
d1d5c69 virtcontainers: Expand unit test coverage for asset
7a825fb release: Kata Containers 2.0.0-alpha3
fe99e7e runtime: add CPU cores and memory basic info for kata-env sub-command
3c415d9 virtcontainers: 9p: shares multiple devices with only one export
17fe010 vendor: update govmm
b6e910c versions: update QEMU to 5.0.0
6c99747 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2.0-dev' into 2.0-dev
7bbb9e8 rootfs-builder: Don't modify /sbin/init on the build host
db93a16 runtime: remove mock shim
d7f75dc docs: remove shim/proxy topics and fix docs links
1f8e4f6 docs: Update travis and go report card url
c072017 package: enable cloud-hypervisor for arm64
2fef265 Merge pull request #443 from bergwolf/fix-ci
322d85c Merge pull request #434 from evanfoster/add-container-creation-cleanup
8d3f758 Merge pull request #450 from cmaf/unit-virtcontainers-sandbox
ba251df Merge pull request #427 from amshinde/ease-rootfs-access
e5910c9 sandbox: Stop and clean up containers that fail to create
1283feb ci: checkout TRAVIS_BRANCH
0b3cbee virtcontainers: Add additional unit tests for sandbox
07a307b virtcontainers: Remove duplicate unit tests
d914f01 virtcontainers: Move unit tests for types/sandbox.go
9377c16 Merge pull request #448 from amshinde/2.0-actions
33b1865 actions: Pin to a particular sha for actions
8564c99 actions: Add github actions to perform DCO check
c508162 actions: Add action to perform WIP check for pull requests
3d46750 device: Ease device access for rootfs device to allow node creation
1283feb ci: checkout TRAVIS_BRANCH
e5910c9 sandbox: Stop and clean up containers that fail to create
0b3cbee virtcontainers: Add additional unit tests for sandbox
07a307b virtcontainers: Remove duplicate unit tests
d914f01 virtcontainers: Move unit tests for types/sandbox.go
3d46750 device: Ease device access for rootfs device to allow node creation
33b1865 actions: Pin to a particular sha for actions
8564c99 actions: Add github actions to perform DCO check
c508162 actions: Add action to perform WIP check for pull requests
f554cde virtcontainers: Add to bridges unit test
1d7d944 fc: refactor --daemonize option
7f3e895 console-watcher: use console watcher to monitor guest console outputs
1099a28 kata 2.0: delete use_vsock option and proxy abstraction
5b15e9e runtime: consolidate types definition
73bf932 cgroup: fix the issue of crashed when meet unsupported cgroup
ab7afae docs: Clarifying minimum version of containerd for annotations
1c56abb runtime: virtcontainers: vhost-user-blk/scsi are block device nodes
c6e4d09 agent: sandbox shared pid namespace support
afcf269 rustjail: fix the issue of missing join pid namespace
f3da690 docs: add link to CRI Configuration for pods
4291eb1 runtime: add monitor_address to .gitignore
3cf8b47 runtime: delete Stateful from SandboxConfig
069505e runtime: delete unused sub-commands.
bbf8517 runtime: add pprof interface for shim
0790ca4 runtime: add pod overhead metrics
ae83c96 Modifie to proper CPU architecture name for ppc64le.
f404f4d Modified Makefile to pick up correct architecture name for ppc64le.
cdbba6a agent: Make LIBC configurable
2afbfca virtcontainers: print a warning when the device to append is not supported
919fc4c virtcontainer/cgroup: create cgroup manager after creating the network
a134c2e virtcontainers/network: Change signature of Enpoint Attach method
9a9721c drivers: change BindDevicetoVFIO signature
66219d1 device: support vfio cold plug
3eb694c device: add ColdPlug flag
83b2366 config: there is no need to check vhost-vosck for FC
bd8f03a runtime: remove agent abstraction
a0a96db runtime: handle unimplemented RPC call by NotFound status code
41c0464 runtime: fix wrong issue links
d96b306 docs: add metrics design documents for Kata 2.0
1b75daa runtime: add new command to collect metrics from Kata containers
186fed2 runtime: add implementation of GetMetrics
0c4c69d agent: add GetMetrics implementation
9fd3e48 agent: add new pb message GetMetrics
3ece413 runtime: clean up shim abstraction
5200ac0 runtime: remove old store
b28b850 versions: Revert "versions: update QEMU to 5.0.0"
5ff5303 tools: fix branch and runime repo
24ea3f0 virtcontainers: GetOOMEvent should have no timeout
9c501f3 agent: device: Allow "VmPath" to be used when adding block devices
a06d01e versions: specify rust version
15af20b versions: update QEMU to 5.0.0
7ae4376 clh: vsock: Use the updated VsockConfig
d8a333b versions: Move to cloud-hypervisor v0.8.0
9177d3a virtiofsd: Use cache=auto
d66f219 cli: Fix kata-env output on Power
94fdec4 clh: Allow add virtiofs args and cache options from config
653df67 kata_agent: Add unit tests
6da49a0 clh: Clear the "PCIAddr" field while blk device hotplug
2d6c073 kata_agent: Pass "VirtPath" with "PCIAddr" of blk devices to agent
56ae209 kata_agent: Allow to use "VirtPath" as volume source for blk devices
bdd386b qemu: Fix rtc parameter is not set to qemu
51a6d60 qemu: Remove PMU feature for Power (ppc64le) platform
3a17e7a qemu: Remove pmu limitation in nested virtualization of amd/ppc64le
06571f0 build: Add "pmu=off" to default cpu_features option
115dfa1 annotations: add cpu_features
fa9d619 qemu: add cpu_features option
520295b network: Detect and add static ARP entries
117ce4a clh: remove slow boot debug flags from kernel cmdline
7013796 clh: Remove vsock log port in kernel cmdline
fd5d139 clh: Improve hypervisor logging
21f8334 clh: Set 'virtio-blk' as the default block device driver
8b5eed7 clh: Enable disk block device hotplug support
883af9c agent: set hostname when running as init
899b75f agent: fix the issue of missing found right shell
2a8650b agent-ctl: add Cargo.lock
a8430b3 gitignore: ignore more files
be9ca0d qemu: Don't leak file descriptors in case of error
6060664 virtiofsd: Improve logging
7e250f2 shim: exit out of oom polling if unimplemented
9f8d1ba virtcontainers: tests fix, nit fix
d3b3e8b virtcontainers: x86: Support microvm machine type
1983393 virtcontainers: add support for getOOMEvent agent endpoint to sandbox
7c205be virtcontainers: add support for getOOMEvent agent endpoint to sandbox
380f07e proto: update agent protocol
dbc1c30 versions: Remove golangci-lint and gometalinter entries
6e7dd43 qemu: arm64: Set defaultGICVersion to 3 to limit the max vCPU number
93d1f7b Subject: [PATCH] versions: Misc changes to descriptions
17b3021 Subject: [PATCH] qemu: arm64: Don't detect gic version by /proc/interrupts
4cda90a dax: enable dax on arm64
7a44025 Makefile: add trace-forwarder/agent-ctl missing targets
61e011e vc: Version support check is ineffective in createSandbox
ebfbca0 osbuilder: use newest golang
0fd1eb5 Makefile: add default rule
3f8d4b6 trace-forwarder: add Cargo.lock
b2cc403 build: Improve top-level Makefile
f2a1996 agent: Rename check rule to test
b68d4e4 shimv2: Removing function as no longer used
f570a2c shimv2 : Remove workaround for sharedPidNs
ea1d799 qemu: Only one element of qemuPaths map is relevant
5dffffd qemu: Remove useless table from qemuArchBase
97a0213 qemu: Detect and fail a bad machine type earlier
d6e7a58 qemu: Clarify test with bad machine type
fe5b54b release: Kata Containers 2.0.0-alpha2
a1ef594 cleanup: remove redundant files
541fd58 rate-limiter: add rate limiter unit test
d3098c5 rate-limiter: remove tc-based rate limiter
0855128 rate-limiter: add tc-based tx rate limiter
65a37b7 rate-limiter: add ifb interface
cfeb966 rate-limiter: implement hypervisor-built-in rate limiter
676ad98 rate-limiter: implement tc-based rx rate limiter
5a58ed2 rate-limiter: add getRateLimiter/setRateLimiter in endpoint
527c3f4 test: Add unit test TestNewFirecrackerHypervisor
bd8658e rate-limiter: check if hypervisor supports built-in rate limiter
c2645f5 rate-limiter: add rate limiter configuration/annotation on VM level
487520f qemu: Report all errors on virtiofsd execution
042426d katatestutils: Use the configured virtiofs daemon path
342bf3e virtcontainers: drop deferred func for GetAndSetSandboxBlockIndex
8e3bd35 shimv2: check correct error variable for deferred func in service#StartShim
e295460 readme: fix reference to packaging tools
782cd2e packaging: merge packaging repository
f818b46 readme: fix documentation reference link
a196c85 docs: merge documentation repository
1f22d72 Merge pull request #1081 from GabyCT/topic/enableu20
8fb44ea obs: Enable ubuntu 20.04
5102872 Merge pull request #673 from fidencio/wip/shimv2-and-crio
e9666a9 shimv2: Add "cri-o" debugging instructions
0aad3fb Merge pull request #1065 from devimc/2020-06-03/qemu5/updateDefaulconfigsPatches
1239ad0 qemu: add kata patches for QEMU 5
f7d8fc3 Merge pull request #1050 from dsyer/v2cri
d1b4873 Merge pull request #1042 from alicefr/skip-common-frag-config
f3cf6a0 Merge pull request #1063 from jongwu/virt
4718a83 Merge pull request #1032 from grahamwhaley/20200430_travis
d81fdde qemu: add virt board specific optimized qemu config for arm
25a1d7b Merge pull request #1061 from devimc/2020-05-27/static-build/fixQemu5
bef96a9 static-build: build qemu on ubuntu 20.04
b8c82a2 static-build: update qemu blacklist file
481ca87 Merge pull request #1045 from justin-he/qemu_size
512908f Merge pull request #1059 from devimc/2020-05-26/static-build/qemu5
4989b49 static-build: update QEMU build dependencies
da83738 Merge pull request #661 from grahamwhaley/20200526_minikube_containerd
d8e8754 install: minikube: add containerd details
b4a51d8 docs: add fragment exclusion tag
1c6aae1 fragments: skip some config base on the arch
a5ef8fc Merge pull request #1047 from jcvenegas/vsock-fix-backport
448efe5 sock: Add mising fix to experimental kernel
e2d08dc kata-deploy: detect v1 schema and use correct long form of cri
3d53c5d Merge pull request #1049 from GabyCT/topic/addcentos8
34136ac obs: Add CentOS 8
e9dc1c9 Merge pull request #1053 from jcvenegas/fix-1052
4c375f8 pkgs: Remove debian 10
4b130fb Merge pull request #994 from alicefr/kernel-config-5.4
0b43941 qemu/configs: Add the tuned config for aarch64-softmmu
d8d7f96 scripts: Disable capstone for reducing qemu binary size
47d34f5 Merge pull request #1035 from jcvenegas/fix-1034
f75e1c2 Merge pull request #1037 from GabyCT/topic/adddocu
b257df5 release: Add documentation repository
79fd667 Release: Fix path to releasea pipeline
f15557d s390x: update kernel config
c14b7b5 Merge pull request #1030 from devimc/topic/kernel/qemu5vmlinux
997312e CI: enable Travis for static checks
cdc8aaa kata-pkgsync: Fix spelling mistake
fb67659 kernel: boot directly into the uncompressed kernel
c5f0bee Merge pull request #654 from amshinde/add-containerd-annotation-config
56d7074 Merge pull request #1006 from Pennyzct/kernel_fragment_on_aarch64
01ecb62 Merge pull request #652 from GabyCT/topic/updateslesdocum
2baee26 annotations: Add config documentation for containerd
9c332ad doc: Fix SLES installation documentation
14a281d config: update arm64_kata_kvm_5.4.x
a2dc502 configs: enable kvm-ptp on arm64
5a0e9cc config: disable pci shpc hotplug for arm64
f188ef7 config: fix typo error
247a84b arm64/mm: backport memory hot remove patch series on aarch64
42e56a6 config: add arm64-specific configs
9784bb3 configs: add CONFIG_COMPACTION
339d2e7 config: move mmio-related configs to common dir
538528f configs: re-organize security-related configs
beee33b configs: re-locate configs about linux guest support and optimization
6b2d84b config: re-organize acpi related config
fc8c3a0 Merge pull request #998 from jongwu/ptp
c06d1d6 Merge pull request #1019 from chavafg/1.11.0-rc0-branch-bump
7537ad3 Merge pull request #647 from chavafg/1.11.0-rc0-branch-bump
b0c76b0 release: Kata Containers 1.11.0-rc0
36ee5c8 release: Kata Containers 1.11.0-rc0
e72b3d7 Merge pull request #1008 from amshinde/tag-documentation-repo
3a0d53d kernel: Enable ptp_kvm for 5.4 kernel on arm64.
6988935 Merge pull request #1016 from jongwu/order
2d9e63c Merge pull request #1009 from justin-he/static_pie
d271ee7 obs: let patch set in order before apply them
420bb2a Merge pull request #1014 from likebreath/enable_virtio_pmem
fbad186 kernel: Enable CONFIG_VIRTIO_PMEM for booting from pmem
1f57eb7 Merge pull request #644 from amshinde/creat-VERSION-file
3597abd version: Create a VERSION file
652d1fd release: Tag and fork documentation repo as part of release
7e22144 scripts: Disable pie for qemu when static building
f13b4f5 Merge pull request #627 from dong-liuliu/xliu2/spdk-vhost-user
d71d5e1 Merge pull request #639 from amshinde/add-versions-for-privileged
e5046cc privileged: Add containerd and crio versions.
367c2ac Merge pull request #1005 from jodh-intel/fix-patch-ordering
c07f206 Merge pull request #636 from GabyCT/topic/fixopensuse
93da145 kernel: Fix patch ordering
832aaea docs: Fix opensuse installation guide
9a3a226 Merge pull request #632 from jcvenegas/docs-pkg-test
ed13991 Merge pull request #1002 from GabyCT/topic/removeupdate
ab14b29 release: docs: Add information about package testing
59f7678 tests: Remove performing updates in Fedora dockerfiles
c5a5ac9 Merge pull request #576 from bergwolf/annotations
dce8d66 Merge pull request #999 from wilsonianb/fix-k3s
96f3b99 kata-deploy: fix k3s containerd check
688c88a use-cases: avoid binding PCI in using-vhost-user
2c6cb39 use-cases: add version notice in using vhost-user
4faf21e use-cases: revise config on vhost-user device
77fb011 use-cases: re-edit words in using-spdk-vhost-user
90b9d82 Merge pull request #621 from GabyCT/topic/updateslesdoc
b4ecfdb Merge pull request #990 from devimc/topic/scripts/qemu5
0fd7873 Merge pull request #623 from Jimmy-Xu/update-use-case-nvidia
2174326 use-cases: Update documentation for using Nvidia GPU with Kata
fb42e38 scripts: update configuration script to support QEMU 5.0
c9540ce Merge pull request #984 from GabyCT/topic/updatesles
36e7d3d Merge pull request #988 from jongwu/printk
9bdc51c obs: Update SLES version for packaging
5fe076a Merge pull request #972 from grahamwhaley/20200306_silence_actions
13b7ccf docs: Update SLES installation guide
c4dc530 Merge pull request #618 from cmaf/update-howto-crioconf
32986db config: enable printk-time for kernel-5.4 for arm64
99e2d13 howto: Update deprecated CRI-O conf option
bc22bb8 Merge pull request #615 from Jimmy-Xu/add-nvidia-gpu-use-case
44bcaf7 Merge pull request #974 from jongwu/hotrm
607931c Merge pull request #938 from Jimmy-Xu/kernel-support-gpu
7c8c907 use-cases: Add easy way to build guest kernel for Intel/Nvidia GPU
9b8f20c kernel: enable virtio-fs for arm64.
60de5bc Merge pull request #927 from justin-he/binary_size
255feb6 Merge pull request #981 from GabyCT/topic/removeopensuse
12d351d kernel: add usage in readme
1389500 kernel: support force setup
7a17b50 kernel: support bash debug
d248e41 kernel: support build guest kernel for gpu
cbfc7a1 obs: Remove OpenSUSE Leap 15.0 from obs generation
3b88f2c Merge pull request #969 from Rajpratik71/enhancement/debian_apt
9f5dcfd Merge pull request #611 from grahamwhaley/20200310_fluentd_shimv2
16197d6 use-cases: Reorganize GPU related documents
efbc015 Merge pull request #978 from bergwolf/1.11.0-alpha1-branch-bump
d0768d5 use-cases: Add documentation for using Nvidia GPU with Kata
7d5cac0 Merge pull request #608 from Amulyam24/fix-documentation
9a6bd12 debian: Install missing ca-certificates package
d527c4f debian: Don't install recommended software
dc7d5bb release: Kata Containers 1.11.0-alpha1
2d2fb3e Merge pull request #962 from mramanathan/dir_context_bump_release_scripts
1ad221e Merge pull request #931 from justin-he/uncompress_kernel
8f0bb09 howto: add sandbox config annotation howto
80702f6 docs: Change in setting up the debug console
2fc36da Merge pull request #613 from eadamsintel/qat_update
fa83791 subsystem: Update QAT instructions to support 5.4 kernel
ff3b3cd howto: fluentd: add details for shimv2
3670074 scripts: Disable a few options to reduce qemu binary size on generic architectures
711eae6 scripts: Set --enable-pie on aarch64 arch
7cdf113 scripts: Relax the version limitation for qemu
0871391 scripts: Remove obsoleted --disable-uuid
878a223 scripts: Disable xen when builing qemu on generic architectures
f599c8e kernel: Install uncompressed kernel by Image instead of vmlinux on arm64
b99f8f7 Merge pull request #968 from likebreath/enable-acpi-ged
2391118 Merge pull request #607 from grahamwhaley/20200305_v2_debug
e92f3db actions: change trigger phrase for kata-deploy action
c3949fd ACPI: Always build evged in for experimental kernel
bce991b Dev: shimv2 logs: Elaborate on shimv2 log enabling
844f21c Merge pull request #964 from GabyCT/topic/removeoldf
5ec99d8 Merge pull request #966 from devimc/topic/qemu/enableLibpmem
83a69de scripts: enable libpmem only for x86_64
aad1e0e obs: Update obs packages for ppc64le
6671386 Merge pull request #959 from devimc/topic/qemu/enableLibpmem
afaf7cd Merge pull request #961 from amshinde/remove-release-doc
cc2583a Merge pull request #605 from amshinde/update-releases-doc
c0d45d8 scripts/qemu: enable libpmem
8fc07e9 Merge pull request #952 from GabyCT/topic/addfedora31
acf5b91 release: Remove release docs
0067551 release: Fix any references to deleted docs.
ffb6c80 release: Add a document to describe steps for making a release
56606b9 release: Merge into
89b5ee6 Merge pull request #602 from grahamwhaley/20200218_fluentd_logging
5e7742f howto: add index for fluentd doc
226ff36 Merge pull request #954 from GabyCT/topic/removepa
3418d40 build: Enclose source dir for script execution
90943c7 Merge pull request #956 from devimc/topic/kernel/BPFcgroupsv2
74ebc09 Merge pull request #604 from devimc/topic/design/cgroups
decb62b howto: import kata logs with fluentd
ac0d569 kernel: enable BPF to support libcontainer's cgroups V2 implementation
94dd708 Merge pull request #594 from grahamwhaley/20200213_kernel_boot
d7c2a38 obs: Remove obs packages and testing for ubuntu 19.04 and fedora 29
c8c3e46 test: Test for kata-containers packages on Fedora 31
28e5834 design: document cgroups v1 and v2
7ff8c4a Developer: document how to get kernel boot messages
9a37ebe Merge pull request #929 from grahamwhaley/20200212_deploy_fixes
079b588 release: This checklist is no longer relevant
ad1911b Merge pull request #940 from chavafg/topic/yq-install
2a53993 Merge pull request #592 from teawater/vm
a6b3f1e Merge pull request #948 from amshinde/tag-kata-containers-repo-last
453d4be release: tag the kata-containers/kata-contaners repo last
43ab57f yq: Use script from tests repository
9116b56 Merge pull request #933 from sboeuf/fix_cloud_hypervisor
17a9857 Merge pull request #599 from amshinde/update-release-cadence
946fdb7 release: Add documentation mentioning alpha releases
ed140f1 releases: Update release cadence
ded4e5d Merge pull request #946 from amshinde/1.11.0-alpha0-branch-bump
5b908dd Merge pull request #941 from jcvenegas/fix-kernel-build-pg
36e9ed1 Merge pull request #597 from lifupan/master
ba40da0 debug: add notes about how to enable debug for shimv2
4a3ad8a pkgs: spec do not check for 'not in final'
2e3b090 pkgs: fix kernel build
62b0aea release: Kata Containers 1.11.0-alpha0
901f9ba Merge pull request #925 from amshinde/config-5.4
a8ba86c vsock: Fix race condition happening in the virtio-vsock driver
cf1ae9e Merge pull request #937 from nitkon/kernel5.4
04386a6 kernel: Enable new LTS 5.4.x on ppc64le arch
e074df6 Merge pull request #935 from jcvenegas/fix-934
ea8b775 lib: yq: explode anchors to get real value of image values
cd6d364 kata-deploy: improve logic for crio.conf runtime additions
b66fb43 kernel: Remove CONFIG_INET6 options from fragments
17d86c3 kernel: Always apply whitelist
96518f2 how-to: Add how-to for Kata Containers with virtio-mem
8cf66ce Merge pull request #923 from devimc/topic/kernel/fixMaxCpus
7087d7d Merge pull request #917 from jcvenegas/fix-915
ba68012 kernel: use the maximum number of CPUs supported by KVM
03573d4 Merge pull request #921 from amshinde/config-ipv6-multiple-tables
e0a57b6 network: Enable ipv6 config CONFIG_IPV6_MULTIPLE_TABLES
003d0d6 Merge pull request #589 from devimc/topic/design/updateHostCgroups
1fa12cf design: update host-cgroups documentation according to the new changes
a51efa9 Merge pull request #587 from dong-liuliu/xliu2/spdk-vhost-user
7f58731 use-cases: Add initial SPDK vhost-user instructions
4d47c3f Merge pull request #585 from jodh-intel/add-debian-10
ae6d434 Merge pull request #583 from grahamwhaley/20200115_toc_doc
e45be66 docs: Add Debian 10 to distro table
1af686c docs: reqs: add link/recommendation to check-markdown
0751072 release: use absolute path for kubeconfig
94f4955 Merge pull request #912 from jcvenegas/fix-911
6860373 Merge pull request #906 from jcvenegas/fix-905
32f2ff1 actions: check for packaging before clone
626536e Merge pull request #902 from devimc/topic/kernel/fixFcVcpuCount
0ff7072 release: bump kata-containers repository
a95b359 kernel/configs: enable CONFIG_X86_MPPARSE
8f5cb26 Merge pull request #581 from vijaydhanraj/update_kata_acrn
cb559c1 Merge pull request #896 from GabyCT/topic/test19
fc969c4 Merge pull request #895 from jcvenegas/894-fix
a187c38 doc: update how-to on Kata Containers with ACRN hypervisor
f338363 Merge pull request #844 from egernst/kata-deploy-workflow
b023d8d kata-deploy: use clh instead of cloud-hypervisor
59a34bb static-build: drop NEMU, add CLH
6c9db9b kata-deploy-action: test CLH
f184afc testing: add workflows for testing kata-deploy
c14ded3 obs: Add ubuntu 19.04 testing
e8e4d75 Merge pull request #878 from devimc/topic/qemu/4.2.0
3ce2d36 release: tag and branch kata-containers repository
4084b7d Merge pull request #574 from amshinde/update-priv-doc-crio
687a524 Merge pull request #876 from jongwu/dmesg
8488286 Merge pull request #883 from Pennyzct/LTS_v5.4.3
2572cbd Merge pull request #887 from Pennyzct/build_fc_kernel
9805958 Merge pull request #890 from GabyCT/topic/fixclh
2ef9bbc FC: ELF format kernel image unsupported with firecracker on AArch64
ca6df85 kata-static: Add sudo while building cloud hypervisor docker image
59dc61d kernel: Enable new LTS 5.4.3 on AArch64
d1cd6c3 Merge pull request #880 from GabyCT/topic/removefedora28
39261ae Merge pull request #873 from devimc/topic/snap/fixSnap
34d2c81 obs: Remove fedora 28 obs packages
ce2accc qemu/patches: add patches for qemu 4.2.0
7c13dc3 static-build: update blacklist for qemu 4.2.0
47a87ce privileged: Update docs for privileged mode with crio
a407c92 config: enable printk_time for arm64.
5877ab7 snap: fix how latest stable version is obtained
55e81c2 Merge pull request #871 from amshinde/allow-read-only-image
e76cf80 Merge pull request #869 from devimc/topic/snap/fixSnap
43a6e67 snap: overwrite Makefile variables
bfe65e0 kernel: make get_config_version quiet
076cfa9 qemu: Patch qemu to support image without write access.
01a6b6b Merge pull request #864 from egernst/fixup
b27e721 kata-deploy: action: take updated yaml paths into account
ac5846d Merge pull request #861 from amshinde/fix-unbound-variable
e2782da test: remove not useful tests
0dbd00b kernel: checkout patched based on kata_version
29c3374 Merge pull request #859 from katabuilder/1.10.0-rc0-branch-bump
851db27 Merge pull request #575 from egernst/CLH-docs
c334d3b release: Kata Containers 1.10.0-rc0
952c98d arch: add virtualization specific document
62d9bf2 Merge pull request #832 from amshinde/fix-version-bug-GH
e2aff80 Merge pull request #847 from egernst/cleanup-timeout
ff20f20 release: Checkout right version of kernel patches
9377c5d release: Fix bug in how version is determined for actions
62f4536 Merge pull request #807 from Pennyzct/update_on_4.19.83
168709c v4.19.86: patch update for v4.19.86 on AArch64
bbcffc3 kata-deploy: improve debug message, longer cleanup timeout
6318f0a Merge pull request #823 from wilsonianb/k3s
07195c1 Merge pull request #836 from GabyCT/topic/addtests
ce32fb8 Merge pull request #838 from GabyCT/topic/fixhelp
34ce361 ci: Add obs testing for packaging
8e23f2c Merge pull request #837 from GabyCT/topic/addbroken
0d84085 kernel: Fix that the help is not printed twice
2462241 Merge pull request #840 from amshinde/increase-aks-timeout
e9bb8e5 kata-deploy: Increase the wait timeout for control plane to come up
37bce87 obs: Check for broken packages
9e716ae kata-deploy: add k3s support
380bd92 kata-deploy: reorganize files to support kustomize
1fd8ac6 Merge pull request #568 from shinebayar-g/fix/centos-docker-install
0b3f5c7 Merge pull request #822 from GabyCT/topic/addcifix
a878afb Merge pull request #821 from GabyCT/topic/addubuntud
0b9b722 obs: Add fakeroot dependency for ubuntu 19.04
5956065 obs: Failed when we have unresolvable packages
34b28ac Merge pull request #817 from amshinde/1.10.0-alpha1-branch-bump
9ac8b0f release: Kata Containers 1.10.0-alpha1
5c636a2 Merge pull request #813 from jcvenegas/ch-tarball-build
e012750 Merge pull request #816 from amshinde/quit-waiting-for-excluded-packages
dabef60 kata-static: Add cloud-hypervisor to tarball
233dfb6 static: fix qemu-virtiofs build
e4a8c6b obs: Do not wait on excluded packages
80a2b34 Merge pull request #812 from wilsonianb/overwrite
c745308 kata-deploy: add or overwrite runtimes in containerd config
ca7fb82 Merge pull request #809 from chavafg/topic/clh-support
dff5e7d Merge pull request #811 from sboeuf/ch_virtiofs
c78f10f kata-deploy: remove nemu
5431096 kata-deploy: add support for Cloud Hypervisor
5d8f405 qemu-virtiofs: Add one patch to fix libvhost-user
c22fba9 Merge pull request #804 from amshinde/rename-artifacts
c6f4313 release: Remove all traces of qemu-lite from packaging
e6c2a53 release: Pass the qemu tarball name as a docker build arg
7895958 release: Rename generated artifacts to a particular format
733710c Merge pull request #801 from jodh-intel/fix-static-binaries-docker-cfg-script
3283208 Merge pull request #798 from rhafer/ci-no-publish
219ffbc Merge pull request #571 from egernst/update-on-vmms
541ec4c architecture: update architecture docs to reflect VMM support
a0e37e1 docs: Update docker installation guides for /etc/docker
14558de scripts: Fix static build docker config script
80ca386 Merge pull request #794 from amshinde/fix-version-evaluation
fbee390 Merge pull request #799 from GabyCT/topic/addubuntu
07efba6 Merge pull request #796 from jcvenegas/fix-bump-check
f944111 Merge pull request #797 from egernst/fixup-kata-deploy-containerd
627445e obs: Add ubuntu 19.04
8b26173 Merge pull request #788 from amshinde/add-conf-fips-mode
4abfa70 obs: Disable repo-publishing for CI builds
c12c533 kata-deploy: don't remove pre-existing containerd
05a8d4b CI: Fix bump test
853a99c release: Fix bug in evaluation kata_version.
b499732 Merge pull request #791 from egernst/master-dont-use-fork
4d129fd kata-deploy: action: reference kata-containers instead of fork
ec95961 kernel: Enable configuration for fips mode.
4c93210 Merge pull request #774 from devimc/topic/snap/fixLaunchpad
2f43fef Merge pull request #779 from egernst/1.10.0-alpha0-branch-bump
27c7773 snap: reimplement image part
cf16562 release: Kata Containers 1.10.0-alpha0
43a5d14 snap: use adopt-info to set grade and version
6f95e3e Merge pull request #770 from chavafg/topic/release-notes
79173ce Merge pull request #772 from chavafg/topic/fix-crio-qemu-cfg
84e004e kata-deploy: fix qemu-virtiofs entry on crio configuration
d56dec0 release: Fix typos and organization issues
030dfd9 Merge pull request #764 from egernst/add-actions-release-automation
9a7d692 kata-deploy: Add a simple GitHub Action
4eb376b artifact-list: provide script to get items to build
4f89e97 kata-deploy: look for kata artifacts locally
dc8fe05 release: Allow functions to take release versions
6c8df7f release: Call main only if it not sourced
5307b03 release: Define a default value for destdir
7a932cf release: Create tarballs after every stage
420eb6e qemu-virtiofs: Fix tar naming for qemu with virtiofs support
f2ef841 release: don't checkout packaging from packaging
643ddf9 release: Add option to generate versions based on tag
6bd5fd9 Merge pull request #749 from jcvenegas/tag-all
b8dcb1c tags: Tag all repos with the same kata VERSION
826e279 Merge pull request #761 from chavafg/topic/cri-containerd-virtiofs-config
a97b09d Merge pull request #759 from GabyCT/topic/fixspell
eea8cea kata-deploy: Fix indentation issues.
8234f9a kata-deploy: Add qemu-virtiofs to containerd configuration
aafd329 release: Fixing message information
5d49a78 Merge pull request #757 from jcvenegas/qemu-virtiofs-wrapper
dab8087 kata-deploy: Add qemu-virtiofs wrapper
aeaf04d Merge pull request #755 from amshinde/Fix-release-md
b553d1a Merge pull request #751 from amshinde/skip-installing-static-nemu
7c26509 doc: Fixes for
4a65bad Merge pull request #564 from devimc/topic/how-to/loadKernelModules
24dd673 how-to: add how-to for loading kernel modules
8eb5cf3 deploy: Skip installing nemu
d785f8a Merge pull request #558 from YchauWang/master
a70830d Merge pull request #747 from katabuilder/1.9.0-rc0-branch-bump
7d14e84 release: Kata Containers 1.9.0-rc0
d4997e6 Merge pull request #745 from jcvenegas/release-1.9-improvments
f195f7f Merge pull request #693 from jongwu/ptp
7b4b1d7 bump: check rc0 version after alpha
2bab82a bump: version all repos
5c43c96 kernel: enable ptp_kvm for arm64
949d763 Merge pull request #743 from chavafg/topic/virtiofsd-time-patch
f3ff9c7 static-build: patch virtiofsd
29d0ea9 Merge pull request #740 from chavafg/topic/fix-fc-install
f10d48c virtiofs: Add virtiofsd patch that adds time to seccomp
c350abb Merge pull request #737 from Pennyzct/FC_SERIAL_PORT_CONFIG
4b8ba67 static-build: Fix build for Firecracker v0.18
3f57e8d Merge pull request #730 from Kvasscn/dev
86e75b7 kernel: avoid to download sha256sums.asc file repeatedly
bfc8836 Merge pull request #557 from Kvasscn/doc-fixs-rootfsbuild
d74a600 FC: Support serial device on aarch64
da1b291 config: update kernel config on aarch64
f357db5 Merge pull request #732 from GabyCT/topic/installhub
9ecb5eb Merge pull request #731 from GabyCT/topic/fixkernel
8eddd1c Merge pull request #705 from nitkon/master
372679e kata-deploy: Check that hub is installed
feb2859 kernel: Fix to test locally changes and rename vmlinuz or vmlinux for virtiofs
827e85d Merge pull request #710 from GabyCT/topic/qemuvirt
b96bed0 docs: Updated the network namespace default structure picture to tcfilter
5571361 create-repo-branch: Alpha is the branch for ppc64le
e13efac obs: docker: update opensuse base image
1012c62 Merge pull request #554 from eadamsintel/qat-with-kata
b9d5acd update rootfs build description
b4704fe subsystem: docs
2be1ac3 Merge pull request #662 from jcvenegas/sle-sp4
e164e19 Merge pull request #716 from egernst/readd-overlay
a988b7b Merge pull request #721 from nitkon/typo
8ab7c3d config: blk-dev-throttling
797dd5c config: re-add support for docker-in-docker
cbb955c obs: distros: Update SLE
31ee3c5 Merge pull request #698 from mythi/stackprotector
99ae7c1 kernel: Fix a typo in README
0bf4caf kernel: enable STACKPROTECTOR configs in security.conf
88d2048 kata-deploy: Add support for qemu and kernel with virtio-fs 3.0
e1f4355 Merge pull request #714 from teawater/fix
f2b8bf5 Merge pull request #713 from GabyCT/topic/fixversion
ee0a556 pkglib: Fix the detection of the versions.txt
566afe0 Revert "ci: don't run vm-factory tets in snap CI"
b9053f2 Merge pull request #708 from jcvenegas/fix706
50d8e0c Merge pull request #703 from egernst/experimental-kernel
452799e kata-deploy: use proper kernel install script
9956de8 Merge pull request #702 from GabyCT/topic/addvirtiofs
9bb7ef5 Merge pull request #695 from nitkon/patch-8
85846f5 Merge pull request #552 from jodh-intel/show-docker-config-default
89120e8 Merge pull request #543 from jcvenegas/SandboxCgroupOnly-docs
2255b36 docs: Add documentation about host cgroup management
8e43d9c config: remove unneeded options, annotate what changes in future
aaeadbd kernel: drop virtio-fs patches from standard kernel
e828fa9 kernel: add whitelist for config options we expect to fail
b00b0d9 kernel: if experimental, pull experimental configs
74adb72 config: virtio-fs: add as an experimental kernel config
baa2ef1 kernel: add support for building virtio-fs kernel
2b617ed kernel: auto-indent
f6be9a8 qemu: Enable qemu with virtiofs
44f67f7 Merge pull request #539 from vijaydhanraj/kata-acrn-doc
4f02594 doc: how-to on Kata Containers with ACRN hypervisor
52690de docs: Emphasise default docker config
d0cf1cd Merge pull request #549 from kata-containers/nitkon-patch-1
c017e25 Merge pull request #541 from marcov/howto-move
8e48f66 Fix a typo
6ce8b15 Update initrd placeholder
95072b7 Merge pull request #538 from awprice/privileged-documentation
94c36df Merge pull request #684 from jcvenegas/depends-on
03248f9 Merge pull request #691 from devimc/topic/obs/fixQEMU4.1
93658b5 qemu: use upstream patch to fix OBS
d89db17 Merge pull request #545 from stefanha/virtio-fs-no-hugepages
6e9cc36 virtiofs: hugepages is no longer required since Kata 1.8
ceb8600 how-to: k8s: rewrite intro, add cri-o RuntimeClass
4d66559 how-to: improve landing
f91f0cc how-to: move k8s guide into a dedicate how-to md
841ac83 docs: add documentation for privileged and host devices
65cda02 Merge pull request #686 from nitkon/vsock
031e036 Merge pull request #688 from devimc/topic/obs/fixQEMU4.1
da532e3 obs-packaging/qemu-vanilla: include patches
4bfa767 qemu/patches: fix OBS
e09d41d obs-packaging/qemu-vanilla: install bc to compare qemu version
2d162a5 ci: azure: honor depends-on
483596b snap: Apply QEMU configs
b4ba93d qemu/configs: add config file to trim the list of qemu devices
515bdc3 kernel: enable vsock on ppc64le
3ed59ee Merge pull request #537 from amshinde/add-instruction-pull-image
0ad8270 shimv2: Add instruction to pull image first
0ec23be Merge pull request #680 from devimc/topic/patches/qemu4.1
83faa97 Merge pull request #677 from devimc/topic/fixCVEs
c80a4af Merge pull request #670 from devimc/topic/snap/runAllTests
2c478f5 patches: add patches for qemu 4.1.x
66b3590 Merge pull request #534 from marcov/revamp-install-readme
c3fca8b Merge pull request #675 from marcov/leap-update
c704edb install: refresh installation guide README
c79a01b static-build: upgrade the container before building qemu and nemu
decb9de static-build: do not use cache to build docker images
7892608 static-build/qemu: use the latest ubuntu long term to build qemu
3336885 qemu/nemu: remove blacklisted binaries
54102ca snap/ci: run all tests
ed7d573 Merge pull request #668 from devimc/topic/snap/supportRoofsImg
3dadaf6 Merge pull request #532 from gabibeyer/updateDocs
6870294 install: update fedora version support
810abd6 snap: support rootfs image
60d0850 Merge pull request #531 from grahamwhaley/20190813_docker_compose
94bf5e5 OBS: upgrade openSUSE Leap version
f1b9c23 Limitations: docker compose: note it has issues
9de19dd Merge pull request #674 from nitkon/patch-7
311bd47 kernel: Update README with right instructions
f4c26c1 Merge pull request #672 from devimc/topic/static-build/fix
dba3ffa static-build: fix nemu static-build
ee952ee Merge pull request #578 from jongwu/build_nemu
973be7b Merge pull request #666 from jcvenegas/obs-detect-build
3ba0d65 obs: wait: Fix error to detect building job
fbd3baa Merge pull request #664 from devimc/topic/snap/useMaster
5e4a9db obs-packaging: scape next line to check if .config file exist
f8873a0 Merge pull request #527 from grahamwhaley/20190801_minikube_fc
0c6911b snap: use master branch to test the snap
675f221 minikube: note kata-fc does not function under minikube
1aec41a Merge pull request #512 from GabyCT/topic/fixdebiandoc
72321d2 Merge pull request #658 from jcvenegas/debian-10-obs
1e66d93 Merge pull request #514 from cgxu519/doc-fix-1
ed85a11 obs: add debian 10
d9c3546 Merge pull request #632 from devimc/topic/obs-packaging/imgsRO
497f734 Merge pull request #657 from devimc/topic/kernel/fragmentsFixCI
620a0ac kernel: bump kernel config version
364f425 kernel: support firecracker
d06343b kernel: support virtiofs
aa74068 Merge pull request #654 from jodh-intel/configure-docker-script-for-static-kata
54f3786 obs-packaging: install images as read-only files
3df25f2 Merge pull request #646 from devimc/topic/kernel/fragmentsSupport
c79b9de Merge pull request #653 from devimc/topic/scripts/qemu41Libssh
9e8cd7d obs-packaging: support kernel fragments
229411a kernel: bump kernel version
7d1610e kernel: drop x86_64 4.19 config file
addc10b kernel: config: frags: add common and x86 fragments
d205a07 kernel: configs: update README
0e604bd kernel: configs: add kernel fragment support
304ed95 release: Add a Docker config script for static Kata
b529bb0 Merge pull request #651 from jcvenegas/add-back-ubuntu
93e9997 scripts: fix detection of qemu 4.1
e5a1376 Merge pull request #650 from devimc/topic/snap/1.9.0-alpha0
e9cb861 Merge pull request #519 from nitkon/patch-4
ea8e48d Merge pull request #522 from nitkon/patch-5
73aa097 Fix broken CRI link
546dc14 distros: add ubuntu 16.04 back
57e4f9c snap: use the same version of tests to test the snap
3c25050 Fix networking info
4e67de8 Merge pull request #584 from nitkon/patch-6
72ed49e snap: release 1.9.0-alpha0
17512dc nemu: enable compile nemu for arm64 on x86 host
3655b4c Merge pull request #445 from grahamwhaley/20190424_minikube_docs
8e29464 install: README: add Minikube entry
f97fe32 install: add Minikube installation instructions
097156d docs: Fix workaround solution for ConfigPath
dfda61c Merge pull request #510 from eadamsintel/qat-with-kata
0402d41 QAT: Add initial Intel QAT Kata instructions
b25f6ca Merge pull request #644 from jcvenegas/release-pipeline
920965e release: add pipeline
16d2142 Merge pull request #641 from bergwolf/qemu-migration
04407ac qemu: replace private migration patch with the upstream one
d3fd4ef Merge pull request #636 from devimc/topic/snap/fixSnap
e393422 snap: add bc to build-packages
0089d30 Merge pull request #626 from devimc/topic/snap/fixSnap
4e5e018 snap/ci: Do not run shimv2 tests
10959e6 Merge pull request #624 from devimc/topic/kernel/fixConfig
e647b50 Merge pull request #628 from devimc/topic/scripts/qemu41Libssh
588bced snap: release 1.8.0-rc0
cc4e59f snap: update QEMU to 4.0.0
0bbce8e snap: use tagged version of osbuilder to generate the images
a0d0a20 snap: setup kernel using
335b884 snap: pull and install yq from github
d0c2671 kernel/x86_64: fix make oldconfig
c0f8cf6 scripts: update configure-hypervisor script to support QEMU 4.1
edbd237 README: Fix a typo in Kernel Readme
89f2c80 Merge pull request #618 from jcvenegas/fix-container-image
3240ad0 Merge pull request #614 from GabyCT/topic/updatecheckversion
bfc9220 package: fix path to qemu-vanilla in debs
f9fe944 ci: cd: Use the same obs script for CD.
d29427d qemu: static: Apply qemu patches depending on the verison.
38b9346 Merge pull request #616 from jcvenegas/fix-container-image
3aba4d3 obs: docker: update leap image base.
98ad9e2 ci: Enable check VERSION among the components without the runtime
a5ff98f Merge pull request #612 from jcvenegas/stable-branch-creation
633e5cc tag: Automatically create stable branch
0ec5e60 Merge pull request #610 from jcvenegas/bump-on-log-fail
896ed41 bump: Do not fail is not possible to get logs
212b219 Merge pull request #597 from chavafg/topic/static-qemu-patches
c3ae620 Merge pull request #580 from egernst/qemu-vanilla-default
99e4f4c static-qemu: Apply qemu patches from this repo.
dada7c6 Merge pull request #606 from kata-containers/azure-obs-ci-implementation
6ce2f0a kernel: bump config
66ea747 obs: distros: disable ubuntu 16.04
49dab14 kernel: update patches
40278b9 kernel: build force fuzz 0
7f94b70 ci: Add steps to build obs packages.
7235ded Merge pull request #600 from mcastelino/topic/fc_0_17_0
ed31473 docs: Fix debian installation guide
639c432 Merge pull request #603 from kata-containers/azure-obs-ci
f1bcada ci: Add intial pipeline to test OBS package generation
4f0eb53 packages: update default VMM to qemu-vanilla
7f36038 kata-deploy: Update scripts to support firecracker 0.17.0
fdacac9 Merge pull request #592 from Pennyzct/v4.19.52
77ef7e3 v4.19.52: patch and config update for v4.19.52 on AArch64
d052d6d Merge pull request #506 from jodh-intel/update-doc-reqs-doc-for-spell-checker
0af1d43 Merge pull request #582 from nitkon/entropy
06b5ffe Merge pull request #594 from mcastelino/topic/jailer
9b25e03 Merge pull request #590 from chavafg/topic/static-qemu-prefix
dfa9bd7 kata-deploy: Add jailer binary
bb00e55 Merge pull request #588 from chavafg/topic/qemu-static-fix
0ddf25e Merge pull request #508 from nitkon/patch-3
10dd307 static-build: qemu: use tag if version doesn't exist
12a8fdd docs: Update doc requirements doc for spell checker
8f2561a docs: All docs should be in English
d6fbc92 CI: Fix Travis and CI setup
0d1810f static-build: qemu: be able to change prefix variable
de36278 Merge pull request #503 from nitkon/patch-2
6c2209a docs: Update with debug console for initrd
50895a5 ppc64le: enable kernel config options to enhance entropy
21eaa73 docs: Use kernel build script for building kernel
2b5b52d Merge pull request #505 from jodh-intel/fix-formatting
28da40a docs: Fix formatting
a515547 Merge pull request #572 from jodh-intel/fix-typos-and-formatting
851c9d5 Merge pull request #500 from jodh-intel/fix-typos-and-formatting
c9df137 docs: Fix typos and formatting
65ee6be docs: Fix typos and formatting
4cf8c1e Merge pull request #567 from devimc/topic/obs-packaging/gen_versions
da47d1b Merge pull request #498 from jodh-intel/add-link-to-website-source
5d79133 docs: Add link to website source repo
3b9b702 Merge pull request #570 from marcov/rpm-dep-fix
d832e65 obs-packaging/gen_versions: add --head option
785fc6c obs-packaging/gen_versions: fix qemu assets path
28df7a4 Merge pull request #495 from jcvenegas/vcpu-calculation-fix
3fe8660 docs: cpu: resources: fix vcpu calculation formula
e7a643a runtime: omit the release number in RPM Requires:
a17702c Merge pull request #569 from devimc/topic/snap/1.8.0-alpha0
16efde2 Merge pull request #491 from amshinde/add-coreutils-debug-console
80a7c66 debug: Add coreutils to the list of packages for debug console.
8c8cd1c snap: release 1.8.0-alpha0
8d5f2f0 Merge pull request #488 from jodh-intel/doc-fixes
87cc770 docs: Fix typos and formatting
1d170e8 Merge pull request #565 from nitkon/patch-5
a89daa6 Fix a typo
e08f1e7 Merge pull request #538 from ganeshmaharaj/fix-ci-ci
5717e6c Merge pull request #561 from egernst/fix-k8s-1.13
d72d5da release: initialize CI variable in
305ffda kata-deploy: fix k8s 1.13 example files
47eb1c2 Merge pull request #557 from jodh-intel/rm-stalebot-config
19505c8 Merge pull request #559 from marcov/qemu-avx2
2162b9a QEMU: only enable AVX2 for x86_64
e283093 Merge pull request #555 from jcvenegas/skip-red-hat
abe99ab github: Remove stalebot config
ca4c798 obs: distros: disble redhat build for x86_64
bcc17c3 Merge pull request #553 from jcvenegas/fix-release-pipeline
8369eb6 download_image: source pkglib to get commit length.
ab4e7ee Merge pull request #551 from marcov/qemu4-suse
08a68a3 QEMU: disable PAM authentication (used for VNC access)
c245034 Merge pull request #547 from marcov/pkgcloud-fedora30
abd6279 Merge pull request #549 from marcov/fix-obs-runtime-update
91cdeb1 runtime: fix regression in package generation
2fc2565 kata-pkgsync: vendor: update pkgcloud to add Fedora 30
b85935b Merge pull request #484 from marcov/opensuse-install
bf0b231 Merge pull request #532 from marcov/fix-deb-versions
3b9a48a Merge pull request #545 from chavafg/topic/sudo-docker
4a97337 Merge pull request #542 from jodh-intel/doc-fixes
e6dac82 runtime: fix strict "= VERSION" dependencies for deb pkg
4004d3e docs: Fix spelling and formatting
72b296d install: improve Docker installation for openSUSE
8e1e4d8 static-builds: run docker commands using sudo
e9ed1f5 Merge pull request #540 from nitkon/patch-4
cb202e1 Merge pull request #522 from ganeshmaharaj/nemu-ci
b2c0024 install: better support for all openSUSE distros
3d0b60f Pass right parameters to build image
829fd44 Merge pull request #536 from nitkon/ppc64le_repo
0ebab2e Merge pull request #534 from nitkon/master
3f3823d obs-packaging: Make distros file arch specific
54c25df nemu: build nemu for CI
0c756ed obs-packaging: Set debian Power arch as ppc64el
f4d4853 Merge pull request #528 from ganeshmaharaj/local-version-check
5db4f9f Merge pull request #530 from nitkon/master
ceab0f0 ci: always use the versions from the local repository for CI
d4b1a32 runtime: qemu-lite required only for x86_64 arch
81caf1c Merge pull request #507 from marcov/kata-pkgsync
da21af7 Merge pull request #525 from jcvenegas/obs-f30
5eded00 obs: build: enable fedora 30
7d754d9 Merge pull request #520 from ganeshmaharaj/release-tag-retry
8ac4f61 Merge pull request #482 from jodh-intel/add-missing-doc-link
5c5b518 docs: Added missing doc link
09715c1 docs: Add missing newline at EOF
f1005d0 Merge pull request #516 from jodh-intel/improve-docs
4d8d841 Merge pull request #498 from jongwu/nic
6e8350f release: Allow re-tries of tagging and github releases
e4a5849 docs: Add missing links
577fd9f docs: Add missing READMEs
5a59884 docs: Add missing link to release process
dececa6 docs: Add missing link to kernel configs doc
4213fcb docs: Improve release README
e8ba16e docs: Correct heading level
0c52058 docs: Remove redundant markdown
7499b13 docs: Add headings and TOC
eb3cbdc Merge pull request #478 from jodh-intel/make-docs-non-interactive
8f1e486 Merge pull request #518 from devimc/topic/snap/1.7.0
26174a1 make: remove snap-xbuild from .PHONY target
1cd267a kata-pkgsync: Add OBS to Packagecloud sync tool
ee0736b Merge pull request #480 from nitkon/master
1b1ca70 documentation: Add travis CI for ppc64le
9b2f4a1 snap: release 1.7.0
b9bc029 docs: Advise use of non-interactive commands
24ec560 docs: Add whitespace
134471e docs: Clarity the term "prompt"
6a4c730 Merge pull request #476 from jodh-intel/new-docs-need-to-be-referenced
724d892 Merge pull request #515 from nitkon/patch-3
6141306 Merge pull request #474 from jodh-intel/doc-fixes
1d1782f docs: Require all new docs to be referenced
5b75030 build_image: Install yq before get_from_kata_deps
4f164da docs: Clean up how-to handling
6d8094b docs: Added missing doc links
548f759 docs: Removed stale list entries
3dec84d docs: Fix partial sentence
923c815 docs: Add TOC
6ecdecd docs: Fix debian docker link
6a53aec Merge pull request #503 from egernst/kata-deploy-nemu
20dffa4 Merge pull request #469 from ganeshmaharaj/virtiofs-doc
85ddb9a virtiofs: simplify kata + virtio fs doc
81b8044 how-to: virtio-fs initial documentation
7aae1ac Merge pull request #511 from marcov/debian-scrict-depend
f2100fd runtime: prettify Debian/Ubuntu package template
6341381 runtime: specify strict dependencies Debian package
33828b7 Merge pull request #509 from jcvenegas/kernel-patches-dir-fix
89695fe kernel: obs: fix kernel path
72054cd kernel: disable pci shpc hotplug for arm64
ef00bb0 kata-deploy: configure multiple runtimes with containerd
beea7d9 kata-deploy: add nemu support
f134161 Merge pull request #497 from egernst/nemu-static
765e51e Merge pull request #479 from grahamwhaley/20190501_golang_req
fca62b1 Merge pull request #477 from brtknr/patch-1
3ca8aeb kernel: version bump
7ccc3b7 kernel: README: add a toc
8ec9507 kernel: README: remove trailing '.' from a title
38aa271 kernel: Note prereqs in document
b9f601c Merge pull request #458 from amshinde/change-doc-for-runtimeclass
c769e05 release: add nemu to kata deploy creation script
255bae1 nemu: add virtiofsd to nemu static binary
924bda0 nemu: add support for static build of nemu
3444aa6 kata-deploy: Change the kata-deploy doc to use yaml files
82dc914 Merge pull request #463 from devimc/topic/howto/fixContainerdWithCri
3b29f8f how-to: Fix Install containerd with cri plugin note
3c500df Merge pull request #494 from amshinde/fix-ownership-kata-binaries
c90341d Merge pull request #461 from devimc/topic/howto/fixKubeadmCmd
67c6441 Merge pull request #459 from jodh-intel/improve-doc-requirements
b758151 Merge pull request #495 from jcvenegas/fix-release-install-docs
691ad2c Merge pull request #496 from ganeshmaharaj/fix-bump
fab6527 Merge pull request #488 from jcvenegas/1.5.5-fixes
ec87592 bump-repos: Make associated files adapt to newer bump script
61cfb9c how-to: fix kubadm command
ad0213d Merge pull request #491 from egernst/DINK
3a1bb3f dont do readonly on sourced files.
92f6ee8 release: publish: image: fix commit length
c8bf90f docs: release-notes: Fix markdown link
c3c8da0 kata-deploy: All binaries installed by kata should be writable by root
d079604 kernel: config: enable overlay_fs for DinK use case
ad87c6c docs: Add linking advice section
b5931eb docs: Add TOC requirement
dd69931 docs: Tighten up general requirements list
96779ec pkglib: fix sourced path
003433c docs: release: add step to generate version file before image.
4bb97ef Merge pull request #484 from ganeshmaharaj/virtio-fs-4-19-28
517cd35 Merge pull request #457 from jodh-intel/fix-more-markdown
b0bcb1b docs: Fix incorrect link in limitations TOC
55d27b3 deploy: Allow container to restart gracefully
82afd0a Merge pull request #452 from leoluk/patch-1
88d93ad kernel: Enable virtio-fs in kata kernel
3047fb7 Merge pull request #452 from jcvenegas/azure-automation
7aa695d Merge pull request #474 from nitkon/patch-2
95af6ed Merge pull request #434 from jodh-intel/fix-markdown
45228a3 snapcraft: Fix conditional check for ppc64le
7388b63 pkg: image: update regex image
dcabeef obs: add
847efba pkgs: obs: SUSE: disable CONFIG_RETPOLINE
5b1ddd0 lib: versions: use branch variable
65e55a8 bump-repos: Bump all repos from script
2c624b1 obs: distros: Update ubuntu repositories
faf9d84 build-pkgs: Dont create image again
8c56ee0 obs: docker: build without quiet mode
c7225fe obs: Remove golang from osc dockerfile
0123899 Merge pull request #454 from jcvenegas/packages-no-git-hash
b1af8de docs: Rename conduit to linkerd
9a99899 docs: Fix markdown
4b43071 pkglib: change short commit length
ac7eb35 image: build: rename varaible
25496ca image: build: fix agent version.
b4732a9 pkgs: factor out commit size for image version.
f8189fa pkgs: remove git hash from version
e73473f pkgs: restrict dependencies for runtime.
7322f03 runtime: obs: remove unused variable
6f15e34 Merge pull request #476 from jcvenegas/fix-qemu-vanilla
235a3bc snap: Avoid collition name for qemu dir.
67e9253 Merge pull request #454 from wdavidw/patch-2
072be82 install: typo in the installation user guides README
0721b6a docs: Clarify security boundaries in privileged mode
adc0462 docs: Fix typo in "Definition of a limitation" header
f059385 pkg: qemu-vanilla: organize patches per version.
4f851ab Merge pull request #472 from devimc/topic/qemu-vanilla/addKataPatches
8ae5c07 Merge pull request #468 from nitkon/fixsnap
1710157 Merge pull request #449 from GabyCT/topic/removeps
b8b0648 Merge pull request #470 from nitkon/patch-1
5c8d55c qemu-vanilla: add patches required in qemu 4.0 to run kata containers
725696d README: Update with correct install snap command
787ec66 snap: Container fails to start on ppc64le
539e5d0 Merge pull request #465 from jcvenegas/qemu-4.0-pkgs
48c0343 docs: Remove ps command from Limitations
5404d4e Merge pull request #439 from GabyCT/topic/updatedocrhel
fbc4ea5 qemu-vanilla: pkg: Fix build for qemu 4.0
0aa9055 Merge pull request #434 from jcvenegas/bump-pipeline
51d1000 Merge pull request #463 from devimc/topic/scripts/configureQemu4
b3cb1fa ci: Add bump release pipeline
1deb4d2 Merge pull request #447 from jodh-intel/fix-debian-docker-install
c0f0fc9 scripts: improve
b5eaf1f Merge pull request #448 from alicefr/hw-options
2f3a8f5 docs: Fix outdent in Debian install guide
b3a74db docs: Fix whitespace in Ubuntu install guide
a943be8 docs: Fix indent in docker install guides
74bbd53 docs: Fix debian docker install
adb1ca0 docs: Make SLES docker guide consistent
2d76821 docs: Make CentOS docker guide consistent
3d28166 s390x: enable rnd hw generator option
c7ca17a Merge pull request #460 from devimc/topic/scripts/configureQemu4
fd76d64 scripts: support Qemu 4
4115942 Merge pull request #405 from jcvenegas/releae-1.6.0-changes
8ae6755 Merge pull request #451 from jcvenegas/kernel-patches-per-version
c932a6e improvement: obs: remove versions file.
0a5b917 improvement: docs: Update release documentation
7ea630e kernel: config: bump
dce0558 kernel: use patches per kernel version.
891692b Merge pull request #445 from amshinde/add-runtimeclass-deploy
0abcb6a kata-deploy: Add runtimeclass yaml
8e87566 Merge pull request #449 from nitkon/master
3305e3b Readme: Update readme with snap remove command
df57d05 Merge pull request #441 from Remy-xl/doc-link
d8c7a96 Merge pull request #438 from Remy-xl/master
32cbce6 Docs: Update link in
f93eb23 Merge pull request #424 from neonsea/consistent-arch-cmd
5b27d85 Merge pull request #436 from jodh-intel/fix-markdown
259a7b2 Merge pull request #441 from devimc/topic/snap/1.7.0-alpha1
b162a1d Merge pull request #426 from GabyCT/topic/fixsles
cfead00 ci: don't run vm-factory tets in snap CI
8a9cc94 snap: release 1.7.0-alpha1
40b040b docs: Update RHEL documentation
3f6b64d packaging: replace arch with uname -m
5095be7 Docs: update Build-a-custom-QEMU in Developer-Guide
ae40622 Merge pull request #435 from yuwang888/master
a83849e README: Update for link of VM Templating
63776a1 docs: Fix markdown
ed0dfa3 Merge pull request #432 from Remy-xl/master
17e0919 README: Update for GPU-Passthrough-with-Kata
9dc2191 Merge pull request #430 from Remy-xl/master
9c8a087 Zun: add zun-ui plugin for devstack
f758083 Merge pull request #429 from devimc/topic/ci/snap
58b799b ci: run tests using kata snap
1d60364 Merge pull request #432 from ganeshmaharaj/build-local-kernel-change
124ee50 Merge pull request #425 from jongwu/memory_hotplug_4.19
9071ffc doc: Update SLES installation documentation
c33b519 kernel: Enable memory hotplug(add) for arm64
3771b04 kernel: Make sure local versions.yaml file from runtime get precedence
4470e32 Merge pull request #424 from jcvenegas/master
e7fb9c1 Merge pull request #427 from kata-containers/snap-next
b8ac31c Merge pull request #422 from tuan-hoang1/s390x-4.19.28
9f12577 install: Allow define kata branch.
3c3d877 snap: release 1.6.1
2ccff83 Merge pull request #409 from grahamwhaley/20190328_drop_annotations
253cd9d Merge pull request #414 from grahamwhaley/20190329_annotate_crioconf
d329d07 Merge pull request #371 from egernst/probot-stale
3c0cb08 Merge pull request #420 from devimc/topic/configureQemu3
18bbbd4 stale: add initial configuration for stale probot
df2dc35 scripts: update
ebefdea kernel: disable ZSWAP, remove zVM hypervisor on s390x
2ee437f Merge pull request #420 from gabibeyer/updatedocs
a11768e doc: update link
9f86c31 Merge pull request #417 from gabibeyer/updatedocs
7f14430 doc: update link
b09a469 Merge pull request #418 from egernst/docs-cleanup
152330a docs: Use relative paths for URLs which are part of this repo
51f12ef arch: fix dead link
daef179 arch: move to the design directory
c0d6379 constraints: add as part of design documents
353b2ec vsocks: move to design directory
8e3db7f zun: move to use-cases, utilize images dir
bb0a563 Merge pull request #411 from kata-containers/snap-next
af74d18 kata-deploy: crio.conf: Add some whitespace and comments
3464f8e snap: release 1.6.0
ff1698d kata-deploy: remove Trusted annotations from examples
c67e7b7 Merge pull request #413 from jodh-intel/debug-console-needs-systemd
17cd8e8 docs: Explain systemd needed for debug console
49b3cd0 Merge pull request #409 from jodh-intel/undo-docker-pin
6301fbe Merge pull request #408 from amshinde/remove-privileged-limitation
bf0d680 Limitations: Remove privileged flag limitation
71a4ba1 Merge pull request #411 from jodh-intel/fix-debug-console-example-on-ubuntu
4c19083 docs: Fix debug console for ubuntu/debian
bfbd4ed docker: Undo docker version 18.06 pin
17acacb docs: Capital letter at start and period at end of sentence
072acea Merge pull request #358 from yyyeerbo/wip
6ba8ae5 install: Debian sid/buster has no VERSION_ID, error out.
30726d1 Merge pull request #370 from jcvenegas/release-1.5.1
2069a3d Merge pull request #406 from teawater/vmcache_vsock
c3f082c howto: Remove vsock from VMCache howto
8c2190d Merge pull request #400 from Pennyzct/snap_aarch64
ddf638b snap-aarch64: modify qemu-related info for arm64
93e5902 Merge pull request #404 from jodh-intel/unbreak-debug-console-instructions
b347b33 docs: Don't modify pristine config files
c771f76 docs: Unbreak debug console instructions
ea24ff3 Merge pull request #402 from ttx/packagecloud
441c51c Merge pull request #402 from amshinde/add-links-to-docs
534ac21 docs: Add links to use-case documents.
e02829b docs: Add link for VM templating and VM cache
e84c62c Merge pull request #386 from amshinde/check-crio-runtime-config
4d65fb4 Merge pull request #398 from amshinde/sysctl-docs
4f4cfb9 Credit packagecloud for package hosting
fd3d065 Merge pull request #391 from lifupan/master
1998e98 how-to: Update the how-to containerd-kata doc to support runtime option
8342ca1 kata-deploy: Add runtime config for crio if it does not exist
19e8a5e docs: Add link to the sysctl how-to in
817110d sysctsl: Add how-to doc for setting sysctls.
a8c6d94 Merge pull request #397 from bmwiedemann/kernel
693d240 Override build user+host+timestamp
594ce2f Merge pull request #335 from wenlxie/fixmemory
47a8725 enable config CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG_DEFAULT_ONLINE by default
b083b91 Merge pull request #396 from kata-containers/snap-next
0763139 Merge pull request #397 from jodh-intel/add-rhel-install-warning
419d979 Merge pull request #393 from teawater/vmcache
4d20943 snap: launchpad: Add missing kernel dependencies
7b94750 howto: Add VMCache introduction and guide
9a8553f Merge pull request #377 from Pennyzct/nvdimm
5dd1d7c nvdimm: support nvdimm on arm64 kernel
d591b63 Merge pull request #390 from jodh-intel/codeowners-for-kernel-changes
e19e297 Merge pull request #392 from devimc/topic/snap-1.6.0-rc1
21e042d docs: Add kernel changes to CODEOWNERS file
6329cf7 Merge pull request #384 from grahamwhaley/20190307_CODEOWNERS
6827efb snap: release 1.6.0-rc1
5f95c9a Merge pull request #385 from devimc/topic/fixDAX
3124131 docs: Add RHEL and SLES install warning
6c720cd Merge pull request #382 from egernst/v2-containerd
d1a9aa7 kernel: pmem device should map pages
ff67e32 Merge pull request #395 from grahamwhaley/20190307_CODEOWNERS
3cecb36 kata-deploy: containerd-v2: specify configuration file for runtime
f04fac8 kata-deploy: add support for v2 shim
9ef7c75 ci: add CODEOWNERS to cover .md files
0f45a33 ci: add a CODEOWNERS file to cover .md files
351d9b7 Merge pull request #373 from GabyCT/topic/addextraflags
169fa95 Merge pull request #381 from chavafg/topic/rm-kernel-test-script
425c9e8 Merge pull request #345 from jcvenegas/kernel-changes-docs
1fbeaec kernel: remove
f93b987 kernel: Add missing config option
55ac255 Merge pull request #368 from devimc/topic/snap-1.5.1
7a4ee11 snap: release 1.5.1
9530002 docs: kernel: Describe how to do kernel changes.
c84bbf4 pkgs: disable CONFIG_RETPOLINE for RHEL
a2fe011 Merge pull request #374 from jodh-intel/pin-docker-to-version-18.06
837451b versions: update versions file to 1.5.1
54c4a01 lib: pkgs: Dont query host version file.
f8acf38 Merge pull request #361 from tuan-hoang1/s390x-4.19.24
7839a5c kernel: CPU hotplug on s390x
c1f8242 kernel: update to 4.19.24 on s390x, remove USB support
5524fc3 docs: Clarified docker install note
b702f50 Merge pull request #387 from devimc/topic/cpuCgroups
1e1a735 constraints: add cpu cgroups documentation
873ac75 Merge pull request #348 from jcvenegas/run-all-ci
dca8748 Merge pull request #363 from egernst/issue-362
2f70232 kata-deploy: update README's ToC
60e0589 Merge pull request #342 from tuan-hoang1/s390x-snap
4448646 Merge pull request #359 from nitkon/master
035ba08 snap: add support for s390x
618aeba ci: Run all CI test.
1c5ba65 kernel: Add 4.19.10 config for powerpc
a8e458a Merge pull request #356 from devimc/topic/fixSnap
31ec69e snap: add user into docker group
f31829d snap: unsmask docker
41f4ebc snap: use sudo to configure and start docker
d8d78bb Merge pull request #351 from devimc/topic/removeSnapBuild
8a055c4 snap: remove snap-build scripts
62d347a Merge pull request #338 from Pennyzct/v4.19
3fa6a83 Merge pull request #384 from liubin/master
0a643e9 docs: fix broken links in
af2a3ff config: add kernel config v4.19.23 for arm64
9294979 Merge pull request #334 from ganeshmaharaj/crio-conf-fix
059b48b kata-deploy: Check crio conf before update
ceae7b4 docs: Pin docker to version 18.06
4c71475 Merge pull request #372 from marcov/zun-kata-install
2b382fd Merge pull request #209 from jcvenegas/release-process-md
d0879d7 docs: Document release process - tools.
f39a73e zun: update kata install instructions
50097f9 Merge pull request #327 from marcov/ccloudvm-kata-install
828feca Merge pull request #332 from grahamwhaley/20190206_remove_pullapprove
5b483f2 Merge pull request #380 from nitkon/patch-1
bc7d969 docs: Fix a typo in how-to docs
d48ccf4 Merge pull request #333 from jschintag/qemu_configure_s390x
1f87f86 Merge pull request #377 from grahamwhaley/20190206_remove_pullapprove
5a6b92b s390x: add support to build qemu
0d0c525 pullapprove: remove it
d536751 pullapprove: remove config file
1666474 Merge pull request #330 from egernst/fix-329
02729c5 kata-deploy: fix yaml example for install/remove commands
c328295 ccloudvm: update kata install URL
970b26c Merge pull request #304 from egernst/kata-deploy-1.5.0-rc2
b4ba52d kata-deploy: s/
5f95596 kata-deploy: update documentation after 1.5 rewrite
53115c0 kata-deploy: add docker details to readme
c0cdc04 kata-deploy: add script for configuring Docker
471415b kata-deploy: updates for Dockerfile
5db1ba5 kata-deploy: add support for runtime class, firecracker
e12442b snap: release 1.5.0
7e312f8 snap: use new GOPATH to build image
51f5c22 snap: remove commands used for debugging
70876b3 snap: apply patch in runtime to fix config paths
2145fc1 snap: apply patch in runtime to fix DESTDIR
e7ff7e1 snap: fix qemu command name
d901b62 snap: get sources from git repositories
bbc3ce9 Merge pull request #370 from devimc/topic/snap-installation
7722faf snap: add snap store banner
a6b5d7e Merge pull request #294 from jcvenegas/release-fixes-1.4.1
7cf81c4 Merge pull request #368 from grahamwhaley/20190130_fc_link
784f14b release: docs: update installation notes.
d1f8846 releaes: static: add wrapper for firecracker config.
ed39937 static: release: add correct symlink until is fixed
0a889b5 release: static: add firecracker to tarball.
87d9ebc docs: firecracker: add top level link off to fc wiki page
4f02627 pkgs: runtime: spec fix qemu path
6e2677c pkgs: Fix spec file.
4ba2802 Merge pull request #359 from qzivli/master
a9edac8 Merge pull request #364 from jodh-intel/fully-non-interactive-debian-install
6b11ed2 pkg: spec: add all files that match as config file.
d8fcb58 deploy: release: Fix config paths
c9ac12d pkgs: Update version for kata 1.5.0
8693ba7 pkgs: debian: fix kernel build.
8db26ee Merge pull request #318 from devimc/topic/snapFixVersions
86fca45 snap: release 1.5.0
7684c8e snap: use new GOPATH to build image
e5940ce snap: remove commands used for debugging
7d77ae9 snap: apply patch in runtime to fix config paths
7c25b60 snap: apply patch in runtime to fix DESTDIR
c3184c3 install: Make Debian install fully non-interactive
ed7ec36 docs: Fix typo
fe90fe0 Merge pull request #361 from grahamwhaley/20190125_snap_docs
767ac47 Merge pull request #312 from jongwu/memory_hotplug
526c5ff snap: fix qemu command name
d90bb59 install: snap: add link out to config and integrate instrs
db1fb85 Merge pull request #349 from jjolly/opensuse-install-fix
c60b72f Merge pull request #332 from gnawux/shimv2
411aefb Merge pull request #354 from kata-containers/fix-ubuntu-guide
e797606 install: have ubuntu install point to master for 1.5 release
33dc19f snap: get sources from git repositories
d97e994 Merge pull request #348 from bergwolf/vm-template
07f6cb1 howto: add vm template introduction and guide
9343ece how-to: a standalone doc for containerd integration
04498bd update the architecture of v1.5
75501df how-to: add shimv2 as the default in the k8s and containerd howto
c06e9f2 developer-guide: update for shimv2
c9ebb56 Merge pull request #346 from rpw/master
2bb2351 install: mention shimv2 for the manual installation instruction
771b1b1 docs: fix Debian install documentation due to OBS repo rename
e7d2141 Docs: Remove invalid option from suse guides
d2a42cb kernel: config: bump config
e654dbd kernel: Add memory hotplug(add) support for arm64
f802dd8 Merge pull request #303 from mcastelino/topic/firecracker
6a44bdb Firecracker: Add support for firecracker packaging
b3d2688 Merge pull request #306 from devimc/topic/fixSnap
7f7e258 snap: don't use make snap to build the snap
ab214c1 Merge pull request #343 from abousselmi/master
9b9e5d6 Docs: network connect is no longer a limitation
bb36162 Docs: ps is no longer a limitation
a60cd13 Merge pull request #300 from jcvenegas/use-local-kernel-version
95fef54 kernel: test: improve error handler
4977445 Merge pull request #327 from teawater/vmware
789970b kernel: config: bump config
a5c2a2c kernel: test: Fix detection on kernel changes.
2e93dbd kernel: build: Use local kernel version.
4eee734 vsock: Add introduction about VMWare guest
f0913e2 Merge pull request #319 from marcov/docker-config
d109feb Merge pull request #340 from nitkon/patch-2
8a3f7cf Merge pull request #288 from sboeuf/add_config_x86_4_19_10
dab26eb Developer-Guide: Update how to include seccomp in image
069987a Merge pull request #342 from nitkon/patch-3
63e95c1 Merge pull request #295 from kata-containers/revert-269-build_development_kernel
4078d0a Limitations: Remove seccomp limitation.
66ee0e4 Merge pull request #338 from egernst/update-frequency
a31c1b9 stable-branching: update frequency, reference schedule
0a5b5ad Revert "kernel: update guest kernel to 4.19.8 on aarch64 "
4be12af Merge pull request #286 from marcov/fix-version-compare
63024cd Merge pull request #269 from Pennyzct/build_development_kernel
0d215b7 Merge pull request #306 from zeigerpuppy/zeigerpuppy-patch-1
8a9e404 arch-images: add a figure for shimv2
e9ca4d8 docs: Add Debian installation guides
fc90bda Merge pull request #329 from kata-containers/fix-ubuntu-guide
808d85b install: use stable instead of master for docs
e89efa2 Merge pull request #292 from bergwolf/releasing-1.5.0-rc2
4265ca9 Merge pull request #321 from Pennyzct/qemu-section
ce105e7 obs: bump versions.txt for 1.5.0-rc2 release
7a269ea runtime-spec: add containerd-shim-kata-v2
f4994f4 obs: reset kata_version
cc530e7 qemu: add 'Build a custom qemu-system-aarch64' section
dcd3bd0 Merge pull request #290 from marcov/up-obs-distros
c3c8a3d obs-packaging: add openSUSE Leap 15 and Tumbleweed
6b375a9 obs-packaging: remove EOL distros from stable releases
31b04a7 obs-packaging: Add Debian 9 distro
9ad35bd kernel: Add 4.19.10 config for x86
3549d5a obs-packaging: support comparisons of pre-releases versions
df6a8ed Merge pull request #272 from mcastelino/topic/firehack
aee668b kernel: update guest kernel to 4.19.8 on aarch64
662147c Merge pull request #283 from kata-containers/revert-278-add_config_x86_4_19_8
8f513d6 Add support for virtio-mmio
edc9bcb Revert "kernel: Add 4.19.8 config for x86"
9d4e6b0 Merge pull request #278 from sboeuf/add_config_x86_4_19_8
59ce0b3 dev-guide: detect & use existing docker unit file
9ec1ca7 kernel: Add 4.19.8 config for x86
58b8ebb Merge pull request #281 from alicefr/s390_4.19
4cd5f2c Merge pull request #318 from devimc/topic/snap-installation
0247645 kernel: add s390 config for version 4.19.8
349a848 Merge pull request #271 from teawater/dimm
718b4b9 Merge pull request #277 from jcvenegas/modulecleanup
9b6ac0a Merge pull request #275 from alicefr/enable_vsock
3781db2 Merge pull request #267 from jcvenegas/f29
c63de15 kernel: enable vsock on s390x
5117654 Kernel: Remove modules
c081eda Merge pull request #266 from devimc/snap/skipGoVersionCheck
f8f7690 Merge pull request #263 from marcov/kernel-multiarch
d3bdfa3 install: add snap installation to installing table
3440cae install: add snap installation guide
1270003 snap: skip go version check
0c06e03 snap: remove QEMU_ARCH variable
81a077f obs-packaging: Add Eric Auger's latest PCDIMM/NVDIMM patches
1b0b6a1 obs: Enable fedora 29
dc3dcdc pkgs: Fix qemu build on fedora 29
e2fb504 obs-packaging: multi-arch kernel build support
645728d Merge pull request #256 from marcov/fix-versions
9654a40 Merge pull request #258 from bergwolf/fix-deploy-static
a8fe5b1 release: fix install command
7c44129 Merge pull request #308 from jodh-intel/mention-warnings
d7d5d0b Merge pull request #313 from egernst/azure-install-guide
584bc5d docs: update azure install guide
c3a371b obs-packaging: detect versions misalignments
a0b8cc8 obs-packaging: add --compare option to
5a10544 obs-packaging: bump versions.txt content to 1.4.0
342a8a6 Merge pull request #317 from grahamwhaley/20181127_vexx_docfix
4bfed86 cloud: vexx: fix wrong style type of vexx title
d45863a Merge pull request #309 from hejianet/master_my
adc8a92 Merge pull request #252 from egernst/kata-deploy-1.4
fc6d46b docs: Improve Developer-Guide and SRIOV doc on arm64
cf50640 Merge pull request #314 from mnaser/master
64eb46e Merge pull request #248 from alicefr/s390_configs
8bc6f04 kata-deploy: update for 1.4 release
e8092a3 Merge pull request #250 from marcov/remove-modaliases
03758b1 vexxhost: add quickstart docs
2c6800e docs: Creating placeholder for Azure get started guide
b067be8 obs-packaging: remove dh-modaliases deb requirement
671c831 kernel: s390 configs
a305460 kernel: add patch 0003-serial-forbid-8250-on-s390
4eb2b1c Merge pull request #296 from johscheuer/fix-nginx-example
5a9bdc8 Merge pull request #291 from yangy2000/fix_link
ce85eb2 docs: Add warnings to doc requirements doc
e81421a docs: Remove bang from code block
205c6ea docs: Add missing article
0143ef5 Merge pull request #304 from jodh-intel/dont-fold-code-lines
b306128 subsystem: docs
1ad6ef3 Merge pull request #245 from marcov/build_all-improve
5eda4b1 Merge pull request #243 from marcov/packaging-golang
3084801 runtime: skip golang version check in OBS pkg
08956e4 obs-packaging: remove hardcoded golang version
bc79593 improve usage and error handling
3fe90cc specify a list of projects as extra args
e83d658 docs: Don't use backslashes in command blocks
8077078 Merge pull request #293 from liucimin/update_architecture_docs
e5a2f4a Merge pull request #241 from devimc/topic/fix-snap
d75434a Merge pull request #297 from GabyCT/topic/removeramdisk
78c4362 Merge pull request #236 from chavafg/topic/k8s-info-release-notes
7256ff8 snap: fix build error in launchpad
6c7de6c snap: fix prefix and dest paths
722c596 Merge pull request #239 from Weichen81/master
1f7841c kernel: Enable Real time clock for Arm64
2a7774d Merge pull request #237 from devimc/topic/snap-libfdt
5e9819f docs: Remove Ramdisk Limitations
95734e5 snap: fix build errors
b78fe83 docs: fix a link in
81226f6 docs: update the architecture doc
dc41101 Merge pull request #288 from liucimin/add_cni_diagram
40bab8d Merge pull request #233 from xindazhao/gpu-support
8f0efa5 Merge pull request #290 from sboeuf/update_kata_nemu
23782b2 nemu: Retrieve directly the latest OVMF binary
4571e11 docs: Delete the wrong cni flow in README
8b539ef release: Add k8s compatible version to release notes
a184f98 Merge pull request #272 from raravena80/master
24b89a9 kernel: configs: Add Intel GPU support
1d6c296 Merge pull request #280 from jodh-intel/ci-add-tests-for-other-install-doc-methods
942d534 install: Add AWS installation guide
2f07105 CI: Test remaining install methods
78692a1 CI: Add main function to doc test script
83c38c2 CI: Improve doc test script setup function
4b1839f CI: Refactor function in install doc test
d9c91d3 CI: Remove golang dependency on doc test script
8334d90 CI: Add setup function to doc test script
e74c431 CI: Refactor check_install_guides()
d21eaaf CI: Rename+cleanup install doc test function
3d08ccd CI: Fold long Travis check line
f4351e4 CI: Make info() variable local
7dba230 docs: Add instructions to run the kata-doc-to-script generated scripts
67982e7 docs: Make "Scripted" installation method executable
0215c83 Merge pull request #282 from jodh-intel/ci-set-travis-golang-version
b40b9ff CI: Pin Travis golang version
2a54ac9 Merge pull request #277 from jodh-intel/improve-readme
ad91157 Merge pull request #279 from marcov/fix-kata-manager
08d233e install: clean instructions for kata-manager
16379e3 docs: Improve table in install README
30f2fbf docs: Add more details to scripted install section
c4fb842 docs: Fix install key URL
96ed56e Merge pull request #231 from Weichen81/master
1d993c0 kernel: configs: Disable IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel in guest kernel for Arm64
d37a265 Merge pull request #227 from amshinde/disable-sit-ipv6
eee4f44 Merge pull request #264 from marcov/refactor-install
a50a7c2 Merge pull request #229 from Weichen81/master
4ee1e26 Merge pull request #225 from nitkon/master
b2ac6c5 kernel: configs: Add EFI support for Arm64
fd0ffc0 kernel: Disable CONFIG_IPV6_SIT
dec67ee Merge pull request #221 from sboeuf/add_EFI
8a364b0 ppc64le: Fix linux-container OBS packaging
3230730 Merge pull request #269 from nitkon/patch-1
4296b45 Developer-Guide: Update kernel installation doc
cc04649 install: Refactor installation instructions
82233b3 Merge pull request #266 from sboeuf/kata_nemu
7532532 kernel: configs: Add EFI support
043761f docs: Add a quickstart about Kata Containers and NEMU
0ce16de Merge pull request #261 from amshinde/intel-gpu-use-case
3ff5b41 Merge pull request #218 from nitkon/qemu
15d38d3 use-cases: Add documentation for using Intel GPU with Kata
cb43925 Merge pull request #217 from jcvenegas/fix-image
7318b4b qemu-vanilla: Make spec-template file requirement arch-specific
a4912d6 Merge pull request #213 from nitkon/golang
294b658 obs-packaging: Make golang hash dependency arch-specific
cf87c3b Merge pull request #215 from jcvenegas/enable-evged-kernel
eb010fa kernel: enable evged.
07af37e Merge pull request #253 from grahamwhaley/20180925_selinux_limitation
ec9f9d4 Merge pull request #251 from jodh-intel/improve-k8s+cri-containerd-howto
45a5613 Merge pull request #208 from nitkon/master
596fb8c obs-packaging: Skip packaging qemu-lite for non-amd64 arch
47010dd image: Fix image build
c273c95 Merge pull request #202 from nitkon/patch-2
1c24b7b Merge pull request #204 from nitkon/patch-3
5e6d32f obs-packaging: Makefile: Use -prune to delete a directory
d3e3d9c Merge pull request #197 from bergwolf/fix-release
161bc07 Fix a typo
ca6f9dd Merge pull request #258 from devimc/topic/addSnapReleaseChecklist
356de60 Merge pull request #194 from marcov/qemu-version
38a06ca Limitations: add selinux support limitation
61c1c44 Merge pull request #256 from marcov/fix-urls
7954005 install: have URLs point to the latest version on OBS
4cc9efe docs: Clean up k8s with cri-containerd howto
18d126b versions: bump package versions for 1.3.0 release
4338886 obs-package: rename kernel to linux-container
e30e2e8 osc: test alternative oscrc locations
e074aa1 spec: add kata-netmon to rpm spec
71c693c release: only set LIBEXECDIR for kata-shim
4672721 static-build: do not make clean in qemu Dockerfile
5188ed2 tag_repos: tag prerelease for rc releases
d47e66a checklist: add snap packages to the release checklist
f4feba9 release: fix release tag check
01b68b1 Merge pull request #192 from nitkon/master
7fa02b2 runtime: Skip qemu-lite dependency for non-amd64 packaging
dfabc9f obs-packaging: fix runtime qemu-* required version
4eeae1d Merge pull request #221 from bergwolf/network
6b450c0 uml: add txt source of network hotplug uml
b14dec0 api: update kata api design doc
4928041 add network hotplug diagram
6613fc5 Merge pull request #190 from nitkon/makefail
a3080b8 obs-packaging: Fix "make test-packaging-tools" failure
66c1c78 Merge pull request #188 from nitkon/Makefile
9575f77 Makefile: Do not error out on "make clean"
f66ecea Merge pull request #186 from devimc/topic/shpc
b882d19 kernel: enable SHPC
a64fccf Merge pull request #249 from devimc/topic/updateCommand
334bbe0 Limitations: update 'update command' section
13aed3a Merge pull request #238 from egernst/stable-documentation
2594c90 stable: initial stable-branching documentation
4d54562 Merge pull request #182 from jcvenegas/kata-1.3-rc0
4b8f97c Merge pull request #184 from devimc/topic/fixSnap130
e63f8a0 snap: fix snapcraft.yaml for kata-container 1.3.0
d109f99 release: 1.3.0-rc1.
209433c Merge pull request #245 from gnawux/readme-organize
0a4342e update the README of the documentation repo
ac8f668 Merge pull request #242 from nitkon/master
c60d1b7 versions: Update release version.
f303311 obs: image: fix tarball name.
c04f9be kata-static: Fix shim installation
e5b2931 Limitation: Document docker --security-opt option partially supported
7dd00a1 Merge pull request #180 from jcvenegas/semver-replace
d10bf8b Merge pull request #240 from devimc/topic/updateKernelMem
368f479 packaging: Replace - for ~
52aec3a limitations: remove 'docker run and kernel memory' section
4cb3083 Merge pull request #177 from ydjainopensource/s390x
b7c362f packaging : add support for s390x
f4de483 Merge pull request #175 from kata-containers/release-notes-fixup
64509a5 release: notes: add shortlog for reach repo
9a14155 release: fix release note automation version info
c395aa9 obs: proxy: use DESTDIR variable.
9ed9792 Merge pull request #170 from jcvenegas/release-notes
3749be7 Merge pull request #168 from jcvenegas/check-image-sha
7d23484 release: Add release notes automation.
985f88e obs: pkglib: dont grep if file does not exit.
3d06a83 obs: makefile: fix clean target.
33214c9 image: Make sure agent sha is correct
9bd2edd Merge pull request #235 from amshinde/remove-cni-flow
dc0c706 docs: Remove incorrect CNI flow
fe2d20e Merge pull request #164 from jcvenegas/fix-tag-multi-branch
88ce6e0 release: tag: checkout to branch to tag.
c2c7c1c Merge pull request #162 from jcvenegas/fix-qemu-vanilla-rng
953ec99 obs: qemu-vanilla: point to qemu repository.
6d6d669 obs: get_versions: fix qemu-vanilla sha.
54164dd Merge pull request #159 from jcvenegas/release-tag-osbuilder-not-check
a2a3659 release: dont check osbuilder VERSION file.
65e57d4 Merge pull request #140 from jcvenegas/obs-branch-repo-creator
c2e2990 Merge pull request #155 from nitkon/master
65c581e release: get current version before modify file.
1a751c5 obs: docker-build: move osc file creation.
dbe64e6 obs: dont checkout repo in tmpdir.
b66368f obs: factor out projects array.
afe2dff obs: New script to create OBS repos.
3a034d9 obs-packaging: set BUILD_ARCH, DEB_ARCH arch specific
f31f50a Merge pull request #153 from nitkon/qemulite
d72fb8f obs-packaging: Skip packaging qemu-lite for non-amd64 arch
e22b1b6 Merge pull request #151 from nitkon/patch-5
7f89d0c Merge pull request #149 from nitkon/patch-4
a7ec33d Merge pull request #146 from nitkon/patch-3
1e725de obs-packaging: scripts: make osc checkout verbose
4f79231 Merge pull request #233 from jodh-intel/dont-hardcode-golang-version
6a755c6 obs-packaging: Build and run Dockerfile based on GOARCH
ee6ef09 Merge pull request #145 from WeiZhang555/kernel-4.1-config
4217dde kernel_config: add 4.1 kernel support
17253b3 Dockerfile: Install pcre-tools later to avoid dependency issue
b47d88f docs: Don't hardcode minimum golang version
881fac2 Merge pull request #227 from devimc/topic/vsocks
98bf3ae Merge pull request #143 from kata-containers/kata-deploy-1.2-update
16c50ae Merge pull request #229 from nitkon/patch-2
9948b18 usecases: add vsock documentation
6a18753 Merge pull request #141 from jcvenegas/release-multi-branch
4d95d8d kata-deploy: use latest container image
2d07689 kata-deploy: changes for 1.2.0 release
b594fd3 Merge pull request #25 from egernst/vpp-use-case-doc
1f80ea8 use-cases: add VPP directions
b33e91e Merge pull request #219 from GabyCT/topic/updatefedora
b78c7f8 release: tag: Add option to decide what branch will be used.
d5e9bee relase: update-repository-version: add branch argument.
393af10 documentation:install: Fix a broken link
42e95db Merge pull request #217 from GabyCT/topic/removeworkaround
ef6a135 Merge pull request #138 from jcvenegas/shfmt
ad75d95 Merge pull request #224 from GabyCT/topic/removeubuntu
7883b40 bump: kernel config version.
84be074 docs: Remove support of ubuntu 17.10 on installation guide
e415d03 docs: Update install guide for fedora
2590f2b format: use shfmt to format sh files.
fa711da Merge pull request #126 from jcvenegas/static-builds
76c171b Merge pull request #136 from kata-containers/kata-deploy-1.2-dockerfile
d4d5a28 Merge pull request #215 from GabyCT/topic/addubuntu
8f3eb86 kernel: bump kernel config version.
10f235a docs: Remove workaround on SLES install documentation
80ce323 kata-deploy: update Dockerfile to 1.2.0
b0ff304 static: qemu: point prefix variable to /opt/kata.
28925a0 scripts: qemu config: add prefix ENV variable.
3ca4f91 kernel: build: fail on missing config version file.
6c81bda obs: qemu-vanilla: point to qemu commit.
2bbdefa obs: fix installation path for proxy and shim.
438b89c obs: versions: generate versions.txt
3195317 obs: version: add gen_versions_txt script.
20a1928 obs: docker-build: Pass OBSPROJECT variable
5e0dc9e obs: update version to 1.2.0
527bd92 obs: image: remove unused variables.
5362e22 versions: upadate qemu commit.
4cce165 obs: lib: remove unused flag APIURL
59e3ffc obs: runtime: fix function call pkg_version.
19ed81d obs: qemu set hash variable.
e9ed406 obs: kernel: set unbound variable.
b06f33b obs: lib: Fix reference to not defined variable.
7ccf64e obs: pkglib: remove unused option.
0c7b2a8 obs: image: Fix to use new image tarball name.
bb889a4 obs: Not build image if already craeted.
9c64f57 obs: serach scripts in own dir.
b8a41a8 gitignore: Ignore tarballs and generated files.
0628e4d release: add
61bc5df Merge pull request #161 from GabyCT/topic/addopensuse
aa90d94 Merge pull request #114 from GabyCT/topic/addsles
e094f6c docs: Update installation guide for Ubuntu.
a2d8370 docs: Add OBS package installation guide for openSUSE
ea91fff kata-deploy: pull particular version of deploy image
79da855 build-image: Dont create image in script dir.
91c7213 relase: add script
639df22 build-image: Pass DEBUG to osbuilder.
8c223e8 lib: get deps based in a branch.
764ce02 obs: Add usage function (refactor)
0d78996 obs: build_from_docker: Add arg to build based in a branch.
f7074e1 obs: : Minor bash fixes (refactor)
6c5c293 obs: scripts: Set bash options (refactor)
2b7cba2 Merge pull request #211 from nitkon/patch-1
1659d4a obs: pkglib: get_obs_pkg_release: Allow find release number in empty repo.
0f5e37c Merge pull request #134 from nitkon/broken_link
f512a08 Merge pull request #132 from nitkon/patch-2
d30b523 snap: Fix broken link in README
25dfe4a Bump Kata Version to 1.2.0, add pseries info.
25278f9 snap-build: Refactor and fix a typo in README
f23ddb7 Merge pull request #130 from nitkon/patch-1
2341d75 docs: Add installation guide for SLES
35c1632 snap: Improve README
6cea1e1 Merge pull request #128 from nitkon/snapcraft
5a500c9 Merge pull request #125 from nitkon/master
d009421 snapcraft.yaml: Use the correct powerpc kernel config name
63a9b22 install_yq fails on ppc64le
7705d68 Merge pull request #99 from devimc/snap/multiArch
a8a4e15 snap-build: implement system to cross-build snap images
f9aef17 snap: support arm and ppc architectures
e2dc90c Merge pull request #122 from jcvenegas/
eb10d79 fix typo
6c81e21 Merge pull request #208 from nitkon/master
fb6ed69 Dev-guide: Kernel build fails on ppc64le
b1c3c58 Merge pull request #203 from grahamwhaley/20180728_debug_console
47a0d6a Merge pull request #205 from jodh-intel/add-initcall-debug-to-debug-info
47835a8 Merge pull request #104 from devimc/topic/fixMemConstraints
3b18544 kernel/configs: enable swap extension (CONFIG_MEMCG_SWAP)
4af56db Merge pull request #114 from nitkon/master
65c00dc ppc64le: Use powerpc as prefix for kernel config file
edda8cc Merge pull request #117 from jcvenegas/fix-ci
b4a6303 ci: Fix ci when tmp_dir is not set.
6e69deb Merge pull request #108 from jcvenegas/github-release
78c79ce Merge pull request #102 from nitkon/master
f65fd94 tag_repos: Create github release.
dfddde8 lib: move build_hub to lib
dae14dd packaging: Add packaging support for ppc64le
90fa930 Merge pull request #112 from Weichen81/master
0e64f2a kernel: Update kata_config_version to trace issue#111
6f4023f kernel: Remove redundant slash of default_kernel_config_dir
195b574 kernel: Normalize target-arch for setup-kernel function
f0e1d9d Merge pull request #110 from nitkon/build_kernel
c270496 docs: Add initcall_debug to dev guide debug section
eedacc1 OPTIND prevent unwanted word-splitting
7897760 Merge pull request #200 from jodh-intel/dev-guide-add-standalone-details
d4f233e Merge pull request #105 from Weichen81/master
b9c2598 docs: Add standalone details to dev guide
0b63ec0 Dev: debug console: minor grammatical cleanups
e90eabd Dev: console socket: Update the path to the socket
596bf31 Merge pull request #195 from morph027/docker-daemon-json
6ef28de docs: add kata-runtime to Docker daemon.json
65315e9 kernel: Trace kernel change of aarch64 config file
79c8eb2 configs: Update arm64 kernel config to latest 4.14.x kernel
8ed7e39 Merge pull request #90 from jcvenegas/
6fa5b79 pkgs: image: Get image version from version.yaml
5d2a95b Merge pull request #94 from Pennyzct/qemu
4793a80 Merge pull request #198 from egernst/gcp
443d7d9 install: gce: show should be describe for image inspection
f275127 ci: refine qemu-options for arm64
66e165a Merge pull request #79 from jcvenegas/build-kernel
ea00f29 config: Add missing config needed for Istio.
933c203 ci: Test kata on new Kernel changes.
7b5d62f ci: Fix kernel config version check.
03fc1e3 docs: kernel: Add README.
12d2049 Merge pull request #188 from jodh-intel/doc-reqs-filenames
139ed64 kernel: Add script to build kernel
21b4e09 Merge pull request #182 from grahamwhaley/20180629_journald_setup
473c450 Merge pull request #190 from jodh-intel/doc-reqs-images
a9fde82 Merge pull request #96 from nitkon/patch-1
555a58a Merge pull request #101 from kata-containers/kata-deploy-container-update
14e34ee kata-deploy: update to use katadocker container image
1434a3c Merge pull request #89 from devimc/topic/snap
11d9609 Kata-deploy: scrub for grammar and typos in README
deb38b9 Merge pull request #65 from kata-containers/introduce-kata-deploy
81a4105 snap: improve README and Makefile
c2024c9 Merge pull request #192 from scooley/kube-anchor
976b883 kata-deploy: cleanup, updated for 1.1.0
748acc6 docs: update kube anchor in distro install guides.
0be8a5c Merge pull request #86 from jcvenegas/update-repository-version
e642e32 kata-deploy: add support for deploying Kata on K8S
4eb3a3d test: Add test
d9736af docs: Add information about new release tool.
4fef836 release: Add make target to bump repos.
e12f1df release: add script to bump repositories
2540bb9 Dev: Document journald limitations and workarounds
86cde89 docs: Requirements for filenames and commands
1344bc5 docs: Document image requirements
540d3a2 Merge pull request #82 from devimc/topic/snap
38a82d7 snap: add yaml to build snap image
ce470dc Merge pull request #87 from jcvenegas/kata-1.1.0
ad6faf0 ci: Skip pkgs test on CI.
9e93b51 Makefile: fix test path.
122a8cc pkgs: build add flag to do local builds.
8e558be pkgs: pkglib: Clean OBS repository.
2d0c9cc scripts: Fix qemu build.
4eae71e pkgs: kernel: add symlink to patches.
5dfc0c1 kata: 1.1.0 hashes
69e4f93 pkgs: sort versions variables.
a4355a7 pkgs: Make constent variables names for versions.
1a8fd81 versions: Update to 1.1.0
a261870 versions: Update to master
6396e7c pkgs: Add commit to build.
90c62f8 pkgs: runtime: use DESTDIR variable.
2a55deb pkgs: runtime: Allow to build any commit.
24ff32d pkgs: ksm-throttler: allow to build any commit
3786453 pkgs: shim: Allow build any commit
8552b5c dockerfile: pkgs: Installation vebose
51a3c71 proxy: Allow build any commit
749b749 pkglib: Make default alpha
5bdad69 Merge pull request #83 from jcvenegas/kernel-tag
0e96625 Merge pull request #174 from jodh-intel/gce-tweaks
381951e release: tag: tag kernel build
c556f18 Merge pull request #186 from nitkon/master
26d747f dev-guide: Add note for rootfs platform-distro matrix
94508c5 Merge pull request #80 from jcvenegas/os-builder-tag
89f7b5e tag_repos: Make sure osbuilder is updated.
e0c6702 Merge pull request #172 from sboeuf/update_docs
daac13b docs: svc-mesh: Create some documentation about service mesh
2f2be68 Merge pull request #180 from chavafg/topic/static-checks
7adbfa9 CI: update call
bc6d997 Merge pull request #164 from nitkon/patch-2
baf66c7 docs: Remove double "the" in README
84e2622 docs: Add TOC to GCE guide
062fef4 docs: Add GCE install guide to install README
f96f7ea docs: Use relative links in install README
b50b512 Merge pull request #176 from jodh-intel/docker-rm-terminal-option
81c7f9e docs: Remove "-ti" from docker invocations
9e09f54 CI: Make install guide check less specific
62800fa docs: Add relevant URLs and fix grammar
b67e3c3 Merge pull request #154 from jon/master
8f6e20d Merge pull request #52 from kata-containers/sriov-use-case
4c9bee5 sriov: Add instructions on using SR-IOV with Kata
590ce0c Merge pull request #67 from jcvenegas/static-qemu
05fd9d2 ci: Add test for static qemu
f1bfbe6 qemu: add scripts to build static qemu.
04dfaec docs: Add GCE installation guide.
d5438ea lib: common functions.
eebe067 configure-hypervisor: Add option to build static qemu.
3dab5aa hypervisor-config: Allow show help.
0caf4c3 Merge pull request #76 from jcvenegas/obs-refactor
ec6baba pkgs: dockerfile: Add go to path.
a8bb712 pkgs: fix path to build pkgs with docker.
e708c67 pkgs: update kernel paths.
30f784c pkgs: fix hypervisor-config path.
c07d11c pkgs: move obs scripts to its own directory
9858c98 Merge pull request #54 from Weichen81/master
a9be035 configs: Add arm64 kernel config file for kata kvm guest
bf68be0 Merge pull request #159 from nitkon/patch-1
971fa5a Merge pull request #58 from nitkon/master