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Kata Containers snap image

This directory contains the resources needed to build the Kata Containers snap image.

Initial setup

Ubuntu 18.04

$ sudo apt-get install -y snapd snapcraft

Install snap

You can install Kata Containers from the snapcraft store or by running the following command:

$ sudo snap install kata-containers

Build and install snap image

Run next command at the root directory of the packaging repository.

$ make snap

To install the resulting snap image, snap must be put in classic mode and the security confinement must be disabled (--classic). Also since the resulting snap has not been signed the verification of signature must be omitted (--dangerous).

$ sudo snap install --classic --dangerous kata-containers_[VERSION]_[ARCH].snap

Replace VERSION with the current version of Kata Containers and ARCH with the system architecture.

Configure Kata Containers

By default Kata Containers snap image is mounted at /snap/kata-containers as a read-only file system, therefore default configuration file can not be edited. Fortunately kata-runtime supports loading a configuration file from another path than the default.

$ sudo mkdir -p /etc/kata-containers
$ sudo cp /snap/kata-containers/current/usr/share/defaults/kata-containers/configuration.toml /etc/kata-containers/
$ $EDITOR /etc/kata-containers/configuration.toml

Integration with docker and kubernetes

The path to the runtime provided by the Kata Containers snap image is /snap/kata-containers/current/usr/bin/kata-runtime. You should use it to run Kata Containers with docker and kubernetes.


The miniOS image is not included in the snap image as it is not possible for QEMU to open a guest RAM backing store on a read-only filesystem. Fortunately, you can start Kata Containers with a Linux initial RAM disk (initrd) that is included in the snap image. If you want to use the miniOS image instead of initrd, then a new configuration file can be created and configured.

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