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Release 1.3.0

agent Changes

Highlight changes:

  1. kata-agent can be configured as init process in rootfs image.


4fefa1a release: Kata Containers 1.3.0
54f77cf agent: support agent as init process in rootfs images
a628496 device: rescan pci bus before waiting for new devices
1310f3d device: fix redefined notify channel
4163b8b uevent:Revert "device: check for existing device PCI path before waiting"
fc907f6 agent: fix the issue of missing close process terminal
ef62167 uevent: Add logs for uevents
d71dd02 vendor: bump runtime-spec version
2b89a0a uevent: fix crash on read errors
7caf1c8 device: check for existing device PCI path before waiting
3441244 device: do not close notify channel when wait timeout
9cf56c0 agent: auto-online hotplug memory
28a5ab2 release: Kata Containers 1.3.0-rc1
00a5588 Makefile: Conditionally build agent with tag seccomp
33aea09 CI: Add "make proto"
7e8e20b agent: add GetGuestDetails gRPC function
5936600 grpc: grpc.Code is deprecated
a6e27d6 client: fix dialer after vendor update
cd03e0c vendor: update grpc-go dependency
2d3b9ac release: Kata Containers 1.3.0-rc0
1d559a7 channel: add serial yamux channel close timeout
fcf6fa7 agent: update resources list with the right device major-minor number
8abc400 agent: add test to WaitProcess()
f746ed8 agent: allow multiple waitProcess()
157f1c1 travis: Add variable needed to run static checks
ed54087 travis: bump golang version
ba0c7fc client: wait for session to be fully closed
0865c98 agent: wait session to be fully shutdown
55f1480 vendor: update yamux dependency
5e36bfc network: Wait for network device in UpdateInterface
218ce89 device: Rename getBlockDeviceNodeName to getPCIDeviceName
c9a4e2e uevent: Store the interface field as device name for network interfaces
74a5364 build: fix make proto error
b1c2ad8 agent: add support for online memory and cpu separately.
6d26d61 client: Add context parameter and enable tracing support
93fe84e protocols: increase dial timeout
730b977 client: bypass grpc dialer backoff strategy
41c09c2 agent: enable memory hierarchical account
4f70b1c channel: remove unused functions
f6486e7 channel: support communication channel hotplug

proxy Changes


1148847 release: Kata Containers 1.3.0
26da70f release: Kata Containers 1.3.0-rc1
caed487 release: Kata Containers 1.3.0-rc0
6a213ac travis: Add variable needed to run static checks
cfc77a0 travis: bump golang version
494d0d8 Makefile: Add DESTDIR variable support.

runtime Changes

Highlight changes:

  1. 9pfs in the guest is now mounted with cache=mmap option that provides better mmap related POSIX compliance.
  2. Guest entropy source can be configured via the entropy_source option and it defaults to the /dev/urandom host device.
  3. Guest max memory slot number can be configured via the memory_slots option.
  4. GPU device is now supported
  5. A new kata-netmon program is added and it is invoked by kata-runtime to monitor container netns on the host and relay any network changes to the guest.
  6. kata-runtime update subcommand now supports adding extra memory to a running container.
  7. vhost-net is now optional and can be disabled via the disable_vhost_net option.


7078d3b release: Kata Containers 1.3.0
eba23b1 scripts: Use syntax highlighting in collect script
bb513a7 agent: change 9pfs mount option to cache=mmap
41619e4 vc: qemu: Add option to change entropy source
9e606b3 virtcontainers: revert "fix shared dir resource remaining"
58cf7fc block: Fix how rootfs is passed to kata-agent using virtio-blk
0ddf99d agent: clean up proxy process if start sandbox failed
19801bf config: Add Memory slots configuration.
ec87dca virtcontainers: support vhost and physical endpoints in AddInterface
37b83c8 device: Add GPU device support
2216d52 vendor: Update govmm to add vfio mediated device support on root bus
5612694 virtcontainers: fix the issue of missing starting builtin proxy
67ffa2f factory: close factory in UT
b193f0f template: clean up template mountpoint on failures
0075175 cli: add systemd-cgroup option
048616f netmon: Add signals handler
1675410 pkg: signals: Factorize signals handling through a Go package
723fbac versions: update containerd version
6fc13e9 scripts: Add throttler details to collect script
12a0354 sandbox: get and store guest details.
13bf7d1 virtcontainers: hotplug memory with kata-runtime update command
0928519 vendor: update agent to support memory update
d75841e ut: add more UTs
07c1f18 factory: start proxy after create new VM
4738d4e agent: add setProxy/getAgentURL interface
8f77c33 proxy: decouple from sandbox
f39fa5d proxy: remove newProxyConfig
c41c9de proxy: do not decode proxy config
0ffe81c cli: config: Make netmon configurable
1406d99 virtcontainers: Start network monitor from virtcontainers
29e2fa0 virtcontainers: Avoid conflict with network monitor
f6ce465 vendor: Update agent vendoring
55af108 netmon: Add unit testing
f131590 netmon: Build netmon from the master Makefile
fca7435 netmon: Add logrus support
bbf2a47 netmon: Don't rely on agent protocol
b708a4a netmon: Monitor network changes
d814bc5 versions: Bump golang from 1.8.3 to 1.9.7
225e10c cli: add configuration option to enable/disable vhost_net
5ebb7cf vendor: Update govmm to disable vhost when host doesn't support vhost-net
bce6859 cli: Error out if initrd/rootfs not define in config file
23a35c8 kata-env: Fix display of debug options
63785ca network: Use the number of CPUS to set the multiqueue size
2f552fb hypervisor: Add hypervisor interface to return config
e21cdf1 devices: add per-device VFIO ids
cd243fa release: Kata Containers 1.3.0-rc1
ec80a55 kata_agent: disable cgroup namespace
44e7631 versions: update qemu-lite version.
bf7fd2b vc: hypervisor: qemu: Add rng device.
f1829d0 vendor: Update govmm
1325444 cli: fix build
a1537a5 hypervisor: rename DefaultVCPUs and DefaultMemSz
7af8e6c ut: fix hypervisor path
ce28865 virtcontainers: remove sandboxConfig.VMConfig
3cbd21c release: Kata Containers 1.3.0-rc0
b5ea753 config: Detect if VM memory smaller than image
1ba4841 config: Fix test that was using system files
2d13c46 test: add unit test for func MaxQemuVCPUs
c4ded6e qemu: refactor maximum vcpus supported in aarch64
c518b1e device: use devicemanager to manage rootfs block
e599ef4 device: don't persist ContainerPath of DeviceInfo
affd6e3 devices: add reference count for devices.
7f4b221 devices: share genericDevice logic among devices
2cd2dd0 versions: update kernel version 4.14.67
5e849f1 network: always assign sandbox networkNS
a5478b9 virtcontainers: wait until process exited before RemoveContainer
4307982 virtcontainers: revert apply devices constraints
26f912e virtcontainers: Make qdisc of hotplug nics mq
f841e89 vendor: update govmm to be compatible with qemu 2.8
9a8b45f network: Remove CNI docs
97d280e virtcontainers: Don't handle the network in case of a factory
9c6ed93 hook: Move OCI hooks handling to the CLI
ec0fd1b virtcontainers: sandbox: Add new getter to retrieve netns
cb351dc network: Create network namespace from the CLI
44d2ec7 virtcontainers: network: Rename CNM to DefaultNetwork
e906095 virtcontainers: delete out-of-date TODO
af0c137 build: fix breaking 1.8.3 build
137769a virtcontainers: apply devices constraints
35d7672 kata-env: Fix amd64 VM container capable check
414ddd1 travis: Add variable needed to run static checks
2677a5f virtcontainers: Apply memory constraints
3940189 builtin-proxy: print guest console output to logger
7785352 vendor: Update kata agent for gRPC tracing
70edc56 disk: Pass the --share-rw option for hotplugging disks
b9e0ca3 vendor: vendor latest govmm
8b20c3f virtcontainers: storage: Separate storage interface from implementations
26f0430 virtcontainers: storage: Add a noop version of filesystem
b438590 qemu/arm64: Detect host GIC version to configure guest GIC
f0e09c8 virtcontainers: kata_agent: Move out a generic function
a1787da virtcontainers: qemu: Don't shutdown QMP from hotplug
d0679a6 tracing: Add tracing support to virtcontainers
6ddc9b4 network: Use correct logger
90970d9 tracing: Add trace spans to virtcontainers APIs
c200b28 tracing: Add context to virtcontainers API
f0073be tracing: Create trace function
a193366 tracing: Add subsystem tag to runtime
31e2925 vfio: Add configuration to support VFIO hotplug on root bus
49690b0 vendor: update kata agent
ee1ea36 network: fix vhost-user net creation
161e3a7 vc: Remove unused variable NumInterfaces
88d79f3 cli: kata-env: show if vsocks are supported
7beb309 test: add UTs for network hotplug
72df219 cli: add network commands
1a17200 virtcontainers: add sandbox hotplug network API
6666426 vendor: update govmm and agent changes
4850579 CI: bump the CI travis's go to 1.10
8b69c75 cli: kata-env: add runtime path to output
474111c tests: Add a cleanup for the CNM tests
0d7b476 network: Remove unused cni vendored code
99fa758 network: Remove unused CNI code
6e6be98 devices: add interface "sandbox.AddDevice"
f6bfb85 versions: Update the commit for qemu-lite
3a1bbd0 tracing: Add initial opentracing support
0ede467 tests: Add cli.Context helper functions
41d1c14 tests: Move assert closer to function call
bee8d66 cli: Make message of using initrd OR rootfs clearer
d9fa73c vendor: Update dep lock file for new format
2f3f375 network: Error out when host-networking is requested
ef3a7e8 virtcontainers: ppc64le: Add nvdimm to defaultQemuMachineOption
ef74bc5 virtcontainers: qemu: x86: Support "virt" machine type

shim Changes


bcc35ae release: Kata Containers 1.3.0
03e286c release: Kata Containers 1.3.0-rc1
198e8d4 release: Kata Containers 1.3.0-rc0
139135b travis: Add variable needed to run static checks
995071b travis: bump golang version
bb01889 signals: Always show message when handling a signal
f5c09fb signals: Allow SIGWINCH to be passed to container
f2aae5e signals: Rename signal handling function

Compatibility with Docker

Kata Containers 1.3.0 is compatible with Docker v18.06-ce

Compatibility with CRI-O

Kata Containers 1.3.0 is compatible with CRI-O 6273bea4c9ed788aeb3d051ebf2d030060c05b6c

Compatibility with cri-containerd

Kata Containers 1.3.0 is compatible with cri-contaienrd v1.0.5

OCI Runtime Specification

Kata Containers 1.3.0 support the OCI Runtime Specification v1.0.0-rc5

Kata Linux Containers image

Agent version: 1.3.0

Default Image Guest OS:

description: |
Root filesystem disk image used to boot the guest virtual
url: https://github.com/kata-containers/osbuilder
name: fedora
version: latest
name: centos
version: latest
name: clearlinux
version: "20640"
image-type: clearlinux

Default Initrd Guest OS:

description: |
Root filesystem initrd used to boot the guest virtual
url: https://github.com/kata-containers/osbuilder
name: alpine
version: "3.7"
name: alpine
version: "3.7"
name: alpine
version: "3.7"

Kata Linux Containers Kernel

Kata Containers 1.3.0 suggest to use the Linux kernel v4.14.67
See the kernel suggested Guest Kernel patches
See the kernel suggested Guest Kernel config


Follow the Kata installation instructions

Issues & limitations

More information Limitations