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Release 1.5.0-rc2

This is an exciting release for Kata, which includes support for the Firecracker hypervisor,
the s390x architecture as well as multiple fixes for shimv2 support.

Firecracker has been tested with CRIO+Kubernetes as well as Docker, with support for multiple
network interfaces as well as (block based) volumes. A block based storage driver, such as devicemapper,
is required when using Kata with Firecracker. See this issue for details on current volume limitations.

agent Changes

Added support for virtio-mmio as well as "nvdimm" block storage. Two new
gRPC functions have been added for the agent API:

  • SetGuestDateTime: Allow the runtime to set the guest time when needed
  • copyFiles: Helpful for copying static files, such as /etc/hosts and
    /etc/resolv.conf from the host to the guest without necessitating
    usage of 9pfs or other filesharing system.


56a779e release: Kata Containers 1.5.0-rc2
169d755 protocols/grpc: implement function to copy files
ff87c26 virtio-mmio: Add support for virtio-mmio blk devices
b9c5d5b libcontainer: use /run as root containers path
092f1a0 block: add support of block storage driver "nvdimm"
31c6b6e grpc: add SetGuestDateTime API

proxy Changes

No changes.

runtime Changes

Added s390x support, a client for communicating with Firecracker VMM over a rest API, initial Firecracker hypervisor support as well as fixes for shimv2


0f2c5bc release: Kata Containers 1.5.0-rc2
bf1a5ce sandbox: cleanup sandbox if creation failed
83e38c9 mounts: Ignore existing mounts if they cannot be honored
353564a config: Reorganize the code to fix code complexity
d6c1f53 config: Add firecracker configuration support
0d84d79 virtio-mmio: Add support for virtio-mmio
b4c3a2f virtcontainers: fc: Stop the VM by killing the process
fba2379 firecracker: Add support for pseudo hotplug
22ebc09 firecracker: Close the vsock vhostfd
e65bafa virtcontainers: Add firecracker as a supported hypervisor
c1d3f1a firecracker: VMM API support
c34b045 firecracker: vendor in all firecracker dependencies
05be5bf shimv2: discard log before shim init log output
a21d1e6 virtcontainers: cgroups: Don't error if no thread ID
378d815 virtcontainers: copy or bind mount shared file
bc31844 virtcontainers: Check file sharing support
6291762 virtcontainers: copy files form host to guest
dcd48a9 vc: capabilities: add capability flags for filesystem sharing
e776380 vendor: update kata agent
e4e7c3a katautils: check config template and vsock
f63a18d virtcontainers: Add context when creating tests sandboxes
2535844 make: Add "GOPATH not set"
0f1fde4 virtcontainers: network: Use multiqueue flag only when appropriate
573b73e katautils: fix the issue of shimv2 boot failed with vsock enabled
e98dee6 docs: drop 's in architecture names for consistency
1892102 docs: add IBM Z in the README
c8c564b qemu-arm64: refactor 'console=hvc0,hvc1' for kata-agent debugging
a1af1cb virtcontainers: network: Rely on hypervisor capabilities for multi queues
a227ab8 virtcontainers: hypervisor: Add capability regarding multiqueue support
0bcd221 virtcontainers: network: Rename numCPUs to queues
2cb4bb9 virtcontainers: network: Reorganize endpoints interconnection
d4586d4 test: remove TestHotplugRemoveMemory
0d80202 vc:sandbox: rename newcontainer to fetchcontainer.
618cfbf vc: sandbox: Let sandbox manage VM resources.
8444a7a factory: set guest time after resuming
f813708 vendor: update agent vendor for SetGuestDateTime
df8b7db shimv2: fix the issue of reaping child mistakenly
e4a3fd5 vendors: upgrade the containerd vendors
6f83061 s390x: add support for s390x
6024088 config: Add cache-related options for block devices

shim Changes

No major changes


25aa726 release: Kata Containers 1.5.0-rc2
40282c9 logger: log to std logger if shimLog is not yet inited

Compatibility with Docker

Kata Containers 1.5.0-rc2 is compatible with Docker v18.06-ce

Compatibility with CRI-O

Kata Containers 1.5.0-rc2 is compatible with CRI-O fa540c8e806d28c2cbcd157bdf8acf2b20990ab6

Compatibility with cri-containerd

Kata Containers 1.5.0-rc2 is compatible with cri-contaienrd 54b1c00b3b307b0fadd10c02d9467a6545c2c4d5

OCI Runtime Specification

Kata Containers 1.5.0-rc2 support the OCI Runtime Specification v1.0.0-rc5

Compatibility with Kubernetes

Kata Containers 1.5.0-rc2 is compatible with Kubernetes 1.12.2-00

Kata Linux Containers image

Agent version: 1.5.0-rc2

Default Image Guest OS:

description: |
Root filesystem disk image used to boot the guest virtual
name: fedora
version: latest
name: centos
version: latest
name: ubuntu
version: latest
name: clearlinux
version: "20640"
image-type: clearlinux

Default Initrd Guest OS:

description: |
Root filesystem initrd used to boot the guest virtual
name: alpine
version: "3.7"
name: alpine
version: "3.7"
name: alpine
version: "3.7"
name: alpine
version: "3.7"

Kata Linux Containers Kernel

Kata Containers 1.5.0-rc2 suggest to use the Linux kernel v4.14.67
See the kernel suggested Guest Kernel patches
See the kernel suggested Guest Kernel config


Follow the Kata installation instructions:

Issues & limitations

More information Limitations