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@jcvenegas jcvenegas released this Mar 21, 2019 · 166 commits to master since this release

Welcome to Kata Containers release 1.6.0, which includes:
-Add OpenTracing support
This release includes preview changes to support OpenTracing
-As part of the changes to enabled virtio-fs, now the agent can mount virtio-fs shared directories
-The agent allows cpuset request that not match with vcpus in the guest
-Kata Containers project updated to the Linux Kernel 4.19.x as preferred kernel version
-Now Kata supports NVDIMM on arm64
-Now cpu cgroups in sandbox are honored: This includes user defined paths and limit hypervisor vCPU threads

agent Changes

  • Add OpenTracing support
    This release includes changes to support OpenTracing, but note that the feature should be considered a preview as it is not yet integrated into the runtime. See and #1369 for full details.
  • mount: add virtio-fs mount driver
    Now the agent can mount virtio-fs shared directories.
  • Agent allow with cpuset that not match with vcpus in the guest.


d8813c1 release: Kata Containers 1.6.0
8b34866 release: Kata Containers 1.6.0-rc2
f64fe3c docs: Don't mention runtime guest kernel CLI for agent tracing
58fcce0 docs: Simplify trace terminology
6bd0f7c tracing: Hide trace messages unless tracing enabled
00cf907 tracing: Add OpenTracing support
cbd0aae docs: Explain developer mode
0b7cae1 docs: Add debug options to README
5cc1df7 docs: Update README
4383dbf git: Don't ignore "agent"
ab3e2c7 api: Remove unused variables
30d98fe build: Indent ifeq test
46ec60a build: Remove tabs
272f273 service: Don't shutdown the VM when agent terminates
bbe06a4 agent: Properly stop the gRPC server
30bebf5 agent: increase the number of tries to online vcpus
42e664f mount: add virtio-fs mount driver
d5e64f6 tests: Add test for cheking sysctls
1f9ac24 cpu: re-arrange code to reduce cyclomatic complexity
4f249bf sysctl: Add complete sysctl support
94b601b release: Kata Containers 1.6.0-rc1
e6006cc CODEOWNERS: add group review trigger for proto file changes
ae9ce6e network: Remove grpc AddInterface and RemoveInterface api
67b2559 cpuset: update parents with all cpus from guest.
201c487 cgroup: ignore cpuset if can not be applied.
00f0cf9 pullapprove: remove it
0cb5f22 agent: refine unit test for func GetGuestDetails
96d7acb agent: add interface memHotplugByProbe for memory hotplug
6007523 agent: add memory hotplug probe interface check in GetGuestDetails
44d8478 ci: Add a CODEOWNERS file for github ack checks

proxy Changes


05f9c6e release: Kata Containers 1.6.0
7c465d0 release: Kata Containers 1.6.0-rc2
15b8ddf release: Kata Containers 1.6.0-rc1
773f73a ci: remove pullapprove config file
b8f067a docs: Add arch link to README file

runtime Changes

  • Kata now uses kernel: update to 4.19.x as preferred kernel version.
  • Now Kata support snvdimm on arm64
  • Reimplement sandbox cgroup
    Now cpu related cgroups in sandbox are honored including use user defined paths and limit hypervisor vcpu threads


52d1224 release: Kata Containers 1.6.0
6a95ad2 s390x: add bridges function
3aaa77d virtcontainers: honor OCI cgroupsPath
70d8b16 release: Kata Containers 1.6.0-rc2
8e2a5ea tests: Fix units tests to check empty-dir volumes backed by host-dir
47a6023 volumes: Handle k8s empty-dirs of "default" medium type
ae4d8b4 versions: kernel: update to 4.19.28
502fdab test: add test for addDeviceToBridge
c7ace4b qemu: throw error when fail to get addr from bridges
4e81522 vc:qemu: Fix id calculation of memory hotplug
8ba27e1 s390x: remove pmu from test
6242af3 s390x: fix TestQemuS390xMemoryTopology
d8bcddb qemu-arm64: add unit test for func appendImage on aarch64
986e4dc qemu-arm64: Support nvdimm on arm64
0061e16 virtcontainers: move resource calculation to its own function
7504d9e unit-test: add TestSandboxUpdateResources
f009a53 versions: update nemu to latest release
f2a506a scripts: Add containerd details to collect script
7266d31 scripts: Log crio config file in collect script
30f9776 scripts: Create separate section for crio in collect script
ae08ea3 scripts: Add helper function to collect script
2456ac5 pkg: reduce memory footprint
45fe870 runtime: Add unit tests
27a92f9 runtime: Fix rootfs mount assumptions
613edd5 s390x: fix golint complain
df9a401 Network: remove Physical field in VethEndpoint
1e30673 test: add tests for sandbox creation rollback and cleanup
76d9db3 vendor: Add
0f8b2ad VMCache: Update factory to run as a VMCache server
90704c8 VMCache: the core and the client
c964a26 virtcontainers: makefile fix .ci path
fcee080 unit-test: Fix local test
975157d versions.yaml: add uscan annotations
c4957dd virtcontainer: watch the qemu's console when proxy's debug enabled
35672b5 unit-test: fix undefined struct field SupportVSocks on arm64
bdb34e7 Makefile: Fix aarch64 fail in No GO command or GOPATH not set mode
c759cf5 tracing: Fix tracing
31232b4 config: check the builtIn first when updating shim/proxy/agent
03dd780 qemu: fix devID value error
a1ddf53 Makefile: Change "GOPATH not set" to "No GO command or GOPATH not set"
105dc2b release: Kata Containers 1.6.0-rc1
4357e85 doc: Fix invalid URLs
dc26508 virtcontainers: fix vCPU calculation errors
36141d2 Network: add ipvlan unmarshal
f540a80 store: Add SetLogger API
768658f versions: Update kernel version to 4.19.24
454775f cgroups: fix failed to remove sandbox cgroup
46e2f88 devices: fix attach count for vhost-user-blk
6daefdb qemu: Cleanup Vm paths irrespective of Sandbox stop pass/fail
58d2785 virtcontainers: don't try to talk with the proxy when it's not running
62c393c virtcontainers: change container's state to stop asap
5201860 virtcontainers: reimplement sandbox cgroup
9758cdb virtcontainers: move cpu cgroup implementation
a1c8590 virtcontainers: add method to get hypervisor PID
c78d6b0 delete: force: Do not fail on non exiting container
a136999 vendor: Add missing comma to Gopkg.lock and dep ensure
23c554e unit-test: refine func TestGetCPUDetails
1b967a4 unit-test: add nolint comment to avoid unused warning
3ec56ea runtime: add appendBridges for arm64
e93fb0b unit-test: test func for RunningOnVMM should be arch-dependent
0679f6f unit-test: refine qemu_arm64_test.go
44e2b9a unit-test: struct TestDataa should be included in arch-indenpedent .go file
409a8a5 versions: update k8s, cri-o and containerd
c17dd11 versions: Update qemu-lite hash
a614273 virtcontainers: Improve debug when create/delete files
84b7165 versions: use clear linux latest rootfs.
96e524d shimv2: Send task events to containerd/cri
81c7a96 Makefile: Set ARCH in GOPATH not set mode
bb99e41 virtcontainers: Fix Store related vm factory leak
7b0376f virtcontainers: Fix container.go cyclomatic complexity
f8e7e30 virtcontainers: Remove the resource storage original implementation
fad23ea virtcontainers: Conversion to Stores
2ecffda virtcontainers: store: Add a ItemLock API
6e9256f virtcontainers: store: Add a Raw API
c25c608 virtcontainers: store: Add a VC specific Store
ef11bf5 virtcontainers: store: Add a Delete API
f2ab58d virtcontainers: store: Implement the filesystem backend
d22cdf2 virtcontainers: store: Add an internal backend interface
6b87ecf virtcontainers: store: Keep track of newly created Stores
efd50ec virtcontainers: Add a Store manager
4be76e9 virtcontainers: Initial Store implementation
be0726c runtime: Do not error if only initrd/rootfs image installed
962e1e6 pullapprove: remove it
2affa1f virtcontainers: Reduce hyperstart agent test noise
a3eff87 virtcontainers: Make proxy startup sequence less noisy
f0312f6 virtcontainers: Reduce filesystem test noise
e402601 virtcontainers: Reduce sandbox test noise
799ac6e virtcontainers: Reduce qemu test noise
560902c virtcontainers: Reduce kata_agent test noise
2093fe6 virtcontainers: Reduce cc_proxy mock test noise
79ed088 virtcontainers: Reduce hyperstart mock test noise
7222f53 snap: add snapcraft store banner
4f51687 kata-env: kata-env error out when there is no VERSION_ID.
b1c6667 vendor: Update govmm vendoring
b0986a5 ppc64le: Fix vCPU hotplug issue
18dcd2c virtcontainers: Decouple the network API from the sandbox one
b39cb1d virtcontainers: Remove the network interface
a02c39e Makefile: Set arch regardless of GOPATH state
a48e614 ci: Add a CODEOWNERS file for github ack checks
f1a12ce shimv2: use the runtime config file passed from containerd/cri
68043b5 cli: set config options before showing config paths
718488b makefile: honor DESDIR on install
d78a62d factory: do not destroy vm factory when checking status
c93aa53 runtime: Check SMT=on/off only for P8 or lesser

shim Changes


5b24fa7 release: Kata Containers 1.6.0
fd7dc56 release: Kata Containers 1.6.0-rc2
1c18f2a release: Kata Containers 1.6.0-rc1
9c857bd pullapprove: remove it
574dac6 ci: Add a CODEOWNERS file for github ack checks

Compatibility with Docker

Kata Containers 1.6.0 is compatible with Docker v18.06-ce

Compatibility with CRI-O

Kata Containers 1.6.0 is compatible with CRI-O v1.13.0

Compatibility with cri-containerd

Kata Containers 1.6.0 is compatible with cri-contaienrd da0c016c830b2ea97fd1d737c49a568a816bf964

OCI Runtime Specification

Kata Containers 1.6.0 support the OCI Runtime Specification v1.0.0-rc5

Compatibility with Kubernetes

Kata Containers 1.6.0 is compatible with Kubernetes 1.13.3-00

Kata Linux Containers image

Agent version: 1.6.0

Default Image Guest OS:

description: |
Root filesystem disk image used to boot the guest virtual
name: fedora
version: latest
name: centos
version: latest
name: ubuntu
version: latest
name: clearlinux
version: latest
image-type: clearlinux

Default Initrd Guest OS:

description: |
Root filesystem initrd used to boot the guest virtual
name: alpine
version: "3.7"
name: alpine
version: "3.7"
name: alpine
version: "3.7"
name: alpine
version: "3.7"

Kata Linux Containers Kernel

Kata Containers 1.6.0 suggest to use the Linux kernel v4.19.28
See the kernel suggested Guest Kernel patches
See the kernel suggested Guest Kernel config


Follow the Kata installation instructions

Issues & limitations

More information Limitations

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