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Emulate OS X and Windows 10 window title bar
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Emulate OS X and Windows 10 window title bar. Based on kapetan/titlebar. See the demo.

NOTE: A React component version is available here.

npm install windowbar


For use in browserify, electron, or a similar environment. Plain javascript:

var windowbar = require('windowbar');

var wb = new windowbar({'style':'mac', 'dblClickable':false})
	.on('close', console.log('close'))
	.on('minimize', console.log('minimize'))
	.on('fullscreen', console.log('fullscreen'))
	.on('maximize', console.log('maximize'))

The returned instance emits four events: close, minimize, maximize, and fullscreen. Note: maximize can also be triggered in the Mac style by alt-clicking fullscreen.

The initializer function accepts an options object with these properties:

  • draggable (default true): Disable the -webkit-app-region CSS property on the root element. Allows frameless windows to be dragged in an electron application.
  • dblClickable (default true): Allows double clicking windowbar to trigger maximize event.
  • style (defaults to current OS, or generic if unrecognized): Possible values are mac, win, or generic.
  • dark (default false): Dark theme for Windows.

To do

  • Add generic style (similar to hyper)
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