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Katalon Base Image

Katalon Studio Docker Image

The following how-to guide is for running Katalon Studio test with Katalon Docker Image (KDI) version 7.2.1 onwards.


Step 1: Pull KDI

  • Pull command docker pull katalonstudio/katalon

  • If you want to check which version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox the KDI supports, use the following command: docker run -t --rm katalonstudio/katalon cat /katalon/version. For example, here's the returned output.

$ docker run -t --rm katalonstudio/katalon cat /katalon/version

+ echo Entrypoint


+ '[' -z '' ']'

+ exec cat /katalon/version

Mozilla Firefox 88.0

Google Chrome 102.0.5005.115

Microsoft Edge 102.0.1245.41

Katalon Studio

Step 2: Run your test with KDI

3.1 Prepare your command

3.1.1 Use the command builder to prevent syntax errors. Here’s a sample command generated by the command builder:

./katalonc -noSplash -runMode=console -projectPath="<Your project path>" -retry=0 -testSuiteCollectionPath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTestCollection" -apiKey="<Your API key>"

3.1.2 Replace

./katalonc -noSplash -runMode=console -projectPath="<Your project path>"


docker run -t --rm -v "$(pwd)":/tmp/project katalonstudio/katalon -projectPath=/tmp/project

3.2 Run your test with KDI

Inside your test project directory, run the command. Here’s an example:

docker run -t --rm -v "$(pwd)":/tmp/project katalonstudio/katalon -projectPath=/tmp/project -retry=0 -testSuiteCollectionPath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTestCollection" -apiKey="<Your API key>" command will start Katalon Studio and other necessary components. All Katalon Studio console mode arguments are accepted except -runMode.

Configure Proxy

If you need to configure proxy for Katalon Studio, refer to Proxy Options provided on Katalon docs.

Do not forget to put --config before the proxy configuration. For example:

docker run -t --rm -v "$(pwd)":/katalon/katalon/source katalonstudio/katalon -projectPath=/katalon/katalon/source -browserType="Chrome" -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTest" -apikey=<YOUR_API_KEY> --config -proxy.option=MANUAL_CONFIG -proxy.server.type=HTTP -proxy.server.address= -proxy.server.port=8888

Prevent user permission issue on your machine

You can also run the test under the current user ID using the environment variable KATALON_USER_ID. This will help avoid permission issues when accessing artifacts generated after the test execution.

  • Run $ id -u $USER and copy/paste the output in KATALON_USER_ID=id -u $USER. Here's an example
$ id -u $USER

  • Add it to your command. For example: docker run -t --rm -e KATALON_USER_ID=665056758 -v "$(pwd)":/tmp/project katalonstudio/katalon -projectPath=/tmp/project

Display configuration

This image makes use of Xvfb with the following configurations which are configurable with docker run:



Please see the sample Jenkinsfile.


This image is compatible with CircleCI 2.0. Please see the sample config.yml.

Sample configurations for CI tools

Please visit for a sample project with configurations for some CI tools.

Build custom images

The Katalon Runtime Engine's katalonc and its companion script were added to $PATH. You can make use of these files to build custom images.

Companion product: Katalon TestOps

Katalon TestOps is a web-based application that provides dynamic perspectives and an insightful look at your automation testing data. You can leverage your automation testing data by transforming and visualizing your data; analyzing test results; seamlessly integrating with such tools as Katalon Studio and Jira; maximizing the testing capacity with remote execution.

Deprecated - Simple use case for KDI before 7.2.1

Inside the test project directory, execute the following command:

docker run -t --rm -v "$(pwd)":/katalon/katalon/source katalonstudio/katalon -browserType="Chrome" -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTest" -apikey=<YOUR_API_KEY>

This command will start Katalon Studio and other necessary components. All Katalon Studio console mode arguments are accepted except -runMode, -reportFolder, and -projectPath.

/katalon/katalon/source will look for the test project inside this directory.

If this bind mount is not used, will look for the test project inside the current working directory (defined with docker run's -w argument)..

docker run -t --rm -v "$(pwd)":/tmp/source -w /tmp/source katalonstudio/katalon -browserType="Chrome" -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TS_RegressionTest" -apikey=<YOUR_API_KEY>


Reports will be written to the report directory.

Docker Toolbox for Windows

Please make sure directories have been shared and configured correctly

If bind mount /katalon/katalon/report is used, the test reports will be written to that location on the host machine.